python security, bug fix, and enhancement update


python: [2.6.6-20] Resolves: CVE-2010-3493 [2.6.6-19] Resolves: CVE-2011-1015 [2.6.6-18] Resolves: CVE-2011-1521 [2.6.6-17] - recompile against systemtap 1.4 Related: rhbz#569695 [2.6.6-16] - recompile against systemtap 1.4 Related: rhbz#569695 [2.6.6-15] - fix race condition that sometimes breaks the build with parallel make Resolves: rhbz#690315 [2.6.6-14] - backport pre-canned ways of salting a password to the 'crypt' module Resolves: rhbz#681878 [2.6.6-13] - move lib2to3/tests to the python-test subpackage Related: rhbz#625395 [2.6.6-12] - fix a new test in 2.6.6 that was failing on 64-bit big-endian architectures Resolves: rhbz#677392 [2.6.6-11] - fix incompatibility between 2.6.6 and our non-standard M2Crypto.SSL.SSLTimeoutError Resolves: rhbz#681811 [2.6.6-10] - add workaround for bug in rhythmbox-0.12 exposed by python 2.6.6 Resolves: rhbz#684991 [2.6.6-9] - prevent tracebacks for the 'py-bt' gdb command on x86_64 Resolves: rhbz#639392 [2.6.6-8] - fix a regression in 2.6.6 relative to 2.6.5 in urllib2 Resolves: rhbz#669847 [2.6.6-7] - add an optional 'timeout' argument to the subprocess module (patch 131) Resolves: rhbz#567229 [2.6.6-6] - prevent _sqlite3.so being built with a redundant RPATH of _libdir (patch 130) - remove DOS batch file 'idle.bat' - remove shebang lines from .py files that aren't executable, and remove executability from .py files that don't have a shebang line Related: rhbz#634944 - add 'Obsoletes: python-ssl' to core package, as 2.6 contains the ssl module Resolves: rhbz#529274 [2.6.6-5] - allow the 'no_proxy' environment variable to override 'ftp_proxy' in urllib2 (patch 128) Resolves: rhbz#637895 - make garbage-collection assertion failures more informative (patch 129) Resolves: rhbz#614680 [2.6.6-4] - backport subprocess fixes to use the 'poll' system call, rather than 'select' Resolves: rhbz#650588 [2.6.6-3] - use an ephemeral port for IDLE, enabling multiple instances to be run Resolves: rhbz#639222 - add systemtap static markers, tapsets, and example scripts Resolves: rhbz#569695 [2.6.6-2] - fix dbm.release on ppc64/s390x Resolves: rhbz#626756 - fix missing lib2to3 test files Resolves: rhbz#625395 - fix test.test_commands SELinux incompatibility Resolves: rhbz#625393 - make 'pydoc -k' more robust in the face of broken modules Resolves: rhbz#603073 [2.6.6-1] - rebase to 2.6.6: (which contains the big whitespace cleanup of r81031) http://www.python.org/download/releases/2.6.6/ - fixup patch 102, patch 11, patch 52, patch 110 - drop upstreamed patches: patch 113 (CVE-2010-1634), patch 114 (CVE-2010-2089), patch 115 (CVE-2008-5983), patch 116 (rhbz598564), patch 118 (rhbz540518) - add fix for upstream bug in test_posix.py introduced in 2.6.6 (patch 120) Resolves: rhbz#627301 python-docs: [2.6.6-2] - rebuild [2.6.6-1] - rebase to 2.6.6 to track the main python package Related: rhbz#627301