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HistoryJan 15, 2009 - 12:00 a.m.

kernel security and bug fix update







  • fix entropy flag in bnx2 driver to generate entropy pool (John Sobecki)
    [orabug 5931647]
  • fix skb alignment that was causing sendto() to fail with EFAULT (Olaf Kirch)
    [orabug 6845794]
  • fix enomem due to larger mtu size page alloc (Zach Brown) [orabug 5486128]
  • fix per_cpu() api bug_on with rds (Zach Brown) [orabug 5760648]
  • backout patch sysrq-b that queues upto keventd thread (Guru Anbalagane)
    [orabug 6125546]
  • netrx/netpoll race avoidance (Tina Yang) [orabug 6143381]
  • fix guest spinning in xen (Herbert van den Bergh) [orabug 7004010]
  • fix serial port lock recursion (Herbert van den Bergh) [orabug 6761872]
  • [XEN] Fix elf_core_dump (Tina Yang) [orabug 6995928]
  • fix in nfs_attribute_timeout() (Trond Myklebust) [orabug 7378108]
  • use lfence instead of cpuid instruction to implement memory barriers
    (Herbert van den Bergh) [orabug 7452412]
  • add netpoll support to xen netfront (Tina Yang) [orabz 7261]
  • [xen] execshield: fix endless GPF fault loop (Stephen Tweedie) [orabug 7175395]
  • port Red Hat bug 472572: HVM crash in net/core/dev.c during boot [orabug 7653948]
    The following Red Hat patches were ported from the source RPM at:
  • fix kernel null dereference in ap_suspend() during migration [orabug 7635625]
    Ported from the el5u2 xenpv-0.1-9.0.1.el5 patch
    In el5u2, the fix is to the xenpv driver. For el4u7, the xenpv driver
    was moved into the kernel.
  • port el4u6 xenpv patch (orabug 7442030) for live migration hang
    [orabug 7458244]
  • [xen]: port el5u2 patch that allows 64-bit PVHVM guest to boot with 32-bit
    dom0 [orabug 7452107]
  • [mm] update shrink_zone patch to allow 100% swap utilization (John Sobecki,
    Chris Mason, Chuck Anderson, Dave McCracken) [orabug 7566319,6086839]
  • [nfs] update fix for attribute caching when using actimeo=0 (Chuck Lever,
    John Sobecki) [ORABUG 7131141,7156607,7388056] [RHBZ 446083,476726]
  • [kernel] backport report_lost_ticks patch from EL5.2 (John Sobecki)
    [orabug 6110605]
    -net: fix unix socket panic patch missing hunk (Neil Horman) [473267 473268] {CVE-2008-5300}
    -revert: fix race between poll_napi and net_rx_action (Andy Gospodarek) [475970 463815]
    -net: fix unix socket panic patch regression (Neil Horman) [470433 470434 473267 473268] {CVE-2008-5029 CVE-2008-5300}
    -net: fix race between poll_napi and net_rx_action (Andy Gospodarek) [475970 463815]
    -kernel: watchdog: fix buffer_underflow bug (Eugene Teo) [475738 475739]
    -xen: fix lost packets when live migrating (Don Dutile) [469891 460874]
    -xen: remove /proc/xen from fv and bare metal kernels (Don Dutile) [476534 460984]
    -fix cpuspeed not working on intel based servers (Tony Camuso) [458156 440267]
    -fix regression in cpuspeed (Prarit Bhargava) [458156 440267]
    -cpuspeed: fix transition of p-states (Tony Camuso) [458156 440267]
    -net: fix unix socket panic (Neil Horman) [470433 470434] {CVE-2008-5029}
    -hfsplus: fix buffer overflow with a corrupted image (Anton Arapov) [469635 469636] {CVE-2008-4933}
    -hfsplus: check read_mapping_page return value (Anton Arapov) [469642 469643] {CVE-2008-4934}
    -hfs: fix namelength memory corruption (Anton Arapov) [470770 470771] {CVE-2008-5025}
    -add range_is_allowed check to mmap_mem (Eugene Teo) [460862 460859]
    -fix add range_is_allowed check regression (Vitaly Mayatskikh) [460862 460859]
    -atkbd: cancel delayed work before freeing its structure (Jiri Pirko) [461239 461240]
    -atkbd: delay executing of led switching request (Jiri Pirko) [461239 461240]
    -kernel: fix copy_user on x86_64 for read of < 8 bytes (Larry Woodman) [471015 453053]
    -fix diskdump failure when numa is on (Takao Indoh) [470034 457736]
    -ipv4: fix byte value boundary check in ip_getsockopt (Jiri Pirko) [470196 462741]
    -fix linux kernel local filesystem dos (Eugene Teo) [457863 457864] {CVE-2008-3275}
    -netpoll: play nicely with bonding (Andy Gospodarek) [471391 248374]
    -sched: fix isolcpus vs balance bug (Peter Zijlstra) [471222 461156]