Updated kernel packages for Oracle Enterprise Linux 4.7

ID ELSA-2008-0665
Type oraclelinux
Reporter Oracle
Modified 2008-08-01T00:00:00


[2.6.9-78] -alsa: Fix mic not working for HP XW series (Brian Maly) [453783] [2.6.9-77] -alsa: Add missing quirks for alc262 (Brian Maly) [453783] -Revert 'i8042: remove polling timer support - Original bz 246233' (Vivek Goyal) [450918] [2.6.9-76] -tty: fix tty holes (Vivek Goyal) [453155] {CVE-2008-2812} -xen: fix use of pvdisk or blkfront or xen-vbd for boot device (Don Dutile) [452210] -ppc64: fix restore of vmx registers in signal return (Brad Peters) [403471] -pci: correct pci bus assignments (Pete Zaitcev) [181648] -Fix diskdump failure on new mpt fusion driver (Chip Coldwell) [268921] [2.6.9-75] -mptfusion: Fix regression where commands timeout when issuing host reset to mpt fusion hba (Chip Coldwell) [452265] -copy_user_generic_c does not zero bytes left at destination after GPF (Vitaly Mayatskikh) [451274] {CVE-2008-2729} -sctp: make sure length argument passed does not overflow (Neil Horman) [452480] {CVE-2008-2826} -[infiniband] ehca: fixes lost interrupts problem over ib ehca after lpar to lpar communication (Brad Peters) [450689] -cifs: don t allow demultiplex thread to exit until kthread_stop is called (Jeff Layton) [442789] -Fix copy_from_user vulnerability (Vitaly Mayatskikh) [433943] {CVE-2008-0598} -Revert 'Enable fb_radeon driver on ppc64' (Vivek Goyal) [350931] [2.6.9-74] -[xen] pv on hvm: Fix cant open /dev/xvda while probing disks during installation issue (Don Dutile) [447315] -bnx2x: correct chip reset (Andy Gospodarek) [328001] -Fix race in switch_uid (Vince Worthington) [441282] [2.6.9-73] -Add more PCI IDs to support hdmi audio on amd chipsets (Bhavana Nagendra) [428964] -powernow k8: Repost to fix unnecessary error messages with synchronized p state transitions (Ed Pollard) [276771] -[usb] ohci-hcd: Fix kernel failed to boot and dropped to xmon on ppc64 (Vitaly Mayatskikh) [443052] -bonding: Fix interface flags issue (Andy Gospodarek) [442124] -qla4xxx: fix time outs, syncronization and re-logins (Marcus Barrow) [437898] -qla2xxx: update version to 8.02.09-d0-rhel4.7-04 (Marcus Barrow) [450645] -qla2xxx: correct srb usage after completion free issues resulting in slab corruption (Marcus Barrow) [450645] -qla2xxx: add 4 and 8 gb to port speed reporting (Marcus Barrow) [450645] -qla2xxx: add isp85xx in some ioctl paths for nvram and flash handling (Marcus Barrow) [450645] -qla2xxx: fix debug messages (Marcus Barrow) [450645] -qla2xxx: allocated firmware dump space for isp85xx (Marcus Barrow) [450645] -qla2xxx: correct isp84xx verify chip response handling (Marcus Barrow) [450645] -qla2xxx: add isp84xx to list of optionrom layout ids (Marcus Barrow) [450645] -qla2xxx: correct isp84xx logic operations in qla2x00_fw_ready (Marcus Barrow) [450645] -qla2xxx: correct isp84xx structure size mismatch with api (Marcus Barrow) [450645] -qla2xxx: correct isp84xx ioctl handling (Marcus Barrow) [450645] -Enable fb_radeon driver on ppc64 (Brad Peters) [350931] -ehca: fix for event queue overflow on ib ehca adapters (Brad Peters) [446714] -Fix deadlock possibility in arch_get_unmapped_area_topdown() (Vitaly Mayatskikh) [450094] -megaraid: Add