Oracle Linux 5.7 kernel security and bug fix update

ID ELSA-2011-1065
Type oraclelinux
Reporter Oracle
Modified 2011-07-31T00:00:00


[2.6.18-274.el5] - [xen] svm: fix invlpg emulator regression (Paolo Bonzini) [719894] [2.6.18-273.el5] - Revert: [fs] proc: Fix rmmod/read/write races in /proc entries (Jarod Wilson) [717068] - [xen] disregard trailing bytes in an invalid page (Paolo Bonzini) [717742] - [xen] prep __get_instruction_length_from_list for partial buffers (Paolo Bonzini) [717742] - [xen] remove unused argument to __get_instruction_length (Paolo Bonzini) [717742] - [xen] let __get_instruction_length always read into own buffer (Paolo Bonzini) [717742] [2.6.18-272.el5] - [xen] x86: spinlock support for up to 255 CPUs (Laszlo Ersek) [713123] - [xen] remove block scope mtrr identifiers shadowing file scope (Laszlo Ersek) [713123] - [xen] Actually hold back MTRR init while booting secondary CPUs (Laszlo Ersek) [713123] - [xen] remove unused mtrr_bp_restore (Laszlo Ersek) [713123] - [xen] x86: Fix crash on amd iommu systems (Igor Mammedov) [714275] [2.6.18-271.el5] - [net] igmp: ip_mc_clear_src only when we no users of ip_mc_list (Veaceslav Falico) [707179] - [scsi] cxgb3i: fix programing of dma page sizes (Neil Horman) [710498] - [xen] hvm: secure vmx cpuid (Andrew Jones) [706325] {CVE-2011-1936} - [xen] hvm: secure svm_cr_access (Andrew Jones) [703716] {CVE-2011-1780} - [xen] hvm: svm support cleanups (Andrew Jones) [703716] {CVE-2011-1780} [2.6.18-270.el5] - [fs] proc: fix compile warning in pdeaux addition (Jarod Wilson) [675781] - [net] bluetooth: l2cap and rfcomm: fix info leak to userspace (Thomas Graf) [703021] - [net] inet_diag: fix inet_diag_bc_audit data validation (Thomas Graf) [714539] {CVE-2011-2213} - [misc] signal: fix kill signal spoofing issue (Oleg Nesterov) [690031] {CVE-2011-1182} - [fs] proc: fix signedness issue in next_pidmap (Oleg Nesterov) [697827] {CVE-2011-1593} - [char] agp: fix OOM and buffer overflow (Jerome Marchand) [699010] {CVE-2011-1746} - [char] agp: fix arbitrary kernel memory writes (Jerome Marchand) [699006] {CVE-2011-1745 CVE-2011-2022} - [net] be2net: fix queue creation order and pci error recovery (Ivan Vecera) [711653] - [infiniband] core: Handle large number of entries in poll CQ (Jay Fenlason) [668371] {CVE-2010-4649 CVE-2011-1044} - [infiniband] core: fix panic in ib_cm:cm_work_handler (Jay Fenlason) [679996] {CVE-2011-0695} - [fs] validate size of EFI GUID partition entries (Anton Arapov) [703026] {CVE-2011-1776} [2.6.18-269.el5] - [mm] only throttle page dirtying for specially marked BDIs (Jeff Layton) [711450] - Revert: [base] Fix potential deadlock in driver core (Don Zickus) [703084] - [fs] proc: Fix rmmod/read/write races in /proc entries (David Howells) [675781] - [scsi] qla4xxx: Update driver version to V5. (Chad Dupuis) [704153] - [scsi] qla4xxx: clear SCSI COMPLETION INTR bit during F/W init (Chad Dupuis) [704153] - [usb] wacom: add support for DTU-2231 (Aristeu Rozanski) [683549] - [xen] fix MAX_EVTCHNS definition (Laszlo Ersek) [701243] {CVE-2011-1763} [2.6.18-268.el5] - [net] sctp: fix calc of INIT/INIT-ACK chunk length to set (Thomas Graf) [695385] {CVE-2011-1573} - [scsi] ibmvfc: Fix Virtual I/O failover hang (Steve Best) [710477] - [kernel] irq: Note and disable spurious interrupts on kexec (Prarit Bhargava) [611407] - [net] bnx2x: Update firmware to 6.2.9 (Michal Schmidt) [711079] - [net] bnx2x: Update bnx2x_firmware.h to version 6.2.9 (Michal Schmidt) [711079] - [net] xt_hashlimit: fix race between htable_destroy and htable_gc (Jiri Pirko) [705905] - [fs] cifs: clear write bits if ATTR_READONLY is set (Justin Payne) [700263] - [net] bna: clear some statistics before filling them (Ivan Vecera) [711990] - [net] ixgbe: Disable RSC by default (Herbert Xu) [703416] - [scsi] isci: fix scattergather list handling for smp commands (David Milburn) [710584] - [net] netconsole: prevent setup netconsole on a slave device (Amerigo Wang) [698873] [2.6.18-267.el5] - [fs] xfs: prevent leaking uninit stack memory in FSGEOMETRY_V1 p2 (Phillip Lougher) [677266] {CVE-2011-0711} - [fs] xfs: prevent leaking uninit stack memory in FSGEOMETRY_V1 (Phillip Lougher) [677266] {CVE-2011-0711} - [net] core: Fix memory leak/corruption on VLAN GRO_DROP (Herbert Xu) [691565] {CVE-2011-1576} [2.6.18-266.el5] - [scsi] megaraid: update to driver version 5.38-rh1 (Tomas Henzl) [706244] - [block] cciss: fix mapping of config table (Tomas Henzl) [695493] - [block] cciss: fix dev_info null pointer deref after freeing h (Tomas Henzl) [695493] - [block] cciss: do not call request_irq with spinlocks held (Tomas Henzl) [695493] - [block] cciss: prototype cciss_sent_reset to fix error (Tomas Henzl) [695493] - [block] cciss: mark functions as dev_init to clean up warnings (Tomas Henzl) [695493] - [block] cciss: timeout if soft reset fails (Tomas Henzl) [695493] - [block] cciss: use cmd_alloc for kdump (Tomas Henzl) [695493] - [block] cciss: Use cciss not hpsa in init_driver_version (Tomas Henzl) [695493] - [block] cciss: reduce stack usage a reset verifying code (Tomas Henzl) [695493] - [block] cciss: do not store pci state on stack (Tomas Henzl) [695493] - [block] cciss: no PCI power management reset method if known bad (Tomas Henzl) [695493] - [block] cciss: increase timeouts for post-reset no-ops (Tomas Henzl) [695493] - [block] cciss: remove superfluous sleeps around reset code (Tomas Henzl) [695493] - [block] cciss: do soft reset if hard reset is broken (Tomas Henzl) [695493] - [block] cciss: flush writes in interrupt mask setting code (Tomas Henzl) [695493] - [block] cciss: clarify messages around reset behavior (Tomas Henzl) [695493] - [block] cciss: increase time to wait for board reset to start (Tomas Henzl) [695493] - [block] cciss: get rid of message related magic numbers (Tomas Henzl) [695493] - [block] cciss: factor out irq request code (Tomas Henzl) [695493] - [block] cciss: factor out scatterlist allocation functions (Tomas Henzl) [695493] - [block] cciss: factor out command pool allocation functions (Tomas Henzl) [695493] - [block] cciss: Define print_cmd even without tape support (Tomas Henzl) [695493] - [block] cciss: do not use bit 2 doorbell reset (Tomas Henzl) [695493] - [block] cciss: use new doorbell-bit-5 reset method (Tomas Henzl) [695493] - [block] cciss: improve controller reset failure detection (Tomas Henzl) [695493] - [block] cciss: wait longer after resetting controller (Tomas Henzl) [695493] - [infiniband] cxgb4: Use completion objects for event blocking (Steve Best) [708081] - [fs] ext4: fix quota deadlock (Eric Sandeen) [702197] - [fs] ext3, ext4: update ctime when changing permission by setfacl (Eric Sandeen) [709224] - [scsi] bfa: properly reinitialize adapter during kdump (Rob Evers) [710300] - [scsi] lpfc: Update for release (Rob Evers) [707336] - [scsi] lpfc: Fix back to back Flogis sent without logo (Rob Evers) [707336] - [scsi] lpfc: Fix not updating wwnn and wwpn after name change (Rob Evers) [707336] - [scsi] lpfc: Fix CT command never completing on Big Endian host (Rob Evers) [707336] - [scsi] lpfc: Revert fix that introduced a race condition (Rob Evers) [707336] - [scsi] lpfc: Fix crash in rpi clean when driver load fails (Rob Evers) [707336] - [scsi] lpfc: fix limiting RPI Count to a minimum of 64 (Rob Evers) [707336] - [scsi] lpfc: fix overriding CT field for SLI4 IF type 2 (Rob Evers) [707336] - [scsi] lpfc: force retry in queuecommand when port transitioning (Rob Evers) [707336] - [scsi] lpfc: Update version for release (Rob Evers) [698432] - [scsi] lpfc: Fix double byte swap on received RRQ (Rob Evers) [698432] - [scsi] lpfc: Fix Vports not sending FDISC after lips (Rob Evers) [698432] - [scsi] lpfc: Fix system crash during driver unload (Rob Evers) [698432] - [scsi] lpfc: Fix FCFI incorrect on received unsolicited frames (Rob Evers) [698432] - [scsi] lpfc: Fix driver sending FLOGI to a disconnected FCF (Rob Evers) [698432] - [scsi] lpfc: Fix bug with incorrect BLS Response to BLS Abort (Rob Evers) [698432] - [scsi] lpfc: Fix adapter on Powerpc unable to login into Fabric (Rob Evers) [698432] - [pci] export msi_desc struct and msi_desc array (Prarit Bhargava) [697666] - [net] bonding: prevent deadlock on slave store with alb mode (Neil Horman) [706414] - [net] mlx4: Fix dropped promiscuity flag (Michael S. Tsirkin) [592370] - [edac] amd64_edac: Fix NULL pointer on Interlagos (Mauro Carvalho Chehab) [705040 709529] - [scsi] ses: fix ses_set_fault() to set the fault LED function (James Takahashi) [682351] - [redhat] configs: config file changes for SES Enablement (James Takahashi) [682351] - [misc] enclosure: return ERR_PTR() on error (James Takahashi) [682351] - [misc] enclosure: fix oops while iterating enclosure_status array (James Takahashi) [682351] - [scsi] ses: fix VPD inquiry overrun (James Takahashi) [682351] - [scsi] ses: Fix timeout (James Takahashi) [682351] - [scsi] ses: fix data corruption (James Takahashi) [682351] - [scsi] ses: fix memory leaks (James Takahashi) [682351] - [scsi] ses: add new Enclosure ULD (James Takahashi) [682351] - [misc] enclosure: add support for enclosure services (James Takahashi) [682351] - [net] tg3: Include support for Broadcom 5719/5720 (John Feeney) [654956 696182 707299] - [misc] module: remove over-zealous check in __module_get() (Jon Masters) [616125] - [redhat] kabi: Add pci_ioremap_bar and pci_reset_function to kABI (Jon Masters) [677683] - [redhat] kabi: Add dm_put to kABI (Jon Masters) [707003] - [redhat] kabi: Add compat_alloc_user_space to kABI (Jon Masters) [703167] - [redhat] kabi: Add random32 and srandom32 to kABI (Jon Masters) [668815] - [redhat] kabi: Add cancel_work_sync to kABI (Jon Masters) [664991] - [net] bna: add r suffix to the driver version (Ivan Vecera) [709951] - [net] bna: fix for clean fw re-initialization (Ivan Vecera) [709951] - [net] bna: fix memory leak during RX path cleanup (Ivan Vecera) [709951] - [net] bridge: Disable multicast snooping by default (Herbert Xu) [506630] - [net] bonding: fix block_netpoll_tx imbalance (Andy Gospodarek) [704426] - [scsi] qla2xxx: Fix virtual port login failure after chip reset (Chad Dupuis) [703879] - [scsi] qla2xxx: fix dsd_list_len for dsd_chaining in cmd type 6 (Chad Dupuis) [703879] - [net] force new skbs to allocate a minimum of 16 frags (Amerigo Wang) [694308] - [pci] intel-iommu: Flush unmaps at domain_exit (Alex Williamson) [705455] - [pci] intel-iommu: Only unlink device domains from iommu (Alex Williamson) [705455] [2.6.18-265.el5] - [scsi] be2iscsi: Fix MSIX interrupt names (Prarit Bhargava) [704735] - [misc] signal: fix SIGPROF keeps large task from completing fork (Oleg Nesterov) [645528] - [fs] gfs2: fix processes waiting on already-available inode glock (Robert S Peterson) [694669] - Revert: [pci] msi: remove infiniband compat code (Prarit Bhargava) [636260] - Revert: [pci] msi: use msi_desc save areas in drivers/pci code (Prarit Bhargava) [636260] - Revert: [pci] msi: use msi_desc save areas in msi state functions (Prarit Bhargava) [636260] - Revert: [pci] msi: remove pci_save_msi|x_state() functions (Prarit Bhargava) [636260] - [s390] mm: diagnose 10 does not release memory above 2GB (Hendrik Brueckner) [701275] - [input] evdev: implement proper locking (Marc Milgram) [680561] - [input] evdev: rename list to client in handlers (Marc Milgram) [680561] - [net] netpoll: disable netpoll when enslave a device (Amerigo Wang) [698873] - [net] disable lro on phys device when dev is a vlan (Neil Horman) [696374] - [scsi] qla2xxx: Update version number to (Chad Dupuis) [686462] - [scsi] qla2xxx: Free firmware PCB on logout request (Chad Dupuis) [686462] - [scsi] qla2xxx: dump registers for more info about ISP82xx errors (Chad Dupuis) [686462] - [scsi] qla2xxx: Updated the reset sequence for ISP82xx (Chad Dupuis) [686462] - [scsi] qla2xxx: Update copyright banner (Chad Dupuis) [686462] - [scsi] qla2xxx: Perform FCoE context reset before adapter reset (Chad Dupuis) [686462] - [scsi] qla2xxx: Limit logs in case device state does not change (Chad Dupuis) [686462] - [scsi] qla2xxx: Abort pending commands for faster reset recovery (Chad Dupuis) [686462] - [scsi] qla2xxx: Check for match before setting FCP-priority info (Chad Dupuis) [686462] - [scsi] qla2xxx: Display PortID info during FCP command-status (Chad Dupuis) [686462] [2.6.18-264.el5] - [misc] Introduce pci_map_biosrom, kernel-xen variant (David Milburn) [651837] [2.6.18-263.el5] - [misc] vsyscall: remove code changing syscall instructions to nop (Ulrich Obergfell) [689546] - [scsi] mpt2sas: move fault event handling into process context (Tomas Henzl) [705398] - [scsi] ibmvscsi: Improve CRQ reset reliability (Steve Best) [704963] - [infiniband] cxgb4: Reset wait condition atomically (Steve Best) [703925] - [infiniband] cxgb4: fix driver hang on EEH error (Steve Best) [703925] - [fs] xfs: serialise unaligned direct IOs (Eric Sandeen) [689830] - [fs] ext4: serialize unaligned asynchronous DIO (Eric Sandeen) [689830] - [misc] Add printk_timed_ratelimit (Eric Sandeen) [689830] - [fs] set stats st_blksize to fs blocksize not page size (Eric Sandeen) [695168] - [pci] Disable PCI MSI/X on portable hardware (Prarit Bhargava) [703340] - [usb] ehci: Disable disconnect/connect wakeups (Matthew Garrett) [703344] - [fs] cifs: fix cifsConvertToUCS for the mapchars case (Jeff Layton) [705324] - [fs] nfs: set d_op on newly allocated dentries in nfs_rename (Jeff Layton) [702533] - [fs] nfs: Fix build break with CONFIG_NFS_V4=n (Harshula Jayasuriya) [702355] - [scsi] isci: enable building driver (David Milburn) [651837] - [scsi] libsas: flush initial device discovery before completing (David Milburn) [651837] - [scsi] libsas: fix up device gone notification in sas_deform_port (David Milburn) [651837] - [scsi] libsas: fix runaway error handler problem (David Milburn) [651837] - [scsi] isci: validate oem parameters early, and fallback (David Milburn) [651837] - [scsi] isci: fix oem parameter header definition (David Milburn) [651837] - [scsi] isci: fix fragile/conditional isci_host lookups (David Milburn) [651837] - [scsi] isci: cleanup isci_remote_device[not]_ready interface (David Milburn) [651837] - [scsi] isci: Qualify when lock managed for STP/SATA callbacks (David Milburn) [651837] - [scsi] isci: Fix use of SATA soft reset state machine (David Milburn) [651837] - [scsi] isci: Free lock for abort escalation at submit time (David Milburn) [651837] - [scsi] isci: Properly handle requests in aborting state (David Milburn) [651837] - [scsi] isci: Remove screaming data types (David Milburn) [651837] - [scsi] isci: remove unused remote_device_started (David Milburn) [651837] - [scsi] isci: namespacecheck cleanups (David Milburn) [651837] - [scsi] isci: kill some long macros (David Milburn) [651837] - [scsi] isci: