kernel security and bug fix update


[2.6.9-] - fix skb alignment that was causing sendto() to fail with EFAULT (Olaf Kirch) [orabug 6845794] fix enomem due to larger mtu size page alloc (Zach Brown) [orabug 5486128] - backout patch sysrq-b that queues upto keventd thread (Guru Anbalagane) [orabug 6125546] - netrx/netpoll race avoidance (Tina Yang) [orabug 6143381] - [XEN] Fix elf_core_dump (Tina Yang) [orabug 6995928] - use lfence instead of cpuid instruction to implement memory barriers (Herbert van den Bergh) [orabug 7452412] - add netpoll support to xen netfront (Tina Yang) [orabz 7261] - [xen] execshield: fix endless GPF fault loop (Stephen Tweedie) [orabug 7175395] - [xen]: port el5u2 patch that allows 64-bit PVHVM guest to boot with 32-bit dom0 [orabug 7452107] xenstore - [mm] update shrink_zone patch to allow 100% swap utilization (John Sobecki, Chris Mason, Chuck Anderson, Dave McCracken) [orabug 7566319,6086839] - [kernel] backport report_lost_ticks patch from EL5.2 (John Sobecki) [orabug 6110605] - [xen] fix for hung JVM thread after #GPF [orabug 7916406] (Chuck Anderson) - port EL5U3 patch to adjust totalhigh_pages in the balloon driver [orabug 8300888] - check to see if hypervisor supports memory reservation change (Chuck Anderson) [orabug7556514] - [XEN] use hypercall to fixmap pte updates (Mukesh Rathor) [orabug 8433329] - [XEN] Extend physical mask to 40bit for machine above 64G [orabug 8312526] [2.6.9-89.0.11] -execve: must clear current->clear_child_tid (Oleg Nesterov) [515427 515428] {CVE-2009-2848} -kernel: fix information leak in do_sigaltstack() (Vitaly Mayatskikh) [515394 515395] {CVE-2009-2847} -build with fno-delete-null-pointer-checks (Danny Feng) [517964 511183] -lpfc: update emulex lpfc driver to with memory leak fix (Rob Evers) [513192 507680] -mpt fusion: fix typo in mpt fusion makefile (Tomas Henzl) [516184 496120] -implement mmap_min_addr infrastructure (Vitaly Mayatskikh) [517904 512641] -kernel: personality handling: fix per_clear_on_setid (Vitaly Mayatskikh) [511172 508843] {CVE-2009-1895} -megaraid: fix megaraid SAS tape input/output errors on mt_erase (Tomas Henzl) [517965 504080] -kernel: missing capability check in z90crypt (Hans-Joachim Picht) [505985 505986] {CVE-2009-1883} -qla2xxx: fix hang when using management tools (Marcus Barrow) [519428 503489] -kernel: random: make get_random_int more random (Amerigo Wang) [519692 499785] -fix __ptrace_unlink and zap_threads interaction (Oleg Nesterov) [519446 506875] -fix soft lockups due to infinite loops in posix_locks_deadlock (Amerigo Wang) [519429 504279] [2.6.9-89.0.10] -mptscsi: missing mptscsi raid1 disk causes kernel panic when rebooted before array rebuild (Rob Evers) [517295 507864] -writeback: work around problems with persistent inode->dirtied_when values (Jeff Layton) [515255 477784] -mthca: don't try to kmalloc large allocations (Doug Ledford) [518707 510395]