firefox security update

ID ELSA-2013-0981
Type oraclelinux
Reporter Oracle
Modified 2013-06-25T00:00:00


firefox [17.0.7-1.0.1.el6_4] - Add firefox-oracle-default-prefs.js and remove the corresponding Red Hat ones [17.0.7-1] - Update to 17.0.7 ESR xulrunner [17.0.7-1.0.1.el6_4] - Replaced xulrunner-redhat-default-prefs.js with xulrunner-oracle-default-prefs.js - Removed XULRUNNER_VERSION from SOURCE21 [17.0.7-1] - Update to 17.0.7 ESR [17.0.6-5] - Added workaround for rhbz#973721 - fixing problem with installation of some addons [17.0.6-4] - Added a workaround for rhbz#961687 - Prelink throws message 'Cannot safely convert .rel.dyn' section from REL to RELA' [17.0.6-3] - Added patch for aliasing issues (mozbz#821502)