reorder init to cleanup unneeded declarations (David Milburn) [651837] - [scsi] isci: Remove event calls as they are just wrappers (David Milburn) [651837] - [scsi] isci: fix apc mode definition (David Milburn) [651837] - [scsi] isci: Revert task gating change handled by libsas (David Milburn) [651837] - [scsi] isci: reset hardware at init (David Milburn) [651837] - [scsi] isci: Revert unneeded error path fixes (David Milburn) [651837] - [scsi] isci: misc fixes (David Milburn) [651837] - [scsi] isci: add firmware support (David Milburn) [651837] - [scsi] isci: lldd support (David Milburn) [651837] - [scsi] isci: add core common definitions and utility functions (David Milburn) [651837] - [scsi] isci: add core base state machine and memory descriptors (David Milburn) [651837] - [scsi] isci: add core unsolicited frame handling and registers (David Milburn) [651837] - [scsi] isci: add core request support (David Milburn) [651837] - [scsi] isci: add core stp support (David Milburn) [651837] - [scsi] isci: add core remote node context support (David Milburn) [651837] - [scsi] isci: add core remote device support (David Milburn) [651837] - [scsi] isci: add core port support (David Milburn) [651837] - [scsi] isci: add core phy support (David Milburn) [651837] - [scsi] isci: add core controller support (David Milburn) [651837] - [scsi] isci: BZ 651837 Introduce pci_map_biosrom() (David Milburn) [651837] - [scsi] qla4xxx: update version to V5. (Chad Dupuis) [660388] - [scsi] qla4xxx: set status_srb NULL if sense_len is 0 (Chad Dupuis) [660388] - [scsi] qla4xxx: Initialize host fw_ddb_index_map list (Chad Dupuis) [660388] - [scsi] qla4xxx: reuse qla4xxx_mailbox_premature_completion (Chad Dupuis) [660388] - [scsi] qla4xxx: check for all reset flags (Chad Dupuis) [660388] - [scsi] qla4xxx: added new function qla4xxx_relogin_all_devices (Chad Dupuis) [660388] - [scsi] qla4xxx: add support for ql4xkeepalive module parameter (Chad Dupuis) [660388] - [scsi] qla4xxx: Add support for ql4xmaxqdepth module parameter (Chad Dupuis) [660388] - [scsi] qla4xxx: skip core clock so firmware can increase clock (Chad Dupuis) [660388] - [scsi] qla4xxx: copy ipv4 opts and address state to host struct (Chad Dupuis) [660388] - [scsi] qla4xxx: check AF_FW_RECOVERY flag for 8022 adapter only (Chad Dupuis) [660388] - [scsi] qla4xxx: Change hard coded values to macros (Chad Dupuis) [660388] - [scsi] qla4xxx: Change hard coded value of Sense buffer (Chad Dupuis) [660388] - [scsi] qla4xxx: Remove stale references to ISP3031 and NetXen (Chad Dupuis) [660388] - [scsi] qla4xxx: Correct file header for iscsi (Chad Dupuis) [660388] - [scsi] qla4xxx: Add scsi_{,un}block_request while reading flash (Chad Dupuis) [660388] - [scsi] qla4xxx: Remove unused code from qla4xxx_send_tgts (Chad Dupuis) [660388] - [scsi] qla4xxx: Add proper locking around cmd->host_scribble (Chad Dupuis) [660388] - [scsi] qla4xxx: use return status DID_TRANSPORT_DISRUPTED (Chad Dupuis) [660388] - [scsi] qla4xxx: remove unused functions and struct parameters (Chad Dupuis) [660388] - [scsi] qla4xxx: change char string to static char (Chad Dupuis) [660388] - [scsi] qla4xxx: change spin_lock to spin_lock_irqsave (Chad Dupuis) [660388] - [scsi] qla4xxx: change hard coded value to a macro (Chad Dupuis) [660388] - [scsi] qla4xxx: move qla4xxx_free_ddb_list and scsi_remove_host (Chad Dupuis) [660388] - [scsi] qla4xxx: get status from initialize_adapter (Chad Dupuis) [660388] - [scsi] qla4xxx: remove extra pci_disable_device call (Chad Dupuis) [660388] - [scsi] qla4xxx: Remove unused argument from function prototype (Chad Dupuis) [660388] - [scsi] qla4xxx: call qla4xxx_mark_all_devices_missing (Chad Dupuis) [660388] - [scsi] qla4xxx: call scsi_scan_target only if AF_ONLINE set (Chad Dupuis) [660388] - [scsi] qla4xxx: call scsi_block_request before clearing AF_ONLINE (Chad Dupuis) [660388] - [scsi] qla4xxx: Add timer debug print (Chad Dupuis) [660388] - [scsi] qla4xxx: use iscsi class session state check ready (Chad Dupuis) [660388] - [scsi] qla4xxx: set device state missing only if non-dead state (Chad Dupuis) [660388] - [scsi] libiscsi: fix shutdown (Chad Dupuis) [660388] - [scsi] qla4xxx: Change function prototype to static (Chad Dupuis) [660388] - [scsi] qla4xxx: Fix panic while loading with corrupted 4032 card (Chad Dupuis) [660388] - [scsi] qla4xxx: no other port reinit during remove_adapter (Chad Dupuis) [660388] - [scsi] qla4xxx: unblock iscsi session before scsi_scan_target (Chad Dupuis) [660388] - [scsi] qla4xxx: Fix for dropping of AENs during init time (Chad Dupuis) [660388] - [scsi] qla4xxx: Free allocated memory only once (Chad Dupuis) [660388] - [scsi] qla4xxx: ignore existing interrupt during mailbox command (Chad Dupuis) [660388] - [scsi] qla4xxx: Check connection active before unblocking session (Chad Dupuis) [660388] - [scsi] qla4xxx: Poll for Disable Interrupt Mailbox Completion (Chad Dupuis) [660388] - [scsi] qla4xxx: fix request_irq to avoid spurious interrupts (Chad Dupuis) [660388] - [net] bridge: make bridge address settings sticky (Amerigo Wang) [705997] - [net] bridge: allow changing hardware addr to any valid address (Amerigo Wang) [705997] - [xen] hvm: build guest timers on monotonic system time (Paolo Bonzini) [705725] - [xen] hvm: explicitly use the TSC as the base for the hpet (Paolo Bonzini) [705725] - [xen] x86: allow Dom0 to drive PC speaker (Igor Mammedov) [501314] - [xen] vtd: Fix resource leaks on error paths in intremap code (Igor Mammedov) [704497] [2.6.18-262.el5] - [block] cciss: reading a write only register causes a hang (Tomas Henzl) [696153] [2.6.18-261.el5] - [message] mptfusion: inline data padding support for TAPE drives (Tomas Henzl) [698073] - [powerpc] fix VDSO gettimeofday called with NULL struct timeval (Steve Best) [700203] - [fs] gfs2: fix resource group bitmap corruption (Robert S Peterson) [690555] - [fs] gfs2: Add dlm callback owed glock flag (Robert S Peterson) [703213] - [net] cxgb4: fix some backport bugs (Neil Horman) [700947] - [scsi] fnic: fix stats memory leak (Mike Christie) [688459] - [block]: fix missing bio back/front segment size setting (Milan Broz) [700546] - [net] mlx4: Add CX3 PCI IDs (Jay Fenlason) [660671] - [pci] SRIOV: release VF BAR resources when device is hot unplug (Don Dutile) [698879] - [virtio] virtio_ring: Decrement avail idx on buffer detach (Amit Shah) [699426] - [virtio] virtio_pci: fix double-free of pci regions on unplug (Amit Shah) [701918] - Revert: [virtio] console: no device_destroy on port device (Amit Shah) [701918] - [xen] hvm: provide param to disable HPET in HVM guests (Paolo Bonzini) [702652] - [xen] vtd: Free unused interrupt remapping table entry (Don Dugger) [571410] [2.6.18-260.el5] - [scsi] mpt2sas: prevent heap overflows and unchecked access (Tomas Henzl) [694527] {CVE-2011-1494 CVE-2011-1495} - [block] cciss: fix export resettable host attribute fix (Tomas Henzl) [690511] - [fs] gfs2: Tag all metadata with jid of last node to change it (Steven Whitehouse) [701577] - [fs] nfsd: permit unauthenticated stat of export root (Steve Dickson) [491740] - [net] myri10ge: add dynamic LRO disabling (Stanislaw Gruszka) [688897] - [wireless] ath5k: disable ASPM L0s for all cards (Stanislaw Gruszka) [666866] - [net] igb: work-around for 82576 EEPROMs reporting invalid size (Stefan Assmann) [693934] - [pci] aerdrv: use correct bits and add delay to aer_root_reset (Stefan Assmann) [700386] - [fs] jbd: fix write_metadata_buffer and get_write_access race (Eric Sandeen) [494927 696843] - [x86_64] Disable Advanced RAS/MCE on newer Intel processors (Prarit Bhargava) [697508] - [x86_64] vdso: fix gettimeofday segfault when tv == NULL (Prarit Bhargava) [700782] - [x86_64] Ignore spurious IPIs left over from crash kernel (Myron Stowe) [692921] - [i386] Ignore spurious IPIs left over from crash kernel (Myron Stowe) [692921] - [scsi] iscsi_tcp: fix iscsis sk_user_data access (Mike Christie) [677703] - [edac] i7core_edac: return -ENODEV if no MC is found (Mauro Carvalho Chehab) [658418] - [char] vcs: hook sysfs devices to object lifetime (Mauro Carvalho Chehab) [622542] - [char] vt_ioctl: fix VT ioctl race (Mauro Carvalho Chehab) [622542] - [fs] avoid vmalloc space error opening many files on x86 (Larry Woodman) [681586] - [fs] nfs: Tighten up the attribute update code (Jeff Layton) [672981] - [net] bna: Avoid kernel panic in case of FW heartbeat failure (Ivan Vecera) [700488] - [net] benet: increment work_counter in be_worker (Ivan Vecera) [695197] - [net] benet: be_poll_tx_mcc_compat should always return zero (Ivan Vecera) [690755] - [net] benet: Fix be_get_stats_count return value (Ivan Vecera) [690755] - [net] tcp: Fix tcp_prequeue to get correct rto_min value (Herbert Xu) [696411] - [net] bonding: unshare skbs prior to calling pskb_may_pull (Andy Gospodarek) [607114] - [misc] x86: Sync CPU feature flag additions from Xen (Frank Arnold) [687994] - [misc] mark various drivers/features as tech preview (Don Zickus) [701722] - [hwmon] i5k_amb: Fix compile warning (Dean Nelson) [603345] - [hwmon] i5k_amb: Load automatically on all 5000/5400 chipsets (Dean Nelson) [603345] - [hwmon] i5k_amb: provide labels for temperature sensors (Dean Nelson) [603345] - [hwmod] i5k_amb: support Intel 5400 chipset (Dean Nelson) [603345] - [net] bridge/netfilter: fix ebtables information leak (Don Howard) [681326] {CVE-2011-1080} - [net] bluetooth: fix sco information leak to userspace (Don Howard) [681311] {CVE-2011-1078} - [fs] gfs2: make sure fallocate bytes is a multiple of blksize (Benjamin Marzinski) [699741] - [fs] fix corrupted GUID partition table kernel oops (Jerome Marchand) [695980] {CVE-2011-1577} - [xen] x86: Enable K8 NOPS for future AMD CPU Families (Frank Arnold) [687994] - [xen] x86: Blacklist new AMD CPUID bits for PV domains (Frank Arnold) [687994] - [xen] x86: Handle new AMD CPUID bits for HVM guests (Frank Arnold) [687994] - [xen] x86: Update AMD CPU feature flags (Frank Arnold) [687994] - [xen] x86/domain: fix error checks in arch_set_info_guest (Laszlo Ersek) [688582] {CVE-2011-1166} [2.6.18-259.el5] - [net] bridge: fix initial packet flood if !STP (Jiri Pirko) [695369] - [edac] amd64_edac: Fix potential memleak (Mauro Carvalho Chehab) [610235] - [edac] amd64_edac, amd64_mce: Revert printk changes (Mauro Carvalho Chehab) [610235] - [x86] amd: Fix init_amd build warnings (Frank Arnold) [610235] - [edac] amd64_edac: Enable PCI dev detection on F15h (Frank Arnold) [610235] - [edac] amd64_edac: Fix decode_syndrome types (Frank Arnold) [610235] - [edac] amd64_edac: Fix DCT argument type (Frank Arnold) [610235] - [edac] amd64_edac: Fix ranges signedness (Frank Arnold) [610235] - [edac] amd64_edac: Drop local variable (Frank Arnold) [610235] - [edac] amd64_edac: Fix PCI config addressing types (Frank Arnold) [610235] - [edac] amd64_edac: Fix DRAM base macros (Frank Arnold) [610235] - [edac] amd64_edac: Fix node id signedness (Frank Arnold) [610235] - [edac] amd64_edac: Enable driver on F15h (Frank Arnold) [610235] - [edac] amd64_edac: Adjust ECC symbol size to F15h (Frank Arnold) [610235] - [edac] amd64_edac: Improve DRAM address mapping (Frank Arnold) [610235] - [edac] amd64_edac: Sanitize ->read_dram_ctl_register (Frank Arnold) [610235] - [edac] amd64_edac: fix up chip select conversion routine to F15h (Frank Arnold) [610235] - [edac] amd64_edac: Beef up early exit reporting (Frank Arnold) [610235] - [edac] amd64_edac: Revamp online spare handling (Frank Arnold) [610235] - [edac] amd64_edac: Fix channel interleave removal (Frank Arnold) [610235] - [edac] amd64_edac: Correct node interleaving removal (Frank Arnold) [610235] - [edac] amd64_edac: Add support for interleaved region swapping (Frank Arnold) [610235] - [edac] amd64_edac: Unify get_error_address (Frank Arnold) [610235] - [edac] amd64_edac: Simplify decoding path (Frank Arnold) [610235] - [edac] amd64_edac: Adjust channel counting to F15h (Frank Arnold) [610235] - [edac] amd64_edac: Cleanup old defines cruft (Frank Arnold) [610235] - [edac] amd64_edac: Cleanup NBSH cruft (Frank Arnold) [610235] - [edac] amd64_edac: Cleanup NBCFG handling (Frank Arnold) [610235] - [edac] amd64_edac: Cleanup NBCTL code (Frank Arnold) [610235] - [edac] amd64_edac: Cleanup DCT Select Low/High code (Frank Arnold) [610235] - [edac] amd64_edac: Cleanup Dram Configuration registers handling (Frank Arnold) [610235] - [edac] amd64_edac: Cleanup DBAM handling (Frank Arnold) [610235] - [edac] amd64_edac: Replace huge bitmasks with a macro (Frank Arnold) [610235] - [edac] amd64_edac: Sanitize f10_get_base_addr_offset (Frank Arnold) [610235] - [edac] amd64_edac: Sanitize channel extraction (Frank Arnold) [610235] - [edac] amd64_edac: Cleanup chipselect handling (Frank Arnold) [610235] - [edac] amd64_edac: Cleanup DHAR handling (Frank Arnold) [610235] - [edac] amd64_edac: Remove DRAM base/limit subfields caching (Frank Arnold) [610235] - [edac] amd64_edac: Add support for F15h DCT PCI config accesses (Frank Arnold) [610235] - [edac] amd64_edac: Fix DIMMs per DCTs output (Frank Arnold) [610235] - [edac] amd64_edac: Remove two-stage initialization (Frank Arnold) [610235] - [edac] amd64_edac: Check ECC capabilities initially (Frank Arnold) [610235] - [edac] amd64_edac: Carve out ECC-related hw settings (Frank Arnold) [610235] - [edac] amd64_edac: Allocate driver instances dynamically (Frank Arnold) [610235] - [edac] amd64_edac: Rework printk macros (Frank Arnold) [610235] - [edac] amd64_edac: Rename CPU PCI devices (Frank Arnold) [610235] - [edac] amd64_edac: Concentrate per-family init even more (Frank Arnold) [610235] - [edac] amd64_edac: Cleanup the CPU PCI device reservation (Frank Arnold) [610235] - [edac] amd64_edac: Add per-family init function (Frank Arnold) [610235] - [edac] amd64_edac: Remove F11h support (Frank Arnold) [610235] - [edac] amd64_edac: Fix interleaving check (Frank Arnold) [610235] - [edac] amd64_edac: Fix DCT base address selector (Frank Arnold) [610235] - [edac] amd64_edac: Sanitize syndrome extraction (Frank Arnold) [610235] - [edac] amd64_edac: fix forcing module load/unload (Frank Arnold) [610235] - [edac] amd64_edac: add memory types strings for debugging (Frank Arnold) [610235] - [edac] amd64_edac: remove unneeded extract_error_address wrapper (Frank Arnold) [610235] - [edac] amd64_edac: rename StinkyIdentifier (Frank Arnold) [610235] - [edac] amd64_edac: remove superfluous dbg printk (Frank Arnold) [610235] - [edac] amd64_edac: cleanup f10_early_channel_count (Frank Arnold) [610235] - [edac] amd64_edac: dump DIMM sizes on K8 too (Frank Arnold) [610235] - [edac] amd64_edac: cleanup rest of amd64_dump_misc_regs (Frank Arnold) [610235] - [edac] amd64_edac: cleanup DRAM cfg low debug output (Frank Arnold) [610235] - [edac] amd64_edac: wrap-up pci config read error handling (Frank Arnold) [610235] - [edac] amd64_edac: make DRAM regions output more human-readable (Frank Arnold) [610235] - [edac] amd64_edac: clarify DRAM CTL debug reporting (Frank Arnold) [610235] - [edac] mce_amd: Fix NB error formatting (Frank Arnold) [659693] - [edac] mce_amd: Use BIT_64() to eliminate warnings on 32-bit (Frank Arnold) [659693] - [edac] mce_amd: Enable MCE decoding on F15h (Frank Arnold) [659693] - [edac] mce_amd: Shorten error report formatting (Frank Arnold) [659693] - [edac] mce_amd: Overhaul error fields extraction macros (Frank Arnold) [659693] - [edac] mce_amd: Add F15h FP MCE decoder (Frank Arnold) [659693] - [edac] mce_amd: Add F15 EX MCE decoder (Frank Arnold) [659693] - [edac] mce_amd: Add an F15h NB MCE decoder (Frank Arnold) [659693] - [edac] mce_amd: No F15h LS MCE decoder (Frank Arnold) [659693] - [edac] mce_amd: Add F15h CU MCE decoder (Frank Arnold) [659693] - [edac] mce_amd: Add F15h IC MCE decoder (Frank Arnold) [659693] - [edac] mce_amd: Add F15h DC MCE decoder (Frank Arnold) [659693] - [edac] mce_amd: Select extended error code mask (Frank Arnold) [659693] - [edac] mce_amd: Fix shift warning on 32-bit (Frank Arnold) [659693] - [edac] mce_amd: Add a BIT_64() macro (Frank Arnold) [659693] - [edac] mce_amd: Enable MCE decoding on F12h (Frank Arnold) [659693] - [edac] mce_amd: Add F12h NB MCE decoder (Frank Arnold) [659693] - [edac] mce_amd: Add F12h IC MCE decoder (Frank Arnold) [659693] - [edac] mce_amd: Add F12h DC MCE decoder (Frank Arnold) [659693] - [edac] mce_amd: Add support for F11h MCEs (Frank Arnold) [659693] - [edac] mce_amd: Enable MCE decoding on F14h (Frank Arnold) [659693] - [edac] mce_amd: Fix FR MCEs decoding (Frank Arnold) [659693] - [edac] mce_amd: Complete NB MCE decoders (Frank Arnold) [659693] - [edac] mce_amd: Warn about LS MCEs on F14h (Frank Arnold) [659693] - [edac] mce_amd: Adjust IC decoders to F14h (Frank Arnold) [659693] - [edac] mce_amd: Adjust DC decoders to F14h (Frank Arnold) [659693] - [edac] mce_amd: Rename files (Frank Arnold) [659693] - [edac] mce_amd: Pass complete MCE info to decoders (Frank Arnold) [659693] - [edac] mce_amd: Sanitize error codes (Frank Arnold) [659693] - [edac] mce_amd: Remove unused function parameter (Frank Arnold) [659693] - [edac] mce_amd: Do not report error overflow as a separate error (Frank Arnold) [659693] - [edac] mce_amd: Limit MCE decoding to current families for now (Frank Arnold) [659693] - [edac] mce_amd: Fix wrong mask and macro usage (Frank Arnold) [659693] - [edac] mce_amd: Filter out invalid values (Frank Arnold) [659693] - [edac] mce_amd: silence GART TLB errors (Frank Arnold) [659693] - [edac] mce_amd: correct corenum reporting (Frank Arnold) [659693] - [edac] mce_amd: update AMD F10h revD check (Frank Arnold) [659693] - [edac] mce_amd: Use an atomic notifier for MCEs decoding (Frank Arnold) [659693] - [edac] mce_amd: carve out AMD MCE decoding logic (Frank Arnold) [659693] - [edac] mce_amd: Fix MCE decoding callback logic (Frank Arnold) [659693] [2.6.18-258.el5] - [block] cciss: fix lost command problem (Tomas Henzl) [696153] - [block] cciss: export resettable host attribute (Tomas Henzl) [690511] - [powerpc] mm/numa: Disable VPNH feature on pseries (Steve Best) [696328] - [wireless] iwlagn: re-enable MSI on resume (Prarit Bhargava) [694672] - [fs] cifs: clean up various nits in unicode routines (Jeff Layton) [659715] - [fs] cifs: fix unaligned accesses in cifsConvertToUCS (Jeff Layton) [659715] - [fs] cifs: clean up unaligned accesses in cifs_unicode.c (Jeff Layton) [659715] - [fs] cifs: fix unaligned access in check2ndT2 and coalesce_t2 (Jeff Layton) [659715] - [fs] cifs: clean up unaligned accesses in validate_t2 (Jeff Layton) [659715] - [fs] cifs: use get/put_unaligned functions to access ByteCount (Jeff Layton) [659715] - [net] bridge: fix build warning in br_device (Jarod Wilson) [556811] - [scsi] arcmsr: fix broken CONFIG_XEN conditional (Jarod Wilson) [635992] - [net] cxgb4: clean up dma_mapping_error usage (Jarod Wilson) [567446] - [fs] dcache: Close a race-opportunity in d_splice_alias (David Howells) [646359] - [md] dm-crypt: support more encryption modes (Milan Broz) [660368] - [crypto] add XTS blockcipher mode support (Danny Feng) [553411] - [s390] dasd: fix race between open and offline (Hendrik Brueckner) [695357] - [net] netxen: limit skb frags for non tso packet (Chad Dupuis) [672368] - [net] qlcnic: limit skb frags for non tso packet (Bob Picco) [695490] [2.6.18-257.el5] - [char] ipmi: dont poll non-existant IPMI Event Message Buffer (Tony Camuso) [578913] - [char] ipmi: fix platform return check (Tony Camuso) [578913] - [fs] gfs: Never try to deallocate an inode on a read-only mount (Steven Whitehouse) [689943] - [infiniband] cxgb4: Initial import of driver to RHEL5 (Steve Best) [567449] - [net] cxgb4: Initial import of driver to RHEL5 (Neil Horman) [567446] - [net] bond: fix link up after restart (Neil Horman) [659558] - [infiniband] cxgb3: Dont free skbs on NET_XMIT_ from LLD (Neil Horman) [516956] - [infiniband] cxgb3: Wait 1+ schedule cycle during device removal (Neil Horman) [516956] - [infiniband] cxgb3: Mark device with CXIO_ERROR_FATAL on remove (Neil Horman) [516956] - [infiniband] cxgb3: Dont allocate the SW queue for user mode CQs (Neil Horman) [516956] - [infiniband] cxgb3: Increase the max CQ depth (Neil Horman) [516956] - [infiniband] cxgb3: Doorbell overflow avoidance and recovery (Neil Horman) [516956] - [infiniband] cxgb3: Remove BUG_ON() on CQ rearm failure (Neil Horman) [516956] - [infiniband] cxgb3: Fix error paths in post_send and post_recv (Neil Horman) [516956] - [infiniband] cxgb3: Handle NULL inetdev ptr in iwch_query_port (Neil Horman) [516956] - [infiniband] cxgb3: Clean up properly on FW mismatch failures (Neil Horman) [516956] - [infiniband] cxgb3: Dont ignore insert_handle() failures (Neil Horman) [516956] - [infiniband] cxgb3: Wake up any waiters on peer close/abort (Neil Horman) [516956] - [infiniband] cxgb3: Dont free endpoints early (Neil Horman) [516956] - [net] cxgb3: Handle port events properly (Mike Christie) [516956] - [fs] cifs: prevent infinite recursion in cifs_reconnect_tcon (Jeff Layton) [667454] - [fs] cifs: consolidate reconnect logic in smb_init routines (Jeff Layton) [667454] - [fs] dcache: allow __d_obtain_alias to return unhashed dentries (J. Bruce Fields) [613736] [2.6.18-256.el5] - [scsi] mpt2sas: fix scsih_is_raid test in _scsih_qcmd (Tomas Henzl) [683806] - [scsi] megaraid_sas: add a reset_devices condition (Tomas Henzl) [692099] - [net] add socket API recvmmsg, receive multiple messages (Thomas Graf) [582653] - [scsi] device_handler: fix ref counting in error path (Mike Snitzer) [645343] - [scsi] device_handler: propagate SCSI device deletion (Mike Snitzer) [645343] - [net] 8021q: fix VLAN RX stats counting (Stefan Assmann) [579858] - [x86_64] vdso: Fix typo in vclock_gettime code (Prarit Bhargava) [691735] - [firmware] dmi_scan: Display system information in dmesg (Prarit Bhargava) [692860] - [fs] debugfs: Implement debugfs_remove_recursive (Neil Horman) [692946] - [redhat] configs: enable building CXGB4_ISCSI (Mike Christie) [567452] - [scsi] cxgbi: get rid of gl_skb in cxgbi_ddp_info (Mike Christie) [567452] - [scsi] cxgbi: set ulpmode only if digest is on (Mike Christie) [567452] - [scsi] cxgb4i: ignore informational act-open-rpl message (Mike Christie) [567452] - [scsi] cxgb4i: connection and ddp setting update (Mike Christie) [567452] - [scsi] cxgb3i: fixed connection over vlan (Mike Christie) [567452] - [scsi] libcxgbi: pdu read fixes (Mike Christie) [567452] - [scsi] cxgbi: rename alloc_cpl to alloc_wr (Mike Christie) [567452] - [scsi] cxgb3i: change cxgb3i to use libcxgbi (Mike Christie) [567452] - [scsi] cxgbi: add cxgb4i iscsi driver (Mike Christie) [567452] - [net] bonding: re-read speed and duplex when interface goes up (Andy Gospodarek) [677902] - [net] ipv4/tcp_timer: honor sysctl tcp_syn_retries (Flavio Leitner) [688989] - [usb] fix usbfs isochronous data transfer regression (Don Zickus) [688926] - [fs] partitions: Fix corrupted OSF partition table parsing (Danny Feng) [688023] - [misc] add param to change default coredump_filter setup (Dave Anderson) [488840] - Revert: [md] dm-crypt: support more encryption modes (Jarod Wilson) [660368] - [xen] allow delivery of timer interrupts to VCPU != 0 (Paolo Bonzini) [418501] - [xen] x86/hvm: Enable delivering 8259 interrupts to VCPUs != 0 (Paolo Bonzini) [418501] - [xen] get rid of the vcpu state in HPET (Paolo Bonzini) [418501] - [xen] add accessors for arch/x86/hvm/hpet.c (Paolo Bonzini) [418501] [2.6.18-255.el5] - [net] htb: Make HTB scheduler work with TSO (Thomas Graf) [481546] - [fs] cifs: map NT_STATUS_ERROR_WRITE_PROTECTED to -EROFS (Jeff Layton) [516102] - [pci] Ensure devices are resumed on system resume (Matthew Garrett) [644440] - [fs] ext2, ext3: copy i_flags to inode flags on write (Eric Sandeen) [431738] - [fs] gfs2: fix filesystem hang caused by incorrect lock order (Robert S Peterson) [656032] - [fs] gfs2: restructure reclaiming of unlinked dinodes (Robert S Peterson) [656032] - [fs] gfs2: unlock on gfs2_trans_begin error (Robert S Peterson) [656032] - [pci] Add HP BL620c G7 to pci=bfsort whitelist (Prarit Bhargava) [680946] - [pci] msi: simplify the msi irq limit policy (Prarit Bhargava) [652799] - [scsi] scsi_dh: allow scsi_dh_detach to detach when attached (Mike Christie) [666304] - [net] bonding: fix test for presence of VLANs (Jiri Pirko) [654878] - [net] 8021q: VLAN 0 should be treated as no vlan tag (Jiri Pirko) [654878] - [kernel] module: add sysctl to block module loading (Jerome Marchand) [645221] - [fs] nfs: Make close(2) async when closing O_DIRECT files (Jeff Layton) [626977] - [fs] nfs: Optimise NFS close() (Jeff Layton) [626977] - [fs] nfs: Fix nfsv4 atomic open for execute... (Jeff Layton) [626977] - [misc] pm: add comment explaining is_registered kabi work-around (Don Zickus) [637930] - [misc] sunrpc: only call get_seconds once in sunrpc_invalidate (David Howells) [589512] [2.6.18-254.el5] - [scsi] mpt2sas: Added customer specific display support (Tomas Henzl) [684842] - [scsi] mpt2sas: Add support for WarpDrive SSS-6200 (Tomas Henzl) [683806] - [scsi] megaraid: update driver to v5.34 (Tomas Henzl) [660728] - [scsi] arcmsr: driver update for RHEL5.7 (Tomas Henzl) [635992] - [scsi] scsi_dh_alua: add scalable ONTAP lun to dev list (Mike Snitzer) [667660] - [pci] Enable pci=bfsort by default on future Dell systems (Shyam Iyer) [689047] - [net] enic: update driver to (Stefan Assmann) [661306] - [scsi] bfa: rebase for RHEL5.7 to current scsi-misc version (Rob Evers) [660545] - [pci] Enable PCI bus rescan for PPC64 only (Prarit Bhargava) [683461] - [net] enable VLAN SG on additional drivers (Paolo Bonzini) [668934] - [net] add ethtool -k sg off support for vlans (Paolo Bonzini) [668934] - [net] explicitly enable VLAN SG when already in use (Paolo Bonzini) [668934] - [net] enable SG on vlan devices if supported on the NIC (Paolo Bonzini) [668934] - [net] fix NETIF_F_GSO_MASK to exclude VLAN features (Paolo Bonzini) [668934] - [ata] ata_piix: honor ide=disable (Paolo Bonzini) [460821] - [scsi] be2iscsi: update driver version string (Mike Christie) [691899] - [scsi] be2iscsi: fix null ptr when accessing task hdr (Mike Christie) [660392] - [scsi] be2iscsi: fix gfp use in alloc_pdu (Mike Christie) [660392] - [scsi] be2iscsi: allow more time for FW to respond (Mike Christie) [660392] - [net] ixgbe: restore erratum 45 fix and whitespace (Andy Gospodarek) [568312 568557 570366 571254 651467 653236 653359 653469 655022] - [usb] ehci: AMD periodic frame list table quirk (Don Zickus) [651333] - [scsi] qla2xxx: Upgrade 24xx and 25xx firmware to 5.03.16 (Chad Dupuis) [682305] - [fs] nfsd: fix auth_domain reference leak on nlm operations (J. Bruce Fields) [589512] - [net] sunrpc: ensure cache_check caller sees updated entry (J. Bruce Fields) [589512] - [net] sunrpc: take lock on turning entry NEGATIVE in cache_check (J. Bruce Fields) [589512] - [net] sunrpc: move cache validity check into helper function (J. Bruce Fields) [589512] - [net] sunrpc: modifying valid sunrpc cache entries is racy (J. Bruce Fields) [589512] - [fs] nfs: extract some common sunrpc_cache code from nfsd (J. Bruce Fields) [589512] - [pci] return correct value when writing to reset attribute (Alex Williamson) [689860] - [pci] expose function reset capability in sysfs (Alex Williamson) [689860] [2.6.18-253.el5] - [media] sn9c102: fix world-wirtable sysfs files (Don Howard) [679305] - [scsi] scsi_dh_rdac: Add two new IBM devices to rdac_dev_list (Rob Evers) [691460] - [misc] support for marking code as tech preview (Don Zickus) [645431] - [misc] taint: Add taint padding (Don Zickus) [645431] - [scsi] lpfc: Update version for driver release (Rob Evers) [660396] - [scsi] lpfc: Update version for driver release (Rob Evers) [660396] - [scsi] lpfc: Fix rrq cleanup for vport delete (Rob Evers) [660396] - [scsi] lpfc: dont ignore lpfc_suppress_link_up on SLI-4 (Rob Evers) [660396] - [scsi] lpfc: LOGO completion must invalidate both RPI and D_ID (Rob Evers) [660396] - [scsi] lpfc: adds a comment (Rob Evers) [660396] - [scsi] lpfc: Do not take lock when clearing rrq active (Rob Evers) [660396] - [scsi] lpfc: Fix non-empty nodelist after sli3 driver remove (Rob Evers) [660396] - [scsi] lpfc: Save IRQ level when taking host_lock in findnode_did (Rob Evers) [660396] - [scsi] lpfc: Fixed hang in lpfc_get_scsi_buf_s4 (Rob Evers) [660396] - [scsi] lpfc: Fix xri lookup for received rrq (Rob Evers) [660396] - [scsi] lpfc: Fix setting of RRQ active for target aborted IOs (Rob Evers) [660396] - [scsi] lpfc: Modified lpfc_delay_discovery implementation (Rob Evers) [660396] - [scsi] lpfc: Fix bug with fc_vport symbolic_name not being generated (Rob Evers) [660396] - [scsi] lpfc: Update lpfc for driver release (Rob Evers) [660396] - [scsi] lpfc: Fixed fdisc sent with invalid VPI (Rob Evers) [660396] - [scsi] lpfc: warn if the link_speed is not supported by this adapter (Rob Evers) [660396] - [scsi] lpfc: Fixed UE error on UCNA BE2 hba during reboot (Rob Evers) [660396] - [scsi] lpfc: Update version for driver release (Rob Evers) [660396] - [scsi] lpfc: Added support for clean address bit (Rob Evers) [660396] - [scsi] lpfc: Fixed XRI reuse issue (Rob Evers) [660396] - [scsi] lpfc: Update version for driver release (Rob Evers) [660396] - [scsi] lpfc: Unreg login when PLOGI received from logged in port (Rob Evers) [660396] - [scsi] lpfc: Fixed crashes for NULL vport dereference (Rob Evers) [660396] - [scsi] lpfc: Update version for driver release (Rob Evers) [660396] - [scsi] lpfc: Fix for kmalloc failures in lpfc_workq_post_event (Rob Evers) [660396] - [scsi] lpfc: Adjust lengths for sli4_config mailbox commands (Rob