kernel security and bug fix update

ID ELSA-2010-0779
Type oraclelinux
Reporter Oracle
Modified 2010-10-20T00:00:00


[2.6.9-] - [XEN] fix cpu hotplug crash (Joe Jin) [orabug 7521308] - [XEN] Bring up vcpus before khelper init (Joe Jin) [orabug 7521308] - [XEN] flush the tlb cache immediately (Dave McCracken, Scott Shi) [orabug 9138767] - fix skb alignment that was causing sendto() to fail with EFAULT (Olaf Kirch) [orabug 6845794] - fix enomem due to larger mtu size page alloc (Zach Brown) [orabug 5486128] - backout patch sysrq-b that queues upto keventd thread (Guru Anbalagane) [orabug 6125546] - netrx/netpoll race avoidance (Tina Yang) [orabug 6143381] - [XEN] Fix elf_core_dump (Tina Yang) [orabug 6995928] - use lfence instead of cpuid instruction to implement memory barriers (Herbert van den Bergh) [orabug 7452412] - add netpoll support to xen netfront (Tina Yang) [orabz 7261] - [xen] execshield: fix endless GPF fault loop (Stephen Tweedie) [orabug 7175395] - [xen]: port el5u2 patch that allows 64-bit PVHVM guest to boot with 32-bit dom0 [orabug 7452107] xenstore - [mm] update shrink_zone patch to allow 100% swap utilization (John Sobecki, Chris Mason, Chuck Anderson, Dave McCracken) [orabug 7566319,6086839] - [kernel] backport report_lost_ticks patch from EL5.2 (John Sobecki) [orabug 6110605] - [xen] fix for hung JVM thread after #GPF [orabug 7916406] (Chuck Anderson) - port EL5U3 patch to adjust totalhigh_pages in the balloon driver [orabug 8300888] - check to see if hypervisor supports memory reservation change (Chuck Anderson) [orabug7556514] - [XEN] use hypercall to fixmap pte updates (Mukesh Rathor) [orabug 8433329] - fix oops in nlmclnt_mark_reclaim (Trond Myklebust) [orabug 8568878] - [x86_64] Allowed machine_reboot running on boot_cpu (Joe Jin) [orabug 8425237]- FP register state is corrupted during the handling a SIGSEGV (Chuck Anderson) [orabug 7708133] - [x86_64]: fix x86_64 largesmp kernel reboot hang (Joe Jin) [orabug bug9126592]- [nfs]: fix file attribute caching (Chuck Lever, Herbert van den Bergh) [orabug 8449921] - [mm] revert patch #2042 (John Sobecki) [orabug 8895251] - [x86_64] Add compat32 support for readahead and fadvise64 (John Haxby) [orabug 9458826] - [XEN] free pte on hugetlb_prefault to avoid the clear_page race (Dave McCracken, Joe Jin) [orabug 9493665] - [XEN] Flush tlb cache immediately to avoid clear_page race (Dave McCracken, Joe Jin) [orabug 9488844] [2.6.9-89.31.1] -netpoll: fix more local_bh_enable() related badness warnings and infinite loop (Neil Horman) [637729 516076] -netpoll: fix badness warnings as bottom halves are enabled but interrupts are not (Neil Horman) [637729 516076] -aio: check for multiplication overflow in io_submit (Jeff Moyer) [629446 629447] {CVE-2010-3067} -fs: buffer.c: fix race in __block_prepare_write (Jeff Moyer) [633968 480404] -net: fix info leak in police code (Neil Horman) [636389 636390] {CVE-2010-3477} -udp: use memory barrier in datagram_poll (Flavio Leitner) [640117 546251] [2.6.9-89.30.1] -compat: make compat_alloc_user_space incorporate the access_ok (Xiaotian Feng) [634461 634462] {CVE-2010-3081} -mm: guard page for stacks that grow upwards (Johannes Weiner) [632515 630564] -s390x: dasd: allocate fallback cqr for reserve release (Hendrik Brueckner) [626828 619527] -net sched: fix tcf_gact_dump memory leak (Jiri Pirko) [624906 624907] {CVE-2010-2942} [2.6.9-89.0.30] -bonding: check if clients mac addr has changed (Flavio Leitner) [629239 610236] -net: fix corruption of net_device_wrapper structure (Jerome Marchand) [624364 620485] -net: qla3xxx: replace kmalloc() call with kzalloc() (Jerome Marchand) [624364 620485] -bnx2: fix panic in bnx2_poll_work() (John Feeney) [624363 623265] -megaraid_sas: fix physical disk handling and management ioctls (Tomas Henzl) [631903 577178] -nfsd4: set OPEN_RESULT_LOCKTYPE_POSIX in open() (Jeff Layton) [625535 575655] -s390x: dasd: force online does not work if another side has reserved the disk (Hendrik Brueckner) [626827 619449]