freetype security update

ID ELSA-2009-0329
Type oraclelinux
Reporter Oracle
Modified 2009-05-26T00:00:00


[2.1.9-10.el4.7] - Improve freetype-1.4pre-CVE-2008-1808.patch [2.1.9-9.el4.7] - Add freetype-2009-CVEs.patch (Fixes CVE-2009-0946) (Doesn't apply to freetype1) - Add freetype-1.4pre-CVE-2008-1808.patch (Corresponds to freetype-2.3.5-CVEs.patch) - Add freetype-pre1.4-ttf-overflow.patch (Corresponds to freetype-2.1.9-ttf-overflow.patch; freetype-2.2.1-bdf-overflow.patch doesn't apply to freetype1) - Add freetype-pre1.4-CVE-2006-1861-null-pointer.patch (Corresponds to freetype-2.1.9-CVE-2006-1861-null-pointer.patch; The rest of CVS-2006-1861 doesn't apply to freetype1) - Resolves: #484443 [2.1.9-8.1.el4] - Update patches to remove fuzz, such that it builds again - In preparation to fix: - Resolves: #484443