Evers) [660396] - [scsi] lpfc: set parity and serr bits on after performing sli4 reset (Rob Evers) [660396] - [scsi] lpfc: VPI for ALL ELS commands and alloc RPIs at node creation (Rob Evers) [660396] - [scsi] lpfc: Correct bit-definitions in SLI4 data structures (Rob Evers) [660396] - [scsi] lpfc: Update version for driver release (Rob Evers) [660396] - [scsi] lpfc: new SLI4 initialization procedures based on if_type (Rob Evers) [660396] - [scsi] lpfc: Implement FC and SLI async event handlers (Rob Evers) [660396] - [scsi] lpfc: Fix management command context setting (Rob Evers) [660396] - [scsi] lpfc: Fix panic in __lpfc_sli_get_sglq (Rob Evers) [660396] - [scsi] lpfc: Update version for driver release (Rob Evers) [660396] - [scsi] lpfc: Fix compiler warning (Rob Evers) [660396] - [scsi] lpfc: Added support for ELS RRQ command (Rob Evers) [660396] - [scsi] lpfc: Init VFI and VPI for physical port (Rob Evers) [660396] - [scsi] lpfc: Update version for driver release (Rob Evers) [660396] - [scsi] lpfc: add READ_TOPOLOGY mailbox command and new speed definition (Rob Evers) [660396] - [scsi] lpfc: Modified return status of unsupport ELS commands (Rob Evers) [660396] - [scsi] lpfc: Implement doorbell register changes for new hardware (Rob Evers) [660396] - [scsi] lpfc: Implement new SLI 4 SLI_INTF register definitions (Rob Evers) [660396] - [scsi] lpfc: Add PCI ID definitions for new hardware support (Rob Evers) [660396] - [scsi] lpfc: Add new SLI4 WQE support (Rob Evers) [660396] - [net] myri10ge: update to 1.5.2 (Stanislaw Gruszka) [481629] - [pci] make pcie_get_readrq visible in pci.h (Stanislaw Gruszka) [481629] - [net] igb: AER fix recover from PCIe Uncorrectable Error (Stefan Assmann) [568211] - [net] igb: driver update for RHEL5.7 (Stefan Assmann) [653238] - [fs] quota: do not allow setting quota limits too high (Eric Sandeen) [594609] - [fs] block: fix submit_bh discarding barrier flag on sync write (Lukas Czerner) [667673] - [net] netfilter/ipt_CLUSTERIP: fix buffer overflow (Jiri Pirko) [689340] - [net] netfilter: ip6_tables: fix infoleak to userspace (Jiri Pirko) [689349] {CVE-2011-1172} - [net] netfilter/ip_tables: fix infoleak to userspace (Jiri Pirko) [689332] {CVE-2011-1171} - [net] netfilter/arp_tables: fix infoleak to userspace (Jiri Pirko) [689323] {CVE-2011-1170} - [sound] alsa: hda driver update for RHEL5.7 (Jaroslav Kysela) [688539] - [sound] alsa: add snd-aloop driver (Jaroslav Kysela) [647094] - [mmc] sdhci: Add support for O2Micro Card Reader (John Feeney) [659318] - [base] Fix potential deadlock in driver core (Don Zickus) [637930] - Revert: [crypto] add XTS blockcipher mode support (Jarod Wilson) [553411] [2.6.18-252.el5] - [scsi] add new Dell Powervault controllers to RDAC device list (Shyam Iyer) [688981] - [ata] ahci: AHCI mode for Intel Patsburg SATA RAID controller (David Milburn) [684361] - [md] dm-crypt: support more encryption modes (Milan Broz) [660368] - [crypto] add XTS blockcipher mode support (Danny Feng) [553411] - [virt] hypervisor: Overflow fix for clocks > 4GHz (Zachary Amsden) [673242] - [net] tg3: Restrict phy ioctl access (John Feeney) [660397] - [net] tg3: Update version to 3.116 (John Feeney) [660397] - [net] tg3: Minor EEE code tweaks (John Feeney) [660397] - [net] tg3: Relax EEE thresholds (John Feeney) [660397] - [net] tg3: Fix 57765 EEE support (John Feeney) [660397] - [net] tg3: Move EEE definitions into mdio.h (John Feeney) [660397] - [net] tg3: Enable phy APD for 5717 and later asic revs (John Feeney) [660397] - [net] tg3: use dma_alloc_coherent() instead of pci_alloc_consistent() (John Feeney) [660397] - [net] tg3: Reenable TSS for 5719 (John Feeney) [660397] - [net] tg3: Enable mult rd DMA engine on 5719 (John Feeney) [660397] - [net] tg3: Always turn on APE features in mac_mode reg (John Feeney) [660397] - [net] tg3: Dont check for vlan group before vlan_tx_tag_present (John Feeney) [660397] - [net] tg3: Update version to 3.115 (John Feeney) [660397] - [net] tg3: Report invalid link from tg3_get_settings() (John Feeney) [660397] - [net] tg3: Dont allocate jumbo ring for 5780 class devs (John Feeney) [660397] - [net] tg3: Cleanup tg3_alloc_rx_skb() (John Feeney) [660397] - [net] tg3: Add EEE support (John Feeney) [660397] - [net] tg3: Add clause 45 register accessor methods (John Feeney) [660397] - [net] tg3: Disable unused transmit rings (John Feeney) [660397] - [net] tg3: Add support for selfboot format 1 v6 (John Feeney) [660397] - [net] tg3: Update version to 3.114 (John Feeney) [660397] - [net] tg3: Add extend rx ring sizes for 5717 and 5719 (John Feeney) [660397] - [net] tg3: Prepare for larger rx ring sizes (John Feeney) [660397] - [net] tg3: Futureproof the loopback test (John Feeney) [660397] - [net] tg3: Cleanup missing VPD partno section (John Feeney) [660397] - [net] tg3: Remove 5724 device ID (John Feeney) [660397] - [net] tg3: return operator cleanup (John Feeney) [660397] - [net] tg3: phy tmp variable roundup (John Feeney) [660397] - [net] tg3: Dynamically allocate VPD data memory (John Feeney) [660397] - [net] tg3: Use skb_is_gso_v6() (John Feeney) [660397] - [net] tg3: Move producer ring struct to tg3_napi (John Feeney) [660397] - [net] tg3: Clarify semantics of TG3_IRQ_MAX_VECS (John Feeney) [660397] - [net] tg3: Disable TSS (John Feeney) [660397] - [net] tg3: Update version to 3.113 (John Feeney) [660397] - [net] tg3: Migrate tg3_flags to phy_flags (John Feeney) [660397] - [net] tg3: Create phy_flags and migrate phy_is_low_power (John Feeney) [660397] - [net] tg3: Add phy-related preprocessor constants (John Feeney) [660397] - [net] tg3: Add error reporting to tg3_phydsp_write() (John Feeney) [660397] - [net] tg3: Improve small packet performance (John Feeney) [660397] - [net] tg3: Remove 5720, 5750, and 5750M (John Feeney) [660397] - [net] tg3: Restrict ASPM workaround devlist (John Feeney) [660397] - [net] tg3: Manage gphy power for CPMU-less devs only (John Feeney) [660397] - [net] tg3: Disable TSS also during tg3_close() (John Feeney) [660397] - [net] tg3: Add 5784 ASIC rev to earlier PCIe MPS fix (John Feeney) [660397] - [net] tg3: Update version to 3.112 (John Feeney) [660397] - [net] tg3: Fix some checkpatch errors (John Feeney) [660397] - [net] tg3: Revert PCIe tx glitch fix (John Feeney) [660397] - [net] tg3: Report driver version to firmware (John Feeney) [660397] - [net] tg3: Relax 5717 serdes restriction (John Feeney) [660397] - [net] tg3: Fix single MSI-X vector coalescing (John Feeney) [660397] - [net] tg3: Update version to 3.111 (John Feeney) [660397] - [net] tg3: Allow 5717 serdes link via parallel detect (John Feeney) [660397] - [net] tg3: Allow single MSI-X vector allocations (John Feeney) [660397] - [net] tg3: Update version to 3.110 (John Feeney) [660397] - [net] tg3: Remove function errors flagged by checkpatch (John Feeney) [660397] - [net] tg3: Unify max pkt size preprocessor constants (John Feeney) [660397] - [net] tg3: Re-inline VLAN tags when appropriate (John Feeney) [660397] - [net] tg3: Optimize rx double copy test (John Feeney) [660397] - [net] tg3: Update version to 3.109 (John Feeney) [660397] - [net] tg3: Remove tg3_dump_state() (John Feeney) [660397] - [net] tg3: Cleanup if codestyle (John Feeney) [660397] - [net] tg3: The case of switches (John Feeney) [660397] - [net] tg3: Whitespace, constant, and comment updates (John Feeney) [660397] - [net] tg3: Use VPD fw version when present (John Feeney) [660397] - [net] tg3: Prepare FW version code for VPD versioning (John Feeney) [660397] - [net] tg3: Fix message 80 char violations (John Feeney) [660397] - [net] tg3: netdev_err() => dev_err() (John Feeney) [660397] - [net] tg3: Replace pr_err with sensible alternatives (John Feeney) [660397] - [net] tg3: change field used with TG3_FLAG_10_100_ONLY constant (John Feeney) [660397] - [net] tg3: Remove now useless VPD code (John Feeney) [660397] - [net] tg3: use helper to search for VPD keywords (John Feeney) [660397] - [net] tg3: use VPD information field helper functions (John Feeney) [660397] - [net] tg3: use helper to find VPD resource data type (John Feeney) [660397] - [net] tg3: Add large and small resource data type code (John Feeney) [660397] - [net] tg3: Add PCI LRDT tag size and section size (John Feeney) [660397] - [net] tg3: convert to use netdev_for_each_mc_addr, part6 (John Feeney) [660397] macro helpers (John Feeney) [660397] - [net] bna: Include embedded firmware for RHEL5 (Ivan Vecera) [475690] - [net] bna: use device model DMA API (Ivan Vecera) [475690] - [net] bna: Remove unnecessary memset 0 (Ivan Vecera) [475690] - [net] bna: Update the driver version to (Ivan Vecera) [475690] - [net] bna: IOC failure auto recovery fix (Ivan Vecera) [475690] - [net] bna: Restore VLAN filter table (Ivan Vecera) [475690] - [net] bna: Removed unused code (Ivan Vecera) [475690] - [net] bna: IOC uninit check and misc cleanup (Ivan Vecera) [475690] - [net] bna: Fix for TX queue (Ivan Vecera) [475690] - [net] bna: Enable pure priority tagged packet reception and rxf uninit cleanup fix (Ivan Vecera) [475690] - [net] bna: Fix ethtool register dump and reordered an API (Ivan Vecera) [475690] - [net] bna: Port enable disable sync and txq priority fix (Ivan Vecera) [475690] - [net] bna: TxRx and datapath fix (Ivan Vecera) [475690] - [net] bna: scope and dead code cleanup (Ivan Vecera) [475690] - [net] bna: fix interrupt handling (Ivan Vecera) [475690] - [net] bna: off by one (Ivan Vecera) [475690] - [net] bna: Check for NULL before deref in bnad_cb_tx_cleanup (Ivan Vecera) [475690] - [net] bna: fix lock imbalance (Ivan Vecera) [475690] - [net] bna: fix stats handling (Ivan Vecera) [475690] - [net] bna: Fixed build break for allyesconfig (Ivan Vecera) [475690] - [net] bna: Brocade 10Gb Ethernet device driver (Ivan Vecera) [475690] - [s390] tape: deadlock on global work queue (Hendrik Brueckner) [681329] - [s390] qeth: remove needless IPA-commands in offline (Hendrik Brueckner) [679120] - [s390] qeth: allow channel path changes in recovery (Hendrik Brueckner) [678073] - [s390] qeth: wrong MAC-address displayed in error message (Hendrik Brueckner) [675747] - [s390] dasd: Improve handling of stolen DASD reservation (Hendrik Brueckner) [651141] - [s390] dasd: provide a Sense Path Group ID ioctl (Hendrik Brueckner) [651135] - [s390] qeth: tolerate OLM-limitation (Hendrik Brueckner) [651161] - [s390] sclp_vt220: console message may cause deadlock (Hendrik Brueckner) [675751] - [s390] uaccess: missing sacf in uaccess error handling (Hendrik Brueckner) [670234] - [x86_64] nmi_watchdog: modify default to perf counter 1 (Don Zickus) [633196 659816] - [net] qlcnic: Remove validation for max tx and max rx queues (Chad Dupuis) [660390] - [net] qlcnic: fix checks for auto_fw_reset (Chad Dupuis) [660390] - [net] qlcnic: change module parameter permissions (Chad Dupuis) [660390] - [net] qlcnic: fix ethtool diagnostics test (Chad Dupuis) [660390] - [net] qlcnic: fix flash fw version read (Chad Dupuis) [660390] - [net] qlcnic: Use static const (Chad Dupuis) [660390] - [net] qlcnic: reset pci function unconditionally during probe (Chad Dupuis) [660390] - [net] qlcnic: fix ocm window register offset calculation (Chad Dupuis) [660390] - [net] qlcnic: fix LED test when interface is down. (Chad Dupuis) [660390] - [net] qlcnic: Updated driver version to 5.0.13 (Chad Dupuis) [660390] - [net] qlcnic: LICENSE file for qlcnic (Chad Dupuis) [660390] - [net] qlcnic: validate eswitch config values for PF (Chad Dupuis) [660390] - [net] qlcnic: Disable loopback support (Chad Dupuis) [660390] - [net] qlcnic: Bumped up driver version to 5.0.12 (Chad Dupuis) [660390] - [net] qlcnic: lro module parameter (Chad Dupuis) [660390] - [net] qlcnic: Fix driver hang while using qcc application (Chad Dupuis) [660390] - [net] qlcnic: lro off message log from set rx checsum (Chad Dupuis) [660390] - [net] qlcnic: Add description for CN1000Q adapter (Chad Dupuis) [660390] - [net] qlcnic: Allow minimum bandwidth of zero (Chad Dupuis) [660390] - [net] qlcnic: fix panic on load (Chad Dupuis) [660390] - [net] qlcnic: define valid vlan id range (Chad Dupuis) [660390] - [net] qlcnic: reduce rx ring size (Chad Dupuis) [660390] - [net] qlcnic: fix mac learning (Chad Dupuis) [660390] - [net] qlcnic: update ethtool stats (Chad Dupuis) [660390] - [net] qlcnic: update driver version 5.0.11 (Chad Dupuis) [660390] - [net] qlcnic: change all P3 references to P3P (Chad Dupuis) [660390] - [net] qlcnic: fix promiscous mode for VF (Chad Dupuis) [660390] - [net] qlcnic: fix board description (Chad Dupuis) [660390] - [net] qlcnic: remove private LRO flag (Chad Dupuis) [660390] - [net] qlcnic: support quiescent mode (Chad Dupuis) [660390] - [net] qlcnic: remove dead code (Chad Dupuis) [660390] - [net] qlcnic: set mtu lower limit (Chad Dupuis) [660390] - [net] qlcnic: cleanup port mode setting (Chad Dupuis) [660390] - [net] qlcnic: sparse warning fixes (Chad Dupuis) [660390] - [net] qlcnic: fix vlan TSO on big endian machine (Chad Dupuis) [660390] - [net] qlcnic: fix endianess for lro (Chad Dupuis) [660390] - [net] qlcnic: fix diag register (Chad Dupuis) [660390] - [net] qlcnic: fix eswitch stats (Chad Dupuis) [660390] - [net] qlcnic: fix internal loopback test (Chad Dupuis) [660390] - [net] qlcnic: return operator cleanup (Chad Dupuis) [660390] - [net] qlcnic: dont set skb->truesize (Chad Dupuis) [660390] - [net] qlcnic: dont assume NET_IP_ALIGN is 2 (Chad Dupuis) [660390] - [net] qlcnic: update version 5.0.10 (Chad Dupuis) [660390] - [net] qlcnic: remove fw version check (Chad Dupuis) [660390] - [net] qlcnic: vlan lro support (Chad Dupuis) [660390] - [net] qlcnic: vlan gro support (Chad Dupuis) [660390] - [net] qlcnic: support vlan rx accleration (Chad Dupuis) [660390] - [net] qlcnic: add cksum flag (Chad Dupuis) [660390] - [net] qlcnic: mac vlan learning support (Chad Dupuis) [660390] - [net] qlcnic: support mac learning (Chad Dupuis) [660390] - [net] qlcnic: fix mac override capability (Chad Dupuis) [660390] - [net] qlcnic: fix panic while using eth_hdr (Chad Dupuis) [660390] - [net] qlcnic: fix mac anti spoof policy (Chad Dupuis) [660390] - [net] qlcnic: fix for setting default eswitch config (Chad Dupuis) [660390] - [net] qlcnic: fix mac addr read (Chad Dupuis) [660390] - [net] qlcnic: add api version in reg dump (Chad Dupuis) [660390] - [net] qlcnic: backout firmware initialization update (Chad Dupuis) [660390] - [net] qlnic: fix a race in qlcnic_get_stats (Chad Dupuis) [660390] - [net] qlcnic: PCI ID addition (Chad Dupuis) [660390] - [net] qlcnic: Fix driver load issue in FW hang (Chad Dupuis) [660390] - [net] qlcnic: change reg name (Chad Dupuis) [660390] - [net] qlcnic: fix fw recovery for PF (Chad Dupuis) [660390] - [net] qlcnic: support port vlan id (Chad Dupuis) [660390] - [net] qlcnic: eswitch config fixes (Chad