support ibm blackrock controller (Chip Coldwell) [449718] -sit: Fix exploitable remote memory leak (Jiri Pirko) [446036] {CVE-2008-2136} -ehca: fix race possibility between qp async handler and destroy_qp (Brad Peters) [446110] -Fix hang when using /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches under heavy load on large system (Larry Woodman) [449381] -Fix possible buffer overflow in asn.1 parsing routines (Anton Arapov) [444463] {CVE-2008-1673} -[s390] Fix vmrm cmm use triggering oom killer (Hans-Joachim Picht) [446257] -[s390] fix iucv limit and cmm proc permissions (Hans-Joachim Picht) [446257] -Extend mce banks support to more than 6 for dunnington and nehalem (Geoff Gustafson) [446675] -ppc64: Fix slb shadow buffer support (Brad Peters) [440138] -Add hp DL385 G2 and DL585 G2 to whitelist for bfsort (Tony Camuso) [251032] [2.6.9-72] -Minor code cleanup to sys_times() call (Vitaly Mayatskikh) [448934] -qla2xxx: Update firmware for 4,8 gb/s adapters to version 8.02.09-d0-rhel4.7-03 (Marcus Barrow) [448641] -xen: minimize loss of network connectivity after guest migration (Don Dutile) [444473] -dm-raid: Fix bad performance of dm-raid (Mikulas Patocka) [432566] -Re-apply: Add HP DL580 G5 to bfsort whitelist (Tony Camuso) [429727] -Revert '[MOXA] buffer overflow in moxa driver' (Vivek Goyal) [423141] -Revert 'neofb: avoid overwriting fb_info fields' (Vivek Goyal) [430252] [2.6.9-71] -cciss: disable scsi_ioctl_send_command in cciss driver (Doug Chapman) [443053] -bnx2: fix panic when changing device settings while running netconsole (Andy Gospodarek) [444041] -Infiniband: Fix ipoib oops (Doug Ledford) [445736] -Fix system lockup in eventpoll (Josef Bacik) [446409] -ptrace: fix ptrace_attach and ptrace_detach race (Jerome Marchand) [311931] -diskdump: Fix diskdump regression in rhel 4.6 (Chip Coldwell) [268921] -[s390] ptrace: restore single_step behavior after do_signal (Jerome Marchand) [426647] -[NET] change skb_reserve to have signed length (Neil Horman) [445774] -x86_64: ia32 syscall restart fix (Jerome Marchand) [435000] -ehca: fix ehca driver for use with dapl (Doug Ledford) [443072] -ibmebus: Cleanup all devices upon module rmmod (Brad Peters) [441739] -sys_times: Fix system unresponsiveness during many concurrent invocation of sys_times (Vitaly Mayatskikh) [435280] -ehea: support ipv4 checksum capability only (Brad Peters) [439445] -xen: Fix blkfront deadlock on pv restore (Don Dutile) [429103] -Re-apply: Fix usb stress test issue on amd sbx00 systems (Bhavana Nagendra) [435787] -libata: ahci kill spurious ncq completion detection (David Milburn) [432396] -libata: implement ATA_PFLAG_RESETTING (David Milburn) [432396] [2.6.9-70] -proc pid limits: fix duplicate file names (Neil Horman) [443825] -md: make md pack rdev list (Doug Ledford) [194585] -Add needed locking to fcheck() in both dnotify.c and locks.c (Alexander Viro) [443438 439757] {CVE-2008-1669 CVE-2008-1375} -bonding: fix link monitor capability check (Andy Gospodarek) [441897] -Kernel doesn not clear DF for signal handlers (Vitaly Mayatskikh) [437315] {CVE-2008-1367} -Fix pv on hvm crash due to vnif increase patch (Don Dutile) [442538] -pv on hvm: memory corruption due to vnif increase (Don Dutile) [442298] -oprofile