dovecot security and enhancement update

ID ELSA-2011-0600
Type oraclelinux
Reporter Oracle
Modified 2011-05-28T00:00:00


[2.0.9-2] - fix issues and assert crashes found in 2.0.9 (lmtp,dotlock,zlib) [2.0.9-1] - dovecot updated to 2.0.9 - fixed a high system CPU usage / high context switch count performance problem - lda: Fixed a crash when trying to send 'out of quota' reply [2.0.8-1] - dovecot updated to 2.0.8 (fixes #654226), pigeonhole updated to 0.2.2 - IMAP: Fixed SELECT QRESYNC not to crash on mailbox close if a lot of changes w ere being sent. - Fixed leaking fds when writing to dovecot.mailbox.log. - Fixed rare dovecot.index.cache corruption - zlib: Fixed several crashes, which mainly showed up with mbox. - acl: Fixed crashing when sometimes listing shared mailboxes via dict proxy. - mdbox: Fixed potential assert-crash when saving multiple messages in one transaction - dsync: a lot of fixes - fixed lda + sieve crash