kernel security, bug fix, and enhancement update

ID ELSA-2011-1479
Type oraclelinux
Reporter Oracle
Modified 2011-11-29T00:00:00


kernel [2.6.18-] - fix ia64 build error due to add-support-above-32-vcpus.patch(Zhenzhong Duan) - [x86] use dynamic vcpu_info remap to support more than 32 vcpus (Zhenzhong Duan) - [scsi] add additional scsi medium error handling (John Sobecki) [orabug 12904887] - [x86] Fix lvt0 reset when hvm boot up with noapic param - [scsi] remove printk's when doing I/O to a dead device (John Sobecki, Chris Mason) [orabug 12342275] - [char] ipmi: Fix IPMI errors due to timing problems (Joe Jin) [orabug 12561346] - [scsi] Fix race when removing SCSI devices (Joe Jin) [orabug 12404566] - bonding: reread information about speed and duplex when interface goes up (John Haxby) [orabug 11890822] - [fs] nfs: Fix __put_nfs_open_context() NULL pointer panic (Joe Jin) [orabug 12687646] - [scsi] fix scsi hotplug and rescan race [orabug 10260172] - fix filp_close() race (Joe Jin) [orabug 10335998] - make xenkbd.abs_pointer=1 by default [orabug 67188919] - [xen] check to see if hypervisor supports memory reservation change (Chuck Anderson) [orabug 7556514] - [net] Enable entropy for bnx2,bnx2x,e1000e,igb,ixgb,ixgbe,ixgbevf (John Sobecki) [orabug 10315433] - [NET] Add xen pv netconsole support (Tina Yang) [orabug 6993043] [bz 7258] - [mm] shrink_zone patch (John Sobecki,Chris Mason) [orabug 6086839] - fix aacraid not to reset during kexec (Joe Jin) [orabug 8516042] - [rds] Patch rds to 1.4.2-20 (Andy Grover) [orabug 9471572, 9344105] RDS: Fix BUG_ONs to not fire when in a tasklet ipoib: Fix lockup of the tx queue RDS: Do not call set_page_dirty() with irqs off (Sherman Pun) RDS: Properly unmap when getting a remote access error (Tina Yang) RDS: Fix locking in rds_send_drop_to() - [xen] PVHVM guest with PoD crashes under memory pressure (Chuck Anderson) [orabug 9107465] - [xen] PV guest with FC HBA hangs during shutdown (Chuck Anderson) [orabug 9764220] - Support 256GB+ memory for pv guest (Mukesh Rathor) [orabug 9450615] - fix overcommit memory to use percpu_counter for el5 (KOSAKI Motohiro, Guru Anbalagane) [orabug 6124033] - [ipmi] make configurable timeouts for kcs of ipmi [orabug 9752208] - [ib] fix memory corruption (Andy Grover) [orabug 9972346] - [aio] patch removes limit on number of retries (Srinivas Eeda) [orabug 10044782] - [loop] Do not call loop_unplug for not configured loop device (orabug 10314497) [2.6.18-274.12.1.el5] - Revert: [virt] kvm: fix lost tick accounting for 32 bit kvm-clock (Rik van Riel) [747875 731599] [2.6.18-274.11.1.el5] - [fs] gfs2: speed up large file delete/unlink (Robert S Peterson) [743806 738440] - [fs] cifs: fix wrong buffer length returned by SendReceive (Sachin Prabhu) [750842 720363] - [virt] kvm: fix lost tick accounting for 32 bit kvm-clock (Rik van Riel) [747875 731599] - [virt] xen/netback: disable features not supported by netfront (Paolo Bonzini) [746600 746225] - [fs] nfs: don't redirty inodes with no outstanding commits (Jeff Layton) [750477 739665] - [net] tg3: call netif_carrier_off to initialize operstate value (John Feeney) [744700 635982] - [xen] make test_assign_device domctl dependent on intremap hw (Laszlo Ersek) [745726 740203] - [xen] Propagate target dom within XEN_DOMCTL_test_assign_device (Laszlo Ersek) [745726 740203] - [net] sctp: encode PROTOCOL VIOLATION error cause correctly (Thomas Graf) [750457 636828] - [fs] cifs: always do is_path_accessible check in cifs_mount (Jeff Layton) [738299 738300] {CVE-2011-3363} - [fs] cifs: add fallback in is_path_accessible for old servers (Jeff Layton) [738299 738300] {CVE-2011-3363} - [char] tpm: Zero buffer after copying to userspace (Jiri Benc) [732630 732631] {CVE-2011-1162} - [fs] hfs: fix hfs_find_init() sb->ext_tree NULL ptr oops (Phillip Lougher) [712775 712776] {CVE-2011-2203} - [net] sctp: Set correct error cause value for missing parameters (Thomas Graf) [750451 629938] - [misc] kernel: plug taskstats io infoleak (Jerome Marchand) [716845 716846] {CVE-2011-2494} - [usb] Make device reset stop retrying after disconnect (Don Zickus) [750841 709699] - [net] ipv6: properly use ICMP6MSGOUT_INC_STATS in ndisc_send_skb (Jiri Pirko) [743611 698728] - [scsi] Reduce error recovery time by reducing use of TURs (Mike Christie) [741273 694625] - [mm] s390: fix first time swap use results in heavy swapping (Hendrik Brueckner) [747876 722482] - [virt] xen: fix GFP mask handling in dma_alloc_coherent (Laszlo Ersek) [742282 730247] - [s390] kernel: fix system hang if hangcheck timer expires (Hendrik Brueckner) [747872 730313] - [usb] fix interface sysfs file-creation bug (Don Zickus) [750848 637930] - [usb] don't touch sysfs stuff when altsetting is unchanged (Don Zickus) [750848 637930] - [base] Fix potential deadlock in driver core (Don Zickus) [750848 637930] - [security] keys: Fix NULL deref in user-defined key type (David Howells) [751300 751301] - [xen] passthrough: block VT-d MSI trap injection (Paolo Bonzini) [716301 716302] {CVE-2011-1898} [2.6.18-274.10.1.el5] - [net] be2net: enable NETIF_F_LLTX and add own locking of Tx path (Ivan Vecera) [750912 731806] - [net] be2net: fix multicast filter programming (Ivan Vecera) [750912 731806] - [net] be2net: fix cmd-rx-filter not notifying MCC (Ivan Vecera) [750912 731806] - [net] be2net: use RX_FILTER cmd to program multicast addresses (Ivan Vecera) [750912 731806] [2.6.18-274.9.1.el5] - [fs] nfs: re-add call to filemap_fdatawrite (David Jeffery) [750508 748999] [2.6.18-274.8.1.el5] - [fs] nfs: Don't call iput holding nfs_access_cache_shrinker lock (Steve Dickson) [749459 585935]