coreutils security, bug fix, and enhancement update

ID ELSA-2013-1652
Type oraclelinux
Reporter Oracle
Modified 2013-11-25T00:00:00


[8.4-31.0.1] - clean up empty file if cp is failed [Orabug 15973168]

[8.4-31] - adjust the fix for the du bindmounts failure(#836557)

  • Mon Oct 07 2013 Ondrej Oprala
  • Fix su retvals (once again)

[8.4-29] - CVE-2013-0221 CVE-2013-0223 CVE-2013-0222 - fix various segmentation faults in sort, uniq and join(#1015019)

[8.4-28] - su now returns correct retvals for all cases

[8.4-27] - tail -F now disables inotify when encountering a symlink. Polling is used instead.

  • Mon Sep 16 2013 Ondrej Oprala
  • df now properly dereferences long FS names(again)

[8.4-25] - pr -n no longer crashes when passed values >= 32. Also line numbers are consistently padded with spaces, rather than with zeros for certain widths. (#997537)

[8.4-24] - fix su return codes when NOT killed by a signal (#996190)

[8.4-23] - fix several newly introduced defects found by Coverity check

[8.4-22] - wait for su child to prevent errorneous execution of some commands (#749679) - correct return values after signal termination (#889531) and propagation of child core dump info (#747592) - dd now accepts 'status=none' to suppress all informational output(#965654) - cut --output-delimiter option was ignored for multibyte locales (#867984) - remove redundant setpwent() and setgrent () syscalls from stat -U/-G to improve NIS performance (#911206) - date: deal correctly with invalid input with special characters (#960160) - dd: provide support for the conv=sparse (#908980) - su/runuser: clarify which envvars are preserved/initialized in -p/-m and -l help/man documentation (#967623) - du: properly detect bindmounts (#836557) - df: fix alignment of columns (#842040) - id,groups: fix correct group printing (#816708) - mv : replace empty directories in cross file system move (#980061)

[8.4-21] - fix parsing of field regression in sort command (introduced between RHEL5 and RHEL6 upstream) (#956143)

[8.4-20] - revert to polling for unknown filesystems, update known fs for tail and stat based on coreutils-8.21 (#827199)