fix for penryn based procs (Geoff Gustafson) [439540] -sound: Fix sound driver update compilation error (Vivek Goyal) [319701 228440 228443 216447 248060 240912] -sound: Enable CONFIG_SND_INTEL_HDA=m driver (Vivek Goyal) [319701 228440 228443 216447 248060 240912] -Add HDMI audio support for AMD ATI chipsets (Bhavana Nagendra) [428964] -Dual core chips reported as quad core in cpuinfo (Geoff Gustafson) [326781] -alsa: Unmute DACs on AMD shiner (ad1884) (Brian Maly) [351911 314391] -[SOUND] azx sound driver update (Brian Maly) [319701 228440 228443 216447 248060 240912 234358] -Revert 's390: qeth: tcpdump does not work with osa Layer2 and VLAN enabled' (Vivek Goyal) [379031] [2.6.9-69] -Updated the spec file for beta build numbering (Vivek Goyal) [2.6.9-68.34] -Fix memory leak of struct percpu_data in free_percpu (Larry Woodman) [441321] -Do not limit shmem locked memory when rlimit_memlock is rlim_infinity (Larry Woodman) [439926] -sata: fix work around sb600 sata hw errata (Bhavana Nagendra) [300861] -diskdump: Fix flush_cpu_workqueue so that diskdump can work after momentary link down of lpfc (Takao Indoh) [216618] -Revert 'Fix usb stress test issue on amd sbx00 systems' (Vivek Goyal) [435787] [2.6.9-68.33] -enhanced partition statistics: fix update partition statitics (Jerome Marchand) [233579] -enhanced partition statistics: fix core statistics (Jerome Marchand) [233579] -qla2xxx: isp84xx variant ioctl support (Marcus Barrow) [441445] -qla2xxx: isp84xx variant support (Marcus Barrow) [441445] -pci: fix quirk for ht1000 bridge chips (Andy Gospodarek) [439109] -rpc: do not block on skb allocation (Jeff Layton) [439436] -nmi: kill disable_irq calls (Aristeu Rozanski) [172749] -nmi: disable lapic and io apic nmis on unknown_nmi_panic (Aristeu Rozanski) [172749] -nmi: use perfctr functions for probing (Aristeu Rozanski) [172749] -nmi: update check_nmi_watchdog (Aristeu Rozanski) [172749] -nmi: update reserve_lapic_nmi (Aristeu Rozanski) [172749] -nmi: use setup_apic_nmi_watchdog and stop_apic_nmi_watchdog in suspend resume (Aristeu Rozanski) [172749] -nmi: change nmi_active usage (Aristeu Rozanski) [172749] -nmi: update nmi_watchdog_tick (Aristeu Rozanski) [172749] -nmi: modify setup_acpi_nmi_watchdog to handle both io apic and lapic (Aristeu Rozanski) [172749] -nmi: introduce do_nmi_callback (Aristeu Rozanski) [172749] -nmi: introduce per cpu wd_enabled (Aristeu Rozanski) [172749] -nmi: add perfctr infrastructure (Aristeu Rozanski) [172749] -[SCSI] aic79xx: fix timer handling (David Milburn) [243936] [2.6.9-68.32] -xen: Fix gettimeofday is not monotonically increasing on xenU (Don Dutile) [438975] -xen: config file additions for xen pv-on-hvm drivers (Don Dutile) [437423] -xen: pv-on-hvm driver subsystem for non xen kernels (Don Dutile) [437423] -xen: modifications to drivers/xen/ files for pv on hvm use (Don Dutile) [437423] -xen: pv on hvm kconfig and makefile changes (Don Dutile) [437423] -xen: pv.h file modifications for compilation on xen and non xen kernels (Don Dutile) [437423] [2.6.9-68.31] -qla4xxx: race condition fixes with constant qla3xxx ifup/ifdown (Marcus Barrow) [430313] -qla4xxx: Fix targets not seen on first port (Marcus Barrow) [425721] -Fix compilation warnings coming