libguestfs security, bug fix, and enhancement update

ID ELSA-2011-0586
Type oraclelinux
Reporter Oracle
Modified 2011-05-29T00:00:00


[1.7.17-17] - Remove dependency on gfs2-utils. resolves: rhbz#695138 [1.7.17-16] - Canonicalize /dev/vd* paths in virt-inspector code. resolves: rhbz#691724 [1.7.17-15] - Fix trace segfault for non-daemon functions. resolves: rhbz#676788 [1.7.17-14] - Add explicit BuildRequires for latest augeas. (RHBZ#677616) [1.7.17-13] - Rebuild to pick up new augeas lens (RHBZ#677616) [1.7.17-12] - Fix typo in virt-make-fs manual page. resolves: rhbz#673721 - Add a grep-friendly string to LIBGUESTFS_TRACE output. resolves: rhbz#673477 [1.7.17-11] - Only runtime require febootstrap-supermin-helper (not whole of febootstrap) (RHBZ#669840). [1.7.17-10] - Remove external hexedit script and make guestfish users set . This is because requiring emacs pulls in all of X (RHBZ#641494). [1.7.17-9] - Fix: guestfish fails when guest fstab entry does not exist (RHBZ#668611). [1.7.17-8] - Backport patches up to upstream 1.8.1. (RHBZ#613593) - Fixes: * guestfish: fails to tilde expand '~' when /home/ksharma unset (RHBZ#617440) * libguestfs: unknown filesystem /dev/fd0 (RHBZ#666577) * libguestfs: unknown filesystem label SWAP-sda2 (RHBZ#666578) * libguestfs: unknown filesystem /dev/hd{x} (cdrom) (RHBZ#666579) * virt-filesystems fails on guest with corrupt filesystem label (RHBZ#668115) * emphasize 'libguestfs-winsupport' in error output (RHBZ#627468) [1.7.17-4] - Backport patches up to upstream 1.8.0 except for: * changes which require febootstrap 3.x * changes which were only relevant for other distros [1.7.17-3] - New upstream version 1.7.17, rebase for RHEL 6.1 (RHBZ#613593). - Require febootstrap >= 2.11. - Split out new libguestfs-tools-c package from libguestfs-tools. . This is so that the -tools-c package can be pulled in by people wanting to avoid a dependency on Perl, while -tools pulls in everything as before. . The C tools currently are: cat, df, filesystems, fish, inspector, ls, mount, rescue. . libguestfs-tools no longer pulls in guestfish. - guestfish no longer requires pod2text, hence no longer requires perl. - guestfish also depends on: less, man, vi, emacs. - Add BR db4-utils (although since RPM needs it, it not really necessary). - Runtime requires on db4-utils should be on core lib, not tools package. - Change all 'Requires: perl-Foo' to 'Requires: perl(Foo)'. - New manual pages containing example code. - Ship examples for C, OCaml, Ruby, Python. - Don't ship HTML versions of man pages. - Rebase no-fuse-test patch to latest version. - New tool: virt-filesystems. - Rename perl-libguestfs as perl-Sys-Guestfs (RHBZ#652587). - Remove guestfs-actions.h and guestfs-structs.h. Libguestfs now [header file.] - Add AUTHORS file from tarball. [1.6.2-4] - New upstream stable version 1.6.2, rebase for RHEL 6.1 (RHBZ#613593). - Remove previous patches which are now all upstream and in this new version. - BR febootstrap 2.10 (RHBZ#628849). - BR cryptsetup-luks for new LUKS encryption support. - ocaml-xml-light{,-devel} is no longer required to build. - guestfish is no longer dependent on virt-inspector. - Require the ruby package. - Disable PHP and Haskell bindings in configure (they wouldn't build anyway, but this will help people building from source). - Set sysconfdir in configure. - --enable-debug-command is no longer required by configure script. - New command 'virt-make-fs'. - Include virt-inspector2, upstream replacement for virt-inspector. - Provide hexedit replacement script for guestfish. - BR autotools, and rerun after applying patches.