Dupuis) [660390] - [net] qlcnic: update version 5.0.8 (Chad Dupuis) [660390] - [net] qlcnic: rom lock recovery (Chad Dupuis) [660390] - [net] qlcnic: firmware initialization update (Chad Dupuis) [660390] - [net] qlcnic: fix endiness in eswitch statistics (Chad Dupuis) [660390] - [net] qlcnic: mark device state as failed (Chad Dupuis) [660390] - [net] qlcnic: fix npar state (Chad Dupuis) [660390] - [net] qlcnic: support anti mac spoofing (Chad Dupuis) [660390] - [net] qlcnic: configure offload setting on eswitch (Chad Dupuis) [660390] - [net] qlcnic: configure port on eswitch (Chad Dupuis) [660390] - [net] qlcnic: replace magic numbers with defines (Chad Dupuis) [660390] - [net] qlcnic: remove unused code (Chad Dupuis) [660390] - [net] qlcnic: fix inconsistent lock state (Chad Dupuis) [660390] - [net] qlcnic: Use available error codes (Chad Dupuis) [660390] - [net] qlcnic: turn off lro when rxcsum is disabled (Chad Dupuis) [660390] - [net] qlcnic: fix link diag test (Chad Dupuis) [660390] - [net] qlcnic: fix link status message (Chad Dupuis) [660390] - [net] qlcnic: add eswitch statistics support (Chad Dupuis) [660390] - [net] qlcnic: fix for setting function modes (Chad Dupuis) [660390] - [net] qlcnic: device state management fixes for virtual func (Chad Dupuis) [660390] - [net] qlcnic: fix aer for virtual func (Chad Dupuis) [660390] - [net] qlcnic: using too much stack (Chad Dupuis) [660390] - [net] qlcnic: clean up qlcnic_init_pci_info (Chad Dupuis) [660390] - [net] qlcnic: fix copyright for pci searching function (Chad Dupuis) [660390] - [net] netxen: support for GbE port settings (Chad Dupuis) [660437] - [net] netxen: Notify firmware of Flex-10 interface down (Chad Dupuis) [660437] - [net] netxen: update driver version 4.0.75 (Chad Dupuis) [660437] - [net] netxen: enable LRO based on NETIF_F_LRO (Chad Dupuis) [660437] - [net] netxen: update module description (Chad Dupuis) [660437] - [net] netxen: Use static const (Chad Dupuis) [660437] - [net] netxen: remove unused firmware exports (Chad Dupuis) [660437] - [net] netxen: Fix tx queue manipulation bug in netxen_nic_probe (Chad Dupuis) [660437] - [net] netxen: make local function static (Chad Dupuis) [660437] - [net] netxen: mask correctable error (Chad Dupuis) [660437] - [net] netxen: fix race in tx stop queue (Chad Dupuis) [660437] - [net] netxen: return operator cleanup (Chad Dupuis) [660437] - [net] netxen: dont set skb->truesize (Chad Dupuis) [660437] [2.6.18-251.el5] - [net] benet: Bump up the version number (Ivan Vecera) [660389] - [net] benet: Copyright notice change. Update to Emulex instead of ServerEngines (Ivan Vecera) [660389] - [net] benet: Fix UDP packet detected status in RX compl (Ivan Vecera) [660389] - [net] benet: changes for BE3 native mode support (Ivan Vecera) [660389] - [net] benet: Add multicast filter capability for Lancer (Ivan Vecera) [660389] - [net] benet: Disarm CQ and EQ to disable interrupt in Lancer (Ivan Vecera) [660389] - [net] benet: Remove TX Queue stop in close (Ivan Vecera) [660389] - [net] benet: Change f/w command versions for Lancer (Ivan Vecera) [660389] - [net] benet: Add error recovery during load for Lancer (Ivan Vecera) [660389] - [net] benet: Checksum field valid only for TCP/UDP (Ivan Vecera) [660389] - [net] benet: Remove ERR compl workaround for Lancer (Ivan Vecera) [660389] - [net] benet: use GFP_KERNEL allocations when possible (Ivan Vecera) [660389] - [net] benet: use hba_port_num instead of port_num (Ivan Vecera) [660389] - [net] benet: add code to display temperature of ASIC (Ivan Vecera) [660389] - [net] benet: fix to ignore transparent vlan ids wrongly indicated by NIC (Ivan Vecera) [660389] - [net] benet: variable name change (Ivan Vecera) [660389] - [net] benet: fixes in ethtool selftest (Ivan Vecera) [660389] - [net] benet: add new counters to display via ethtool stats (Ivan Vecera) [660389] - [net] benet: restrict WOL to PFs only. (Ivan Vecera) [660389] - [net] benet: detect a UE even when a interface is down. (Ivan Vecera) [660389] - [net] benet: gracefully handle situations when UE is detected (Ivan Vecera) [660389] - [net] benet: fix be_suspend/resume/shutdown (Ivan Vecera) [660389] - [net] benet: pass proper hdr_size while flashing redboot. (Ivan Vecera) [660389] - [net] benet: Fix broken priority setting when vlan tagging is enabled. (Ivan Vecera) [660389] - [net] benet: Allow VFs to call be_cmd_reset_function. (Ivan Vecera) [660389] - [net] benet: pass domain numbers for pmac_add/del functions (Ivan Vecera) [660389] - [net] benet: For the VF MAC, use the OUI from current MAC address (Ivan Vecera) [660389] - [net] benet: Cleanup the VF interface handles (Ivan Vecera) [660389] - [net] benet: call be_vf_eth_addr_config() after register_netdev (Ivan Vecera) [660389] - [net] benet: Initialize and cleanup sriov resources only if pci_enable_sriov has succeeded. (Ivan Vecera) [660389] - [net] benet: Use domain id when be_cmd_if_destroy is called. (Ivan Vecera) [660389] - [net] benet: Avoid null deref in be_cmd_get_seeprom_data (Ivan Vecera) [660389] - [net] benet: use device model DMA API (Ivan Vecera) [660389] - [net] benet: remove netif_stop_queue being called before register_netdev. (Ivan Vecera) [660389] - [net] benet: fix a crash seen during insmod/rmmod test (Ivan Vecera) [660389] - [net] benet: Use static const (Ivan Vecera) [660389] - [net] benet: use mutex instead of spin lock for mbox_lock (Ivan Vecera) [660389] - [net] benet: Handle out of buffer completions for lancer (Ivan Vecera) [660389] - [net] benet: FW init cmd fix for lancer (Ivan Vecera) [660389] - [net] benet: Fix be_dev_family_check() return value check (Ivan Vecera) [660389] - [net] benet: Fix too optimistic NETIF_F_HW_CSUM features (Ivan Vecera) [660389] - [net] benet: adding support for Lancer family of CNAs (Ivan Vecera) [660389] - [net] benet: remove dead code (Ivan Vecera) [660389] - [net] benet: Changes to use only priority codes allowed by f/w (Ivan Vecera) [660389] - [net] benet: add multiple RX queue support (Ivan Vecera) [660389] - [net] benet: fix tx completion polling (Ivan Vecera) [660389] - [net] benet: use Rx and Tx queues like upstream (Ivan Vecera) [660389] - [net] benet: return operator cleanup (Ivan Vecera) [660389] - [net] benet: fix a bug in UE detection logic (Ivan Vecera) [660389] - [net] benet: fix net-snmp error because of wrong packet stats (Ivan Vecera) [660389] - [net] benet: stats for packets received due to internal switching in ASIC. (Ivan Vecera) [660389] - [net] benet: fix to avoid sending get_stats request if one is already being processed. (Ivan Vecera) [660389] - [net] benet: change to show correct physical link status (Ivan Vecera) [660389] - [net] benet: add code to dump registers for debug (Ivan Vecera) [660389] - [net] benet: bump the driver version number (Ivan Vecera) [660389] - [net] benet: variable name changes (Ivan Vecera) [660389] - [net] benet: supress printing error when mac query fails for VF (Ivan Vecera) [660389] - [net] benet: Patch to determine if function is VF while running in guest OS. (Ivan Vecera) [660389] - [net] benet: enable ipv6 tso support (Ivan Vecera) [660389] - [net] benet: fix typos concerning management (Ivan Vecera) [660389] - [net] benet: Remove unnecessary returns from void functions (Ivan Vecera) [660389] - [net] benet: use skb_headlen() (Ivan Vecera) [660389] - [net] benet: clarify promiscuous cmd with a comment (Ivan Vecera) [660389] - [net] benet: Fix compile warnnings in drivers/net/benet/be_ethtool.c (Ivan Vecera) [660389] - [net] ixgbe: update to upstream version 3.2.9-k2 (Andy Gospodarek) [568312 568557 570366 571254 651467 653236 653359 653469 655022] - [misc] vlan: Add function to get EtherType from vlan packets (Andy Gospodarek) [568312 568557 570366 571254 651467 653236 653359 653469 655022] - [net] support for NETIF_F_HIGHDMA on vlan interfaces (Andy Gospodarek) [568312 568557 570366 571254 651467 653236 653359 653469 655022] - [scsi] bnx2i: Updated to version (Mike Christie) [660406] - [scsi] bnx2i: Updated version to (Mike Christie) [660406] - [scsi] bnx2i: Added iSCSI text pdu support for iSCSI offload (Mike Christie) [660406] - [scsi] bnx2i: Added jumbo MTU support for the no shost case (Mike Christie) [660406] - [scsi] bnx2i: Added support for the 57712(E) devices (Mike Christie) [660406] - [scsi] bnx2i: Added handling for unsupported iSCSI offload hba (Mike Christie) [660406] - [scsi] bnx2i: Fixed the 32-bit swapping of the LUN field for nopouts for 5771X (Mike Christie) [660406] - [scsi] bnx2i: Allow ep CONNECT_FAILED condition to go through proper cleanup (Mike Christie) [660406] - [scsi] bnx2i: Added reconnect fix connecting against Lefthand targets (Mike Christie) [660406] - [scsi] bnx2i: Cleaned up various error conditions in ep_connect/disconnect (Mike Christie) [660406] - [scsi] bnx2i: Added return code check for chip kwqe submission request (Mike Christie) [660406] - [scsi] bnx2i: Modified the bnx2i stop path to compensate for in progress ops (Mike Christie) [660406] - [scsi] bnx2i: Removed the dynamic registration of CNIC (Mike Christie) [660406] - [scsi] bnx2i: Added mutex lock protection to conn_get_param (Mike Christie) [660406] - [net] cnic: Fix lost interrupt on bnx2x (Mike Christie) [660430] - [net] cnic: Prevent status block race conditions with hardware (Mike Christie) [660430] - [net] bnx2x, cnic: Consolidate iSCSI/FCoE shared mem logic in bnx2x (Mike Christie) [660430] - [net] cnic: Fix the type field in SPQ messages (Mike Christie) [660430] - [net] cnic: Do not call bnx2i when bnx2i is calling cnic_unregister_driver() (Mike Christie) [660430] - [net] cnic: Do not allow iSCSI and FCoE on bnx2x multi-function mode (Mike Christie) [660430] - [net] cnic: fix mem leak on alloc fail in cnic_alloc_uio_rings (Mike Christie) [660430] - [net] cnic: Add FCoE support on 57712 (Mike Christie) [660430] - [net] cnic: Add kcq2 support on 57712 (Mike Christie) [660430] - [net] cnic: Call cm_connect_complete() immediately on error (Mike Christie) [660430] - [net] cnic: Check device state before reading the kcq pointer in IRQ (Mike Christie) [660430] - [net] cnic: Support NIC Partition mode (Mike Christie) [660430] - [net] cnic: Use proper client and connection IDs on iSCSI ring (Mike Christie) [660430] - [net] cnic: Improve ->iscsi_nl_msg_send() (Mike Christie) [660430] - [net] cnic: Prevent 'scheduling while atomic' when calling ->cnic_init() (Mike Christie) [660430] - [net] cnic: Fix iSCSI TCP port endian order. (Mike Christie) [660430] - [net] cnic: Remove unnecessary semicolons (Mike Christie) [660430] - [net] cnic: Add support for 57712 device (Mike Christie) [660430] - [net] cnic: Decouple uio close from cnic shutdown (Mike Christie) [660430] - [net] cnic: Add cnic_uio_dev struct (Mike Christie) [660430] - [net] cnic: Add cnic_free_uio() (Mike Christie) [660430] - [net] cnic: Defer iscsi connection cleanup (Mike Christie) [660430] - [net] cnic: Add cnic_bnx2x_destroy_ramrod() (Mike Christie) [660430] - [net] cnic: Convert ctx_flags to bit fields (Mike Christie) [660430] - [net] cnic: Add common cnic_request_irq() (Mike Christie) [660430] - [net] bnx2x, cnic: Fix SPQ return credit (Mike Christie) [660430] - [char] Enable and extend Legacy PTY support for 4096 device pairs (Mauro Carvalho Chehab) [582776] - [fs] ioctl: make fiemap map at least a blocksize amount (Josef Bacik) [663041] - [net] forcedeth/r8169: call netif_carrier_off at end of probe (Ivan Vecera) [664705 664707] - [net] ixgbevf: update to upstream version 2.0.0-k2 (Andy Gospodarek) [653237] - [net] e1000e: update to upstream version 1.3.10 (Andy Gospodarek) [653242 653548] - [x86] amd: Extend support to future families (Frank Arnold) [682835] - [x86] smpboot: Use compute unit info to determine thread siblings (Frank Arnold) [682835] - [x86] amd: Extract compute unit information for AMD CPUs (Frank Arnold) [682835] - [x86] amd: Add support for CPUID topology extension of AMD CPUs (Frank Arnold) [682835] - [x86] cpufeature: Update AMD CPUID feature bits (Frank Arnold) [682835] - [x86_64] Support NMI watchdog on newer AMD CPU families (Frank Arnold) [682835] - [net] ixgbe: fix for 82599 erratum on Header Splitting (Andy Gospodarek) [680531] - [net] ixgbe: limit VF access to network traffic (Andy Gospodarek) [680531] - [net] igbvf driver update for RHEL5.7 (Stefan Assmann) [653241] - [fs] ext3: Always set dx_nodes fake_dirent explicitly (Eric Sandeen) [662838] - [virt] xen/netback: signal front-end close event via udev (Paolo Bonzini) [661985] - [net] bnx2x: fix swap of rx-ticks and tx-ticks parameters in interrupt coalescing flow (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: fix MaxBW configuration (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: (NPAR) prevent HW access in D3 state (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: fix link notification (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: fix non-pmf device load flow (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: update driver version to 1.62.00-6 (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: properly calculate lro_mss (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: perform statistics 'action' before state transition. (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: properly configure coefficients for MinBW algorithm (NPAR mode). (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: Fix ethtool -t link test for MF (non-pmf) devices. (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: Fix nvram test for single port devices. (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: (NPAR mode) Fix FW initialization (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: Add a missing bit for PXP parity register of 57712. (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: Duplication in promisc mode (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: multicasts in NPAR mode (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: Update bnx2x version to 1.62.00-5 (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: Fix potential link loss in multi-function mode (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: Fix port swap for BCM8073 (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: Fix LED blink rate on BCM84823 (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: Remove setting XAUI low-power for BCM8073 (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: Update bnx2x version to 1.62.00-4 (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: Fix AER setting for BCM57712 (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: Fix BCM84823 LED behavior (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: Mark full duplex on some external PHYs (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: Fix BCM8073/BCM8727 microcode