from module.h (Vivek Goyal) [280431] -qla4xxx: Handle multiple ports per target (Marcus Barrow) [412671] -qla4xxx: Update driver version string to 5.01.02-d1 (Marcus Barrow) [317631] -qla4xxx: Throttle on queue full errors (version 5.01.02-d1) (Marcus Barrow) [317631] [2.6.9-68.30] -Fix __call_usermodehelper wait_for_helper race condition (Dave Anderson) [438800] -nfs: 32 bit nfs server returns eio for readdirplus request when backing file system has 32bit inodes (Peter Staubach) [438723] -Ensure IV is in linear part of the skb to avoid BUG due to OOB access (Thomas Graf) [427246] -Enhanced partition statistics: documentation (Jerome Marchand) [233579 310521] -Enhanced partition statistics: Fill old partition statistics with right data (Jerome Marchand) [233579 310521] -Enhanced partition statistics: procfs changes (Jerome Marchand) [233579 310521] -Enhanced partition statistics: sysfs changes (Jerome Marchand) [233579 310521] -Enhanced partition statistics: update partition statitics (Jerome Marchand) [233579 310521] -Enhanced partition statistics: core statistics (Jerome Marchand) [233579 310521] [2.6.9-68.29] -Revert 'Add HP DL580 G5 to bfsort whitelist' (Vivek Goyal) [429727] -fix unprivileged crash on x86_64 cs corruption (Jarod Wilson) [439786] -ixgbe: Build module ixgbe CONFIG_IXGBE=m (Andy Gospodarek) [305051] -x86_64: add /dev/msr[0-n] device files (Jason Baron) [249514] -i386: Fix extended cpu model field being ignored (Geoff Gustafson) [439539] -x86_64: Fix hpet bug where system hangs during reboot cycle (Geoff Gustafson) [434854] -i386: Allow apicid to be 8 bit (Geoff Gustafson) [437821] -ixgbe: initial support code (Andy Gospodarek) [305051] -nfs: fix setgid handling in notify_change (Jeff Layton) [439253] -e1000: upstream update and alternate mac address support (Andy Gospodarek) [298901] [2.6.9-68.28] -powernow k8: fix UP kernel to register freq driver (David Milburn) [429519] -spec: fix summary description of largesmp kernel package (Vivek Goyal) [186606] -qla2xxx: Avoid delay for loop ready when loop dead (Marcus Barrow) [426411] -qla2xxx: Build qla25xx as module CONFIG_SCSI_QLA25XX=m (Marcus Barrow) [253287] -qla2xxx: Clean up firmware dumping mechanism for ISP25xx adapter (Marcus Barrow) [253287] -qla2xxx: Support ISP25xx adapters for 8GB/s (Marcus Barrow) [253287] -qla2xxx: Firmware support for new 8 GB/s adapter QLE25xx (Marcus Barrow) [253287] -qla2xxx: update 4 GB/s firmware to match 8 GB/s firmware (Marcus Barrow) [253287] -ext3: lighten up resize transaction requirements (Eric Sandeen) [166038] -nfs: Fix nfs_access_cache_shrinker race with umount (Peter Staubach) [433249] -hangcheck timer: remove monotomic clock dependencies (Brian Maly) [429928] -Fix execve returning EFBIG when running 4 GB executable (Dave Anderson) [393501] -[NET] Fix the redirect packet of the router if the jiffies wraparound (Thomas Graf) [428934] -bnx2: update to upstream version 1.6.9 (Andy Gospodarek) [311531 303051 310851] -Fix race condition in proc file reading that leads to module refcnt imbalance (Neil Horman) [280431] [2.6.9-68.27] -infiniband: hotcpu_notifier backport (Doug Ledford) [309591] -infiniband: Remove the unused cxgb3/core directory and files (Doug Ledford) [309591] -infiniband: Dont set CONFIG_MLX4_CORE on ppc64 iseries (Vivek Goyal) [309591] -infiniband: Enable various infiniband related config options (Vivek Goyal) [309591] -infiniband: additional kernel backports needed for ppc64 (Doug Ledford) [309591] -infiniband: update kconfig files so that setting infiniband off kills it all (Doug Ledford) [309591] -infiniband: backport for interrupt handler changes (Doug Ledford) [309591] -infiniband: add the genalloc backport (Doug Ledford) [309591] -infiniband: minor backports (Doug Ledford) [309591] -infiniband: util updates (Doug Ledford) [309591] -infiniband: srp updates (Doug Ledford) [309591] -infiniband: sdp updates (Doug Ledford) [309591] -infiniband: core updates and makefile kconfig changes (Doug Ledford) [309591] -infiniband: additional backport (Doug Ledford) [309591] -infiniband: move vnic to qlgc_vnic (Doug Ledford) [309591] -infiniband: ipoib updates (Doug Ledford) [309591] -infiniband: various header config updates (Doug Ledford) [309591] -infiniband: ehca driver update (Doug Ledford) [309591] -infiniband: nes hardware driver update (Doug Ledford) [309591] -infiniband: mthca driver update (Doug Ledford) [309591] -infiniband: ipath driver update (Doug Ledford) [309591] -infiniband: cxgb3 driver update (Doug Ledford) [309591] -infiniband: amso1100 driver update (Doug Ledford) [309591] -infiniband: kill off some uninitialized_var usage that breaks our kernel (Doug Ledford) [309591] -additional kernel.h backports (Doug Ledford) [309591] -infiniband: move a couple backports (Doug Ledford) [309591] -infiniband: add the mlx4 core net and infiniband drivers (Doug Ledford) [309591] -infiniband: move the vnic driver to qlgc_vnic (Doug Ledford) [309591] -bnx2x: enable bnx2x module CONFIG_BNX2X=m (Vivek Goyal) [328001] -Fix ext3 direct IO problem that occurs under memory pressure (Josef Bacik) [381221] -wacom: add support to cintiq 20wsx tablets (Aristeu Rozanski) [436890] -io_apic: fix irq race in check_timer (Brian Maly) [432405] -cxgb3: update to driver to support ofed 1 3 (Andy Gospodarek) [253452] -igb: update to upstream version 1.0.8-k2 (Andy Gospodarek) [298881] -e1000e: update to latest upstream (Andy Gospodarek) [311961 432364] -usb: Fix sporadic hangs in usb (Pete Zaitcev) [239723] -bnx2x: initial support for bcm57710 (Andy Gospodarek) [328001] -Fix usb stress test issue on amd sbx00 systems (Bhavana Nagendra) [435787] -mptfusion: Fix IO failures when host reset of adapter is in progress (Chip Coldwell) [429368] -mptfusion: Fix oops in mptctl_gettargetinfo due to null ioc raid_data piocpg3 (Chip Coldwell) [429623] -mptfusion: update mptfusion to version 3-12-19-00 (Chip Coldwell) [308341] -lpfc: update lpfc driver to version (Chip Coldwell) [326931] -aacraid: update aacraid driver to version 1.1.5-2455 (Chip Coldwell) [300021] -aacraid: update aacraid driver to version 1.1.5-2453 (Chip Coldwell) [300021] -megaraid: Update megaraid_sas driver to version 3.18 (Chip Coldwell) [312061] -x86_64: fix 32-bit thread debugging (Jerome Marchand) [311881] -arcmsr: update the arcmsr driver to version (Tomas Henzl) [428801] -e1000: disable pci-e completion timeouts on pseries (Andy Gospodarek) [231676] -[SCSI] ibmvscsi: add slave_configure to allow device restart (Brad