kexec-tools security, bug fix, and enhancement update

ID ELSA-2012-0152
Type oraclelinux
Reporter Oracle
Modified 2012-03-01T00:00:00


[1.102pre-154.0.3] - mkdumprd.orig get packed, remove it. [1.102pre-154.0.2] - fix mounting root fs on labeled disk (Maxim Uvarov) [orabug: 13709374] [1.102pre-154.0.1] Merge following patches from mkinitrd: - mkinitrd-fix-san-boot.patch - mkinitrd-fix-shared-lib-library-path.patch - mkinitrd- - mkinitrd-fix-setquiet-for-non-verbose.patch - add-option-to-forceload-multipath.patch - Update kexec-kdump-howto.txt with Oracle references - Add mkdumprd load firmware support [orabug 10432768] - Updated makedumpfile to el6 version (Herbert van den Bergh) [orabug 10088607] - Merged UEK modification,Updated Source1 kdump.init Added --allow-missing for rebuilding kdump_initrd - Updated kexec-kdump-howto.txt with Oracle references [1.102pre-154] - Add xfs support, resolve bug 668706. [1.102pre-153] - Avoid recursive directory deletion when unmount failed, from Cai Qian. Resolve bug 781907. [1.102pre-152] - Replace sed with awk in interface-mapping code, resolve bug 765702. [1.102pre-151] - Set pipefail to catch errors in a pipe, resolve bug 761336. [1.102pre-150] - Remove the restriction for Xen HVM guests, resolve bug 743217. [1.102pre-149] - Honor the resettable flag, resolve bug 761048. [1.102pre-148] - Revert the patch in -144, resolve bug 755781. From Cai Qian. [1.102pre-147] - Poll every ifcfg file to get bridge members, resolve bug 760844. [1.102pre-146] - Don't add default gateway when there is none. Resolve bug 759006. [1.102pre-145] - Bypass blacklist option for target checking. Resolve bug 690678. [1.102pre-144] - Change the default core_collector for raw dump to makedumpfile. Resolve bug 755781. [1.102pre-143] - Support static route. Resolve bug 715531. [1.102pre-142] - Fix some security flaws. Resolve bug 743163. [1.102pre-141] - Remove two unused patches. [1.102pre-140] - Fix link_delay regression since -135, resolve bug 753684. [1.102pre-139] - Improve debugfs mounting code, from Dave Young. Resolve bug 748749. [1.102pre-138] - Backport blacklist option. Resolve bug 690678. [1.102pre-137] - Fix link_delay handling code. Resolve bug 682359. [1.102pre-136] - Add /etc/fstab into initrd, resolve Bug 748319. [1.102pre-135] - Support dump over vlan tagged bond. Resolve bug 682359. [1.102pre-134] - Fix two trivial bugs, Bug 709622 and Bug 662530. [1.102pre-133] - Support software iscsi as dump target, from Vivek Goyal. Resolve bug 719384. [1.102pre-132] - Add the missing part of the previous patch. Resolve bug 696547. [1.102pre-131] - Get the backup memory region dynamically. Resolve bug 678308. [1.102pre-130] - Add ext4 module. Resolve bug 667791. [1.102pre-129] - Updating release to force brew rebuild [1.102pre-128] - Check fsck.ext4 binary before include it. Resolve bug 667791. [1.102pre-127] - Add ext4 support, from Dave Maley. Resolve bug 667791.