loading (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: LED fix for BCM8727 over BCM57712 (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: Common init will be executed only once after POR (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: Swap BCM8073 PHY polarity if required (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: fix typos (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: Fix the race on bp->stats_pending. (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: Move to D0 before clearing MSI/MSI-X configuration. (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: registers dump fixes (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: Dont prevent RSS configuration in INT#x and MSI interrupt modes. (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: adding dcbnl support (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: Use static const (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: remove bogus check (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: update version to 1.62.00-2 (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: update firmware to (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: bnx2x_request_firmware update for (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: replace FW to 6.2.5 (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: Add DCB/PFC support - link layer (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: add DCB support (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: Disable FCoE ring, NETDEV_HW_ADDR_T_SAN for RHEL5.7. (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: add FCoE ring (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: Update version number and a date. (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: Fixed a compilation warning (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: Use dma_alloc_coherent() semantics for ILT memory allocation (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: LSO code was broken on BE platforms (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: Add Nic partitioning mode (57712 devices) (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: Use helpers instead of direct access to the shinfo(skb) fields (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: Do interrupt mode initialization and NAPIs adding before register_netdev() (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: Disable local BHes to prevent a dead-lock situation (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: fix error value sign (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: Remove unnecessary semicolons (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: Update version number (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: Reset 8073 phy during common init (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: Do not enable CL37 BAM unless it is explicitly enabled (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: Fix resetting BCM8726 PHY during common init (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: Clear latch indication on link reset (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: Fix port selection in case of E2 (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: Fix waiting for reset complete on BCM848x3 PHYs (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: Restore appropriate delay during BMAC reset (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: make local function static and remove dead code (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: remove BCM_VLAN (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: Dont check for vlan group before vlan_tx_tag_present. (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: update version to 1.60.00-3 (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: prevent false parity error in MSI-X memory of HC block (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: fix possible deadlock in HC hw block (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: update version to 1.60.00-2 (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: remove unnecessary FUNC_FLG_RSS flag and related (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: Use correct FW constant for header padding (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: do not deal with power if no capability (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: remove redundant commands during error handling (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: Optimized the branching in the bnx2x_rx_int() (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: Fixing a typo: added a missing RSS enablement (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: update version to 1.60.00-1 (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: properly initialize FW stats (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: code beautify (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: Fix SPQ return credit (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: move msix table initialization to probe() (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: use L1_CACHE_BYTES instead of magic number (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: remove unused fields in main driver structure (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: remove unused parameter in reuse_rx_skb() (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: Add 57712 support (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: change type of spq_left to atomic (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: Protect statistics ramrod and sequence number (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: rename MF related fields (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: firmware naming from upstream (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: whitespaces like in upstream, remove some #if0 lines (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: use netdev_for_each_mc_addr (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [misc] netdevice.h: add netdev_mc_count (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: use trivial wrappers around get_sset_count (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: remove a few pointless differences from upstream (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: bnx2x_alloc_napi cleanup, caller more similar to upstream (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: remove bnx2x_init_values.h (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x, cnic, bnx2i: use new FW/HSI (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: Moved enabling of MSI to the bnx2x_set_num_queues() (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: Use netif_set_real_num{rx, tx}queues() (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: return operator cleanup (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: Spread rx buffers between allocated queues (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: use ARRAY_SIZE macro in bnx2x_main.c (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: Update bnx2x version to 1.52.53-6 (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: Change LED scheme for dual-media (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: Add dual-media changes (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: Organize PHY functions (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: Apply logic changes for the new scheme (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: Move common function into aggregated function (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: Adjust flow-control with the new scheme (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: Adjust alignment of split PHY functions (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: Split PHY functions (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: Unify PHY attributes (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: avoid skb->ip_summed initialization (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] skbuff: add skb_checksum_none_assert (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: Update version to 1.52.53-5 (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: Add BCM84823 to the supported PHYs (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: Change BCM848xx LED configuration (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: Remove unneeded setting of XAUI low power to BCM8727 (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: Change BCM848xx configuration according to IEEE (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: Reset link before any new link settings (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: Fix potential link issue In BCM8727 based boards (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] bnx2x: Fix potential link issue of BCM8073/BCM8727 (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - Revert: [net] bnx2x: force interrupt mode for iscsi unset mac (Michal Schmidt) [629609 651546 653357 656360] - [net] ipv4: make accept_local writeable for loopback (Neil Horman) [672570] - [net] bnx2: Update to latest upstream for RHEL5.7 (Neil Horman) [651438 660375] - [pci] backport common vpd support functions (Neil Horman) [683978] - [net] e1000: fix sparse warning (Dean Nelson) [571889 653248 653546] - [net] e1000: add support for Marvell Alaska M88E1118R PHY (Dean Nelson) [571889 653248 653546] - [net] e1000: Add support for the CE4100 reference platform (Dean Nelson) [571889 653248 653546] - [net] e1000: fix return value not set on error (Dean Nelson) [571889 653248 653546] - [net] e1000: fix Tx hangs by disabling 64-bit DMA (Dean Nelson) [571889 653248 653546] - [net] e1000: allow option to limit number of descriptors down to 48 per ring (Dean Nelson) [571889 653248 653546] - [net] e1000: Use new function for copybreak tests (Dean Nelson) [571889 653248 653546] - [net] e1000: do not modify tx_queue_len on link speed change (Dean Nelson) [571889 653248 653546] - [net] e1000: Fix DMA mapping error handling on RX (Dean Nelson) [571889 653248 653546] - [net] e1000: call pci_save_state after pci_restore_state (Dean Nelson) [571889 653248 653546] - [net] e1000: dont use small hardware rx buffers (Dean Nelson) [571889 653248 653546] - [fs] gfs2: directly write blocks past i_size (Benjamin Marzinski) [684371] - [fs] gfs2: fix block allocation check for fallocate (Benjamin Marzinski) [684024] - [redhat] spec: trim srpm size and vastly improve prep time (Jarod Wilson) [687950] [2.6.18-250.el5] - [block] cciss: use short tags where supported (Tomas Henzl) [656343] - [block] cciss: Fix memory leak in cciss_sysfs_stat_inquiry (Tomas Henzl) [656343] - [block] cciss: do not reorder commands in internal queue (Tomas Henzl) [656343] - [block] cciss: add another controller 0x103C3356 (Tomas Henzl) [656343] - [block] cciss: fix panic in cciss_revalidate (Tomas Henzl) [656343] - [block] cciss: Do not remove /proc entry if we never created it (Tomas Henzl) [656343] - [block] cciss: do not leak stack to userland (Tomas Henzl) [656343] - [block] cciss: catch kmalloc failure of h->scatter_list (Tomas Henzl) [656343] - [block] cciss: fix missed command status value CMD_UNABORTABLE (Tomas Henzl) [656343] - [block] cciss: remove ifdefed out interrupt_not_for_us (Tomas Henzl) [656343] - [block] cciss: change printks to dev_warn (Tomas Henzl) [656343] - [block] cciss: use consistent variable names (Tomas Henzl) [656343] - [block] cciss: mark performant mode function as __devinit (Tomas Henzl) [656343] - [block] cciss: cleanup some debug ifdefs (Tomas Henzl) [656343] - [block] cciss: fix leak of ioremapped memory in init error path (Tomas Henzl) [656343] - [block] cciss: Fix panic in multipath configurations (Tomas Henzl) [656343] - [message] mptfusion: version update to 3.04.18rh (Tomas Henzl) [662160] - [message] mptfusion: Incorrect return value in mptscsih_dev_reset (Tomas Henzl) [662160] - [message] mptfusion: remove bus reset (Tomas Henzl) [662160] - [message] mptfusion: 3gbps - 6gbps (Tomas Henzl) [662160] - [message] mptfusion: sysfs sas addr handle (Tomas Henzl) [662160] - [message] mptfusion: Fix 32 bit platforms with 64 bit resources (Tomas Henzl) [662160] - [message] mptfusion: use module_param correctly (Tomas Henzl) [662160] - [message] mptfusion: Adjust confusing if indentation (Tomas Henzl) [662160] - [message] mptfusion: print Doorbell reg on hard reset and timeout (Tomas Henzl) [662160] - [message] mptfusion: Cleanup some duplicate calls in mptbase.c (Tomas Henzl) [662160] - [message] mptfusion: Extra DMD error handling debug prints (Tomas Henzl) [662160] - [message] mptfusion: block errors if deleting devices or DMD (Tomas Henzl) [662160] - [message] mptfusion: add ioc_reset_in_progress reset in SoftReset (Tomas Henzl) [662160] - [message] mptfusion: handle SATA hotplug failure (Tomas Henzl) [662160] - [message] mptfusion: schedule_target_reset from all Reset context (Tomas Henzl) [662160] - [message] mptfusion: sanity check for device before adding to OS (Tomas Henzl) [662160] - [message] mptfusion: fix declaration of device_missing_delay (Tomas Henzl) [662160] - [message] mptfusion: DID_TRANSPORT_DISRUPTED, not DID_BUS_BUSY (Tomas Henzl) [662160] - [message] mptfusion: Set fw_events_off to 1 at driver load time (Tomas Henzl) [662160] - [scsi] mpt2sas: version change to (Tomas Henzl) [662153] - [scsi] mpt2sas: Call _scsih_ir_shutdown before reporting to OS (Tomas Henzl) [662153] - [scsi] mpt2sas: Basic Code Cleanup in mpt2sas_base (Tomas Henzl) [662153] - [scsi] mpt2sas: fix access to freed memory from port enable (Tomas Henzl) [662153] - [scsi] mpt2sas: Fix race between broadcast asyn event (Tomas Henzl) [662153] - [scsi] mpt2sas: support for Customer specific branding messages (Tomas Henzl) [662153] - [scsi] mpt2sas: Revision P MPI Header Update (Tomas Henzl) [662153] - [scsi] mpt2sas: Correct resizing calculation for max_queue_depth (Tomas Henzl) [662153] - [scsi] mpt2sas: device reset event not supported on old firmware (Tomas Henzl) [662153] - [scsi] mpt2sas: fix device removal handshake with vacant bit set (Tomas Henzl) [662153] - [scsi] mpt2sas: Debug string changes from target to device (Tomas Henzl) [662153] - [scsi] mpt2sas: Remove code for TASK_SET_FULL from driver (Tomas Henzl) [662153] - [scsi] mpt2sas: MPI2.0 Header updated (Tomas Henzl) [662153] - [scsi] mpt2sas: Modify code to support Expander switch (Tomas Henzl) [662153] - [scsi] mpt2sas: create pool of chain buffers for IO (Tomas Henzl) [662153] - [scsi] mpt2sas: add loadtime params for IOMissingDelay and params (Tomas Henzl) [662153] - [scsi] mpt2sas: add sanity check for cb_idx and smid access (Tomas Henzl) [662153] - [scsi] mpt2sas: remov compiler warnnings when logging is disabled (Tomas Henzl) [662153] - [scsi] mpt2sas: Copy message frame before releasing (Tomas Henzl) [662153] - [scsi] mpt2sas: Copy sense buffer to work on it (Tomas Henzl) [662153] - [scsi] mpt2sas: Add message to error escalation callback (Tomas Henzl) [662153] - [scsi] mpt2sas: Add check for responding volumes after Host Reset (Tomas Henzl) [662153] - [scsi] mpt2sas: add ENOMEM return type when allocation fails (Tomas Henzl) [662153] - [scsi] mpt2sas: device event handling using pd_handles per HBA (Tomas Henzl) [662153] - [scsi] mpt2sas: Tie a log info message to a specific PHY (Tomas Henzl) [662153] - [scsi] mpt2sas: print level KERN_DEBUG is replaced by KERN_INFO (Tomas Henzl) [662153] - [scsi] mpt2sas: add sysfs support for tracebuffer (Tomas Henzl) [662153] - [scsi] mpt2sas: MPI header version N is updated (Tomas Henzl) [662153] - [scsi] mpt2sas: add sysfs counter for ioc reset (Tomas Henzl) [662153] - [scsi] mpt2sas: add expander phy control support (Tomas Henzl) [662153] - [scsi] mpt2sas: add expander phy counter support (Tomas Henzl) [662153] - [scsi] mpt2sas: add disable_discovery module parameter (Tomas Henzl) [662153] - [scsi] mpt2sas: dont reset when another reset is in progress (Tomas Henzl) [662153] - [net] ip_conntrack_ftp: fix tracking of sequence numbers (Thomas Graf) [642388] - [fs] gfs2: add missing unlock_page in gfs2_write_begin (Steven Whitehouse) [684795] - [powerpc] numa: improved kABI breakage fix in paca struct (Steve Best) [651167] - [fs] gfs2: Make delayed workqueues submit immediately if delay 0 (Robert S Peterson) [650494] - [fs] gfs2: improve performance with bouncing locks in a cluster (Robert S Peterson) [650494] - [net] s2io: rx_ring_sz bounds checking (Michal Schmidt) [491786] - [net] s2io: resolve statistics issues (Michal Schmidt) [598650] - [scsi] iscsi: use kmap instead of kmap_atomic (Mike Christie) [672115] - [block] reduce stack footprint of blk_recount_segments() (Jeff Moyer) [638988] - [block] fix nr_phys_segments miscalculation bug (Jeff Moyer) [638988] - [block] raid fixups for removal of bi_hw_segments (Jeff Moyer) [638988] - [block] drop vmerge accounting (Jeff Moyer) [638988] - [block] drop virtual merging accounting (Jeff Moyer) [638988] - [block] Introduce rq_for_each_segment replacing rq_for_each_bio (Jeff Moyer) [638988] - [block] Merge blk_recount_segments into blk_recalc_rq_segments (Jeff Moyer) [638988] - [fs] Fix over-zealous flush_disk changing device size (Jeff Moyer) [678359] - [fs] lockd: make lockd_down wait for lockd to come down (Jeff Layton) [653286] - [net] sunrpc: Dont disconnect if connection in progress (Jeff Layton) [680329] - [fs] fix block based fiemap (Josef Bacik) [675986] - [fs] proc: protect mm start/end_code in /proc/pid/stat (Eugene Teo) [684571] {CVE-2011-0726} - [net] dccp: fix oops in dccp_rcv_state_process (Eugene Teo) [682956] {CVE-2011-1093} - [scsi] libsas: fix bug for vacant phy (David Milburn) [676423] - [scsi] libsas: do not set res = 0 in sas_ex_discover_dev (David Milburn) [676423] - [scsi] libsas: fix wide port hotplug issues (David Milburn) [676423] - [scsi] libsas: fixup kABI breakage (David Milburn) [676423] - [scsi] libsas: no commands to hot-removed devices (David Milburn) [676423] - [scsi] libsas: transport-level facility to req SAS addrs (David Milburn) [676423] - [scsi] libsas: misc fixes to the eh path (David Milburn) [676423] - [scsi] libsas: correctly flush LU queue on error recovery (David Milburn) [676423] - [scsi] libsas: fix error handling (David Milburn) [676423] - [scsi] libsas: fix sense_buffer overrun (David Milburn) [676423] - [scsi] libsas: reuse orig port hotplugging phys wide port (David Milburn) [676423] - [scsi] libsas: fix NCQ mixing with non-NCQ (David Milburn) [676423] - [scsi] libsas: fix endianness bug in sas_ata (David Milburn) [676423] - [scsi] libsas: dont use made up error codes (David Milburn) [676423] - [net] bluetooth: fix bnep buffer overflow (Don Howard) [681319] {CVE-2011-1079} - [pci] intel-iommu: Fix get_domain_for_dev() error path (Alex Williamson) [688646] - [pci] intel-iommu: Unlink domain from iommu (Alex Williamson) [688646] - [redhat] spec: assorted cleanup and streamlining [2.6.18-249.el5] - [md] dm-mpath: avoid storing private suspended state (Mike Snitzer) [678670] - [md] dm-mpath: reject messages when device is suspended (Mike Snitzer) [678670] - [md] dm: export suspended state to targets (Mike Snitzer) [678670] - [md] dm: rename dm_suspended to dm_suspended_md (Mike Snitzer) [678670] - [md] dm: swap postsuspend call and setting suspended flag (Mike Snitzer) [678670] - [md] dm-ioctl: retrieve status from inactive table (Mike Snitzer) [678670] - [md] dm: rename dm_get_table to dm_get_live_table (Mike Snitzer) [678670] - [md] dm-stripe: avoid div by 0 with invalid stripe count (Mike Snitzer) [678670] - [md] dm-ioctl: forbid messages to devices being deleted (Mike Snitzer) [678670] - [md] dm: add dm_deleting_md function (Mike Snitzer) [678670] - [md] dm: dec_pending needs locking to save error value (Mike Snitzer) [678670] - [md] dm-raid1: keep retrying alloc if mempool_alloc fails (Mike Snitzer) [678670] - [md] dm-table: fix upgrade mode race (Mike Snitzer) [678670] - [md] dm-io: respect BIO_MAX_PAGES limit (Mike Snitzer) [678670] - [md] dm-ioctl: validate name length when renaming (Mike Snitzer) [678670] - [md] dm-log: fix dm_io_client leak on error paths (Mike Snitzer) [678670] - [md] dm: avoid destroying table in dm_any_congested (Mike Snitzer) [678670] - [md] dm-raid1: fix leakage (Mike Snitzer) [678670] - [md] dm-mpath: validate hw_handler argument count (Mike Snitzer) [678670] - [md] dm-mpath: validate table argument count (Mike Snitzer) [678670] - [md] dm-mpath: fix NULL deref when path parameter missing (Mike Snitzer) [673058] - [md] dm-mpath: wait for pg_init completion on suspend (Mike Snitzer) [673058] - [md] dm-mpath: hold io until all pg_inits completed (Mike Snitzer) [673058] - [md] dm-mpath: skip activate_path for failed paths (Mike Snitzer) [673058] - [md] dm-mpath: pass struct pgpath to pg init done (Mike Snitzer) [673058] - [md] dm-mpath: prevent io from work queue while suspended (Mike Snitzer) [673058] - [md] dm-mpath: add mutex to sync adding and flushing work (Mike Snitzer) [673058] - [md] dm-mpath: flush workqueues before suspend completes (Mike Snitzer) [673058] - [powerpc] numa: Fix kABI breakage in paca struct (Steve Best) [651167] - [powerpc] Disable VPHN polling during a suspend operation (Steve Best) [651167] - [powerpc] mm: Poll VPA for topo changes, update NUMA maps (Steve Best) [651167] - [powerpc] Add VPHN firmware feature (Steve Best) [651167] with external journal (Lukas Czerner) [652321] - [fs] nfs: wait for COMMIT RPC complete before task put (Jeff Layton) [441730] - [fs] nfs: ->flush and ->fsync should use FLUSH_SYNC (Jeff Layton) [441730] - [net] sunrpc: fix race in __rpc_wait_for_completion_task (Jeff Layton) [441730] - [fs] nfs: Ensure proper cleanup on rpc_run_task fail (Jeff Layton) [441730] - [fs] nfs: clean up the unstable write code (Jeff Layton) [441730] - [fs] nfs: Dont use ClearPageUptodate if writeback fails (Jeff Layton) [441730] - [fs] nfs: Fix an unstable write data integrity race (Jeff Layton) [441730] - [fs] nfs: make sure WRITE and COMMIT are uninterruptible (Jeff Layton) [441730] - [fs] nfs: change how FLUSH_STABLE flag is used (Jeff Layton) [441730] - [mm] writeback: fix queue handling in blk_congestion_wait (Jeff Layton) [516490] - [fs] nfs: clean up nfs congestion control (Jeff Layton) [516490] - [block] Add real API for dealing with blk_congestion_wait (Jeff Layton) [516490] - [fs] nfs: kswapd must not block in nfs_release_page (Jeff Layton) [516490] - [fs] nfs: Prevent another deadlock in nfs_release_page (Jeff Layton) [516490] - [fs] nfs: Try commit unstable writes in nfs_release_page (Jeff Layton) [516490] - [fs] nfs: Add debugging facility for NFS aops (Jeff Layton) [516490] - [fs] nfs: Fix race in nfs_release_page() (Jeff Layton) [516490] - [fs] nfs: Fix nfs_release_page (Jeff Layton) [516490] - [fs] nfs: reduce number of unnecessary commit calls (Jeff Layton) [516490] - [fs] nfs: nfs_writepages() cleanup (Jeff Layton) [516490] [2.6.18-248.el5] - [virt] xen: make more room for event channel IRQs (Paolo Bonzini) [650838] - [message] mptfusion: fix msgContext in mptctl_hp_hostinfo (Tomas Henzl) [646513] - [net] ipv6: Add GSO support on forwarding path (Thomas Graf) [648572] - [net] tc: Ignore noqueue_qdisc default qdisc when dumping (Thomas Graf) [627850] - [serial] 8250_pci: add support for PowerPC PLX 8250 (Steve Best) [651431] - [scsi] ibmveth: Free irq on error path (Steve Best) [651872] - [scsi] ibmveth: Cleanup error handling in ibmveth_open (Steve Best) [651872] - [scsi] ibmveth: Remove some unnecessary include files (Steve Best) [651872] - [scsi] ibmveth: Convert driver specific assert to BUG_ON (Steve Best) [651872] - [scsi] ibmveth: Return -EINVAL on all ->probe errors (Steve Best) [651872] - [scsi] ibmveth: Some formatting fixes (Steve Best) [651872] - [scsi] ibmveth: Remove redundant function prototypes (Steve Best) [651872] - [scsi] ibmveth: Convert to netdev_alloc_skb (Steve Best) [651872] - [scsi] ibmveth: Remove dupe checksum offload setup code (Steve Best) [651872] - [scsi] ibmveth: Add optional flush of rx buffer (Steve Best) [651872] - [scsi] ibmveth: Add scatter-gather support (Steve Best) [651872] - [scsi] ibmveth: Add rx_copybreak (Steve Best) [651872] - [scsi] ibmveth: Add tx_copybreak (Steve Best) [651872] - [scsi] ibmveth: Remove LLTX (Steve Best) [651872] - [scsi] ibmveth: batch rx buffer replacement (Steve Best) [651872] - [scsi] ibmveth: Remove integer divide caused by modulus (Steve Best) [651872] - [fs] gfs2: creating large files suddenly slow to a crawl (Robert S Peterson) [683155] - [virt] xen: performance improvement for 32-bit domains (Paolo Bonzini) [390451] - [fs] nfs: fix use of slab allocd pages in skb frag list (Neil Horman) [682643] {CVE-2011-1090} - [net] af_packet: allow multicast traffic on bond ORIGDEV (Jiri Pirko) [579000] - [net] af_packet: option to return orig_dev to userspace (Jiri Pirko) [579000] - [fs] nfs: back out the FS-Cache patches (Jeff Layton) [631950] - [x86_64]: fix section mismatches in kernel setup (Frank Arnold) [683078] - [char] tty_audit: fix live lock on audit disabled (Danny Feng) [679563] - [s390] remove task_show_regs (Danny Feng) [677853] {CVE-2011-0710} - [scsi] qla2xxx: Query proper reg bits to determine state (Chad Dupuis) [537277] - [scsi] qla2xxx: update version to (Chad Dupuis) [660386] - [scsi] qla2xxx: online ISP82XX for commands completion (Chad Dupuis) [660386] - [scsi] qla2xxx: fix tagging modifier while executing IOs (Chad Dupuis) [660386] - [scsi] qla2xxx: fix FCP_RSP response-info check after TMF (Chad Dupuis) [660386] - [scsi] qla2xxx: no reset/fw-dump on CT/ELS pt req timeout (Chad Dupuis) [660386] - [scsi] qla2xxx: return all loopback mbox out regs to API (Chad Dupuis) [660386] - [scsi] qla2xxx: fix IO failure during chip reset (Chad Dupuis) [660386] - [scsi] qla2xxx: show mbox reg 4 in 8012 AEN on ISP82XX (Chad Dupuis) [660386] - [scsi] qla2xxx: show more mailbox regs during AEN handle (Chad Dupuis) [660386] - [scsi] qla2xxx: no BIG_HAMMER if 0x20 cmd fails on CNAs (Chad Dupuis) [660386] - [scsi] qla2xxx: Remove redundant modparam permission bits (Chad Dupuis) [660386] - [scsi] qla2xxx: set right ret val in qla2xxx_eh_abort (Chad Dupuis) [660386] - [scsi] qla2xxx: set FCP prio info to firmware before IOs (Chad Dupuis) [660386] - [scsi] qla2xxx: Memory wedge with peg_halt test in loop (Chad Dupuis) [660386] - [scsi] qla2xxx: populate FCP_PRIO loc for no flt case (Chad Dupuis) [660386] - [scsi] qla2xxx: avoid SCSI host_lock dep in queuecommand (Chad Dupuis) [660386] - [scsi] qla2xxx: drop srb ref before wait for completion (Chad Dupuis) [660386] - [scsi] qla2xxx: log FCP priority data messages (Chad Dupuis) [660386] - [scsi] qla2xxx: add sysfs node for board temperature (Chad Dupuis) [660386] - [scsi] qla2xxx: fix check for need quiescence state (Chad Dupuis) [660386] - [scsi] qla2xxx: clear local rport refs on timeout from FC (Chad Dupuis) [660386] - [scsi] qla2xxx: remove unwanted check for bad spd (Chad Dupuis) [660386] - [scsi] qla2xxx: no continuous log when dontreset is set (Chad Dupuis) [660386] - [scsi] qla2xxx: quiescence mode support for ISP82xx (Chad Dupuis) [660386] - [virtio] console: no device_destroy on port device (Amit Shah) [681179] - [virtio] console: dont access vqs if device unplugged (Amit Shah) [681179] - [virtio] pci: fix config change oops w/no driver loaded (Amit Shah) [681179] - [xen] hap: preserve domain context (Radim Krcmar) [678571] [2.6.18-247.el5] - [mm] set barrier and send tlb flush to all affected cpus (Prarit Bhargava) [675793] - [misc] vdso: export wall_to_monotonic (Prarit Bhargava) [675727] - [mm] add vzalloc and vzalloc_node helpers (Neil Horman) [681303] - [fs] add lockd endianness annotations (Jeff Layton) [526829] - [misc] add key_revoke() dummy for KEYS=n (Jeff Layton) [640891] - [fs] nfs: Fix a use-after-free case in nfs_async_rename() (Jeff Layton) [511901] - [fs] nfs: make sillyrename an async operation (Jeff Layton) [511901] - [fs] nfs: move nfs_sillyrename to unlink.c (Jeff Layton) [511901] - [fs] nfs: standardize the rename response container (Jeff Layton) [511901] - [fs] nfs: standardize the rename args container (Jeff Layton) [511901] - [scsi] scsi_dh_emc: Set request flags consistently (Dave Wysochanski) [670367] - [i2c] i2c-i801: Add PCI idents for Patsburg 'IDF' devices (David Milburn) [651513] - [i2c] i2c-i801: Handle multiple instances properly (David Milburn) [651513] - [i2c] i2c-i801: Dont use block buffer for block writes (David Milburn) [651513] - [i2c] i2c-i801: Fix handling of error conditions (David Milburn) [651513] - [i2c] i2c-i801: Rename local variable temp to status (David Milburn) [651513] - [i2c] i2c-i801: Properly report bus arbitration loss (David Milburn) [651513] - [i2c] i2c-i801: Remove verbose debugging messages (David Milburn) [651513] - [i2c] i2c-i801: Implement I2C block read support (David Milburn) [651513] - [i2c] i2c-i801: Clear special mode bits as needed (David Milburn) [651513] - [i2c] i2c-i801: More explicit names for chip features (David Milburn) [651513] - [i2c] i2c-i801: Use the internal 32-byte buffer on ICH4+ (David Milburn) [651513] - [i2c] i2c-i801: Various cleanups (David Milburn) [651513] - [fs] xfs: disable CONFIG_XFS_DEBUG on kernel-debug (Dave Chinner) [658012] - [fs] xfs: remove cmn_err log buffer and lock (Dave Chinner) [658012] - [fs] fix select/poll timeout overflow (Bob Picco) [591607] - [x86_64] Use u32, not long, to set reset vector back to 0 (Don Zickus) [675258] - [net] sctp: fix race allowing access before full init (Neil Horman) [465876] - [xen] gdbsx: hypervisor part backport (Radim Krcmar) [678618] - [xen] add arch/x86/debug.c, debugger routines (Radim Krcmar) [678618] - [xen] x86/vmx: making TRAP_debug and TRAP_int3 useful (Radim Krcmar) [678618] [2.6.18-246.el5] - [net] bridge: restore ebt ksym versions (Herbert Xu) [626659] - [net] bridge: Fix mglist corruption (Herbert Xu) [506630] - [net] Fix IGMP3 report parsing (Herbert Xu) [506630] - [net] bridge: Fix IGMPv3 report parsing (Herbert Xu) [506630] - [net] bridge: Fix skb leak in multicast TX parse fail (Herbert Xu) [506630] - [net] bridge: Fix OOM crash in deliver_clone (Herbert Xu) [506630] - [net] bridge: Make first arg to deliver_clone const (Herbert Xu) [506630] - [net] bridge: Fix build error w/IGMP_SNOOPING not enabled (Herbert Xu) [506630] - [net] bridge: Add multicast count/interval sysfs entries (Herbert Xu) [506630] - [net] bridge: Add hash elasticity/max sysfs entries (Herbert Xu) [506630] - [net] bridge: Add multicast_snooping sysfs toggle (Herbert Xu) [506630] - [net] bridge: Add multicast_router sysfs entries (Herbert Xu) [506630] - [net] bridge: Add multicast data-path hooks (Herbert Xu) [506630] - [net] bridge: Add multicast start/stop hooks (Herbert Xu) [506630] - [net] bridge: Add multicast forwarding functions (Herbert Xu) [506630] - [net] bridge: Move NULL mdb check into br_mdb_ip_get (Herbert Xu) [506630] - [net] bridge: ensure br_multicast_query error path unlock (Herbert Xu) [506630] - [net] bridge: Fix RCU race in br_multicast_stop (Herbert Xu) [506630] - [net] bridge: Use RCU list primitive in __br_mdb_ip_get (Herbert Xu) [506630] - [net] bridge: cleanup: remove unneed check (Herbert Xu) [506630] - [net] bridge: depends on INET (Herbert Xu) [506630] - [net] bridge: Make IGMP snooping depend upon BRIDGE. (Herbert Xu) [506630] - [net] bridge: Add core IGMP snooping support (Herbert Xu) [506630] - [net] bridge: Fix br_forward crash in promiscuous mode (Herbert Xu) [506630] - [net] bridge: Split may_deliver/deliver_clone out (Herbert Xu) [506630] - [net] bridge: Use BR_INPUT_SKB_CB on xmit path (Herbert Xu) [506630] - [net] bridge: Avoid unnecessary clone on forward path (Herbert Xu) [506630] - [net] bridge: Allow tail-call on br_pass_frame_up (Herbert Xu) [506630] - [net] bridge: Do br_pass_frame_up after other ports (Herbert Xu) [506630] - [net] bridge: Kill clone argument to br_flood_* (Herbert Xu) [506630] - [net] Add netdev_alloc_skb_ip_align() helper (Herbert Xu) [506630] - [fs] partitions: Validate map_count in Mac part tables (Danny Feng) [679284] {CVE-2011-1010} - [fs] nfs: Only increment seqid for cmds seen by server (Sachin Prabhu) [651409] - [scsi] ipr: fix a race on multiple configuration changes (Steve Best) [651429] - [misc] vmware: increase apic_calibration_diff to 10000 (Prarit Bhargava) [665197] - [net] tun: introduce tun_file (Michael S. Tsirkin) [672619] - [virt] xen blktap: bump MAX_TAP_DEV from 100 to 256 (Laszlo Ersek) [452650] - [fs] nfs: Too many GETATTR/ACCESS calls after direct I/O (Jeff Layton) [626974] - [net] bonding: fix add/remove of slaves when master down (Flavio Leitner) [671238] - [net] sctp: make sctp_ctl_sock_init try IPv4 if v6 fails (Jiri Pirko) [674175] - [net] Fix netdev_run_todo dead-lock (Jiri Pirko) [679487] - [net] niu: Fix races between up/down and get_stats (Jiri Pirko) [679407] - [misc] introduce ACCESS_ONCE (Jiri Pirko) [679407] - [x86] fix AMD family 0x15 guest boot issue on 64-bit host (Frank Arnold) [667234] - [sound] alsa: cache mixer values on usb-audio devices (Don Zickus) [678074] - [xen] prevent cross-vendor migration of HVM domains (Paolo Bonzini) [621916] - [xen] new domctl to get 1 record from HVM save context (Michal Novotny) [674514] [2.6.18-245.el5] - [block] cciss: version bump (Tomas Henzl) [635143] - [block] cciss: add option to enforce simple mode (Tomas Henzl) [635143] - [block] cciss: patch to make kdump work in rhel5 (Tomas Henzl) [635143] - [block] cciss: cleanup warnings (Tomas Henzl) [635143] - [block] cciss: patch to support kdump on new controllers (Tomas Henzl) [635143] - [block] cciss: factor out code to find max commands (Tomas Henzl) [635143] - [block] cciss: split out cciss_defs (Tomas Henzl) [635143] - [block] cciss: scsi tape updates (Tomas Henzl) [635143] - [block] cciss: remove fail_all_cmds (Tomas Henzl) [635143] - [block] cciss: factor out cciss_passthru (Tomas Henzl) [635143] - [block] cciss: factor out cciss_getdrivver (Tomas Henzl) [635143] - [block] cciss: factor out cciss_getfirmver (Tomas Henzl) [635143] - [block] cciss: factor out cciss_getbustypes (Tomas Henzl) [635143] - [block] cciss: factor out cciss_getheartbeat (Tomas Henzl) [635143] - [block] cciss: factor out cciss_setnodename (Tomas Henzl) [635143] - [block] cciss: factor out cciss_getnodename (Tomas Henzl) [635143] - [block] cciss: factor out cciss_setintinfo (Tomas Henzl) [635143] - [block] cciss: factor out cciss_getintinfo (Tomas Henzl) [635143] - [block] cciss: factor out cciss_getpciinfo (Tomas Henzl) [635143] - [block] cciss: factor out cciss_reset_devices (Tomas Henzl) [635143] - [block] cciss: factor out cciss_find_cfg_addrs (Tomas Henzl) [635143] - [block] cciss: factor out cciss_wait_for_mode_change_ack (Tomas Henzl) [635143] - [block] cciss: factor out cciss_p600_dma_prefetch_quirk (Tomas Henzl) [635143] - [block] cciss: factor out cciss_enable_scsi_prefetch (Tomas Henzl) [635143] - [block] cciss: factor out CISS_signature_present (Tomas Henzl) [635143] - [block] cciss: factor out cciss_find_board_params (Tomas Henzl) [635143] - [block] cciss: factor out cciss_find_cfgtables (Tomas Henzl) [635143] - [block] cciss: factor out wait_for_board_ready (Tomas Henzl) [635143] - [block] cciss: factor out cciss_find_memory_BAR (Tomas Henzl) [635143] - [block] cciss: remove board_id from cciss_interrupt_mode (Tomas Henzl) [635143] - [block] cciss: factor out cciss_board_disabled (Tomas Henzl) [635143] - [block] cciss: factor out cciss_lookup_board_id (Tomas Henzl) [635143] - [block] cciss: save off pdev struct early (Tomas Henzl) [635143] - [block] cciss: add performant mode support (Tomas Henzl) [635143] - [block] cciss: new controller support (Tomas Henzl) [635143] - [block] cciss: remove generic sa support (Tomas Henzl) [635143] - [block] cciss: copyright update (Tomas Henzl) [635143] - [x86_64] vdso: fix gtod via export of sysctl_vsyscall (Prarit Bhargava) [673616] - [pci] msi: remove infiniband compat code (Prarit Bhargava) [636260] - [pci] msi: remove pci_save_msi|x_state() functions (Prarit Bhargava) [636260] - [pci] msi: use msi_desc save areas in msi state functions (Prarit Bhargava) [636260] - [pci] msi: use msi_desc save areas in drivers/pci code (Prarit Bhargava) [636260] - [misc] kdump: fixup mcp55 quick to skip non HT devices (Neil Horman) [477032] - [security] selinux: properly handle empty tty_files list (Lachlan McIlroy) [674226] - [fs] xfs: fix double free of log tickets (Lachlan McIlroy) [657166] - [fs] ext4: protect inode bitmap clearing w/ spinlock (Lukas Czerner) [663563] - [fs] procfs: fix numbering in /proc/locks (Jerome Marchand) [622647] - [fs] seq_file: Introduce the seq_open_private() (Jerome Marchand) [622647] - [fs] Rework /proc/locks w/seq_files and seq_list helpers (Jerome Marchand) [622647] - [fs] common helpers for seq_files working with list_heads (Jerome Marchand) [622647] - [fs] nfs: Remove incorrect do_vfs_lock message (Jeff Layton) [632399] - [fs] nfs: allow redirtying of a completed unstable write (Jeff Layton) [648657] - [fs] nfsd4: fix seqid on lock req incompat w/open mode (Jeff Layton) [517629] - [net] sunrpc: a better way to set tcp_slot_table_entries (Harshula Jayasuriya) [654293] - [x86] Convert BUG() to use unreachable() (Dean Nelson) [677396] - [s390] Convert BUG() to use unreachable() (Dean Nelson) [677396] - [powerpc] Convert BUG() to use unreachable() (Dean Nelson) [677396] - [misc] add support for __builtin_unreachable (Dean Nelson) [677396] - [fs] xfs: more swap extent fixes for dynamic fork offsets (Dave Chinner) [661300] - [fs] xfs: handle dynamic fork offsets in xfs_swap_extents (Dave Chinner) [661300] - [lib] fix vscnprintf() if @size is == 0 (Anton Arapov) [667327] - [net] netpoll: fix use after free (Amerigo Wang) [556811] - [net] netpoll: fix a softirq warning (Amerigo Wang) [556811] - [net] netconsole: Introduce netconsole netdev notifier (Amerigo Wang) [556811] - [net] bridge: support netpoll over bridge (Amerigo Wang) [556811] - [net] netconsole: Use netif_running() in write_msg() (Amerigo Wang) [556811] - [net] netconsole: Simplify boot/module option setup logic (Amerigo Wang) [556811] - [net] netconsole: Remove bogus check (Amerigo Wang) [556811] - [net] netconsole: Cleanups, codingstyle, prettyfication (Amerigo Wang) [556811] - [net] netpoll: setup error handling (Amerigo Wang) [556811] - [char] virtio_console: fix memory leak (Amit Shah) [656836] - [media] dvb: fix av7110 negative array offset (Mauro Carvalho Chehab) [672402] {CVE-2011-0521} [2.6.18-244.el5] - [message] mptfusion: add required mptctl_release call (Tomas Henzl) [660871] - [fs] gfs2: no exclusive glocks on mmapped read-only fs (Steven Whitehouse) [672724] - [scsi] ibmvfc: Driver version 1.0.9 (Steve Best) [651885] - [scsi] ibmvfc: Handle Virtual I/O Server reboot (Steve Best) [651885] - [scsi] ibmvfc: Log link up/down events (Steve Best) [651885] - [scsi] ibmvfc: Fix rport add/delete race oops (Steve Best) [651885] - [scsi] ibmvfc: Remove stale param to ibmvfc_init_host (Steve Best) [651885] - [scsi] ibmvfc: Fix locking in ibmvfc_remove (Steve Best) [651885] - [scsi] ibmvfc: Fixup TMF response handling (Steve Best) [651885] - [fs] nfs: pure nfs client performance using odirect (Jeff Layton) [643441] - [mm] fix install_special_mapping skips security_file_mmap (Frantisek Hrbata) [662197] {CVE-2010-4346} - [virt] xen: setup memory zones the same way as native (Andrew Jones) [525898] - [s390] qeth: wait for recovery finish in open function (Hendrik Brueckner) [668844] - [s390] cio: fix unuseable device after offline operation (Hendrik Brueckner) [668842] - [s390] qdio: use proper QEBSM operand for SIGA-{R,S} (Hendrik Brueckner) [668464] - [s390] qdio: zfcp stall with > 63 active qdio devices (Hendrik Brueckner) [662134] - [s390] qeth: enable VIPA add/remove for offline devices (Hendrik Brueckner) [661106] - [s390] hvc_iucv: no iucv_unregister if register failed (Hendrik Brueckner) [661021] - [s390] qeth: l3 add vlan hdr in passthru frames (Hendrik Brueckner) [659822] - [s390] cio: suppress chpid event in case of config error (Hendrik Brueckner) [668838] - [xen] x86: fix guest memmove in __pirq_guest_unbind (Yufang Zhang) [659642] [2.6.18-243.el5] - [scsi] device_handler: fix alua_rtpg port group id check (Mike Snitzer) [669961] - [net] cnic: fix big endian bug with device page tables (Steve Best) [669527] - [fs] only return EIO once on msync/fsync after IO failure (Rik van Riel) [652369] - [net] bonding: convert netpoll tx blocking to a counter (Neil Horman) [659594] - [net] conntrack: fix oops specify hashsize module option (Neil Horman) [667810] - [misc] mce: reduce thermal throttle message severity (Matthew Garrett) [666972] - [acpi] reduce the number of resched IPIs (Matthew Garrett) [653398] - [virt] xen: make netfront driver return info to ethtool (Laszlo Ersek) [643292] - [virt] xen: synch arch/i386/pci/irq-xen.c (Laszlo Ersek) [623979] - [virt] netback: take lock when removing entry from list (Laszlo Ersek) [648854] - [virt] xen: make netloop permanent (Laszlo Ersek) [567540] - [net] virtio: add get_drvinfo support to virtio_net (Laszlo Ersek) [645646] - [virt] xen: implement get_drvinfo for netloop driver (Laszlo Ersek) [643872] - [virt] xen: implement get_drvinfo for netback driver (Laszlo Ersek) [643872] - [net] virtio_net: update trans_start properly (Jiri Olsa) [653828] - [net] gro: reset dev pointer on reuse (Andy Gospodarek) [600350] - [net] atl1e: add new Atheros GbE NIC driver (Bob Picco) [465379] - [fs] gfs2: support for growing a full filesytem (Benjamin Marzinski) [661904] - [fs] gfs2: reserve more blocks for transactions (Benjamin Marzinski) [637970] - [fs] gfs2: add fallocate support (Benjamin Marzinski) [626585] - [fs] nfs: break nfsd v4 lease on unlink, link, and rename (J. Bruce Fields) [610093] - [fs] nfs: break lease on nfsd v4 setattr (J. Bruce Fields) [610093] - [net] ipv6: add missing support for local_reserved_ports (Amerigo Wang) [669603] - [misc] add ignore_loglevel kernel parameter (Amerigo Wang) [662102] - [misc] add bootmem_debug kernel parameter (Amerigo Wang) [662102] - [xen] unmask ISVM bit on SVM guests (Paolo Bonzini) [665972] - [xen] add MSR_IA32_THERM_CONTROL for dom0 CPU throttling (Laszlo Ersek) [614007] [2.6.18-242.el5] - [net] be2net: fix missing trans_start update (Ivan Vecera) [671595] - [message] mptfusion: release resources in error path (Tomas Henzl) [648413] - [fs] gfs2: fix recovery stuck on transaction lock (Robert S Peterson) [553803] - [net] fix unix socket local dos (Neil Horman) [656760] {CVE-2010-4249} - [net] core: clear allocs for privileged ethtool actions (Jiri Pirko) [672433] {CVE-2010-4655} - [net] limit socket backlog add operation to prevent DoS (Jiri Pirko) [657309] {CVE-2010-4251} - [block] fix accounting bug on cross partition merges (Jerome Marchand) [646816] - [fs] nfs: fix units bug causing hang on nfsv4 recovery (J. Bruce Fields) [659243] - [fs] nfs: set source addr when v4 callback is generated (J. Bruce Fields) [659255] - [char] virtio: Wake console outvq on host notifications (Amit Shah) [673459] - [net] ipv4: fix IGMP behavior on v2/v3 query responses (Jiri Pirko) [634276] - [net] ipv6: honor SO_BINDTODEVICE parameter when routing (Jiri Olsa) [568881] [2.6.18-241.el5] - [net] tcp: fix shrinking windows with window scaling (Jiri Pirko) [627496] - [virt] xen: no enable extended PCI cfg space via IOports (Don Dutile) [661478] - [fs] gfs2: remove iopen glocks from cache on delete fail (Benjamin Marzinski) [666080] - [char] virtio: make console port names a KOBJ_ADD event (Amit Shah) [669909] - [net] e1000: Avoid unhandled IRQ (Dean Nelson) [651512] - [net] e1000: fix screaming IRQ (Dean Nelson) [651512] [2.6.18-240.el5] - [acpi] bus: check if list is empty before kfree()ing it (Matthew Garrett) [670373] - [net] ipv6: fragment local tunnel IPSec6 pkts if needed (Herbert Xu) [661110] - [block] cciss: fix null pointer problem in tur usage (Tomas Henzl) [664592] [2.6.18-239.el5] - [scsi] megaraid: give FW more time to recover from reset (Tomas Henzl) [665427] - [fs] gfs2: fix statfs error after gfs2_grow (Robert S Peterson) [660661] - [mm] prevent file lock corruption using popen(3) (Larry Woodman) [664931] - [net] sctp: fix panic from bad socket lock on icmp error (Neil Horman) [665477] {CVE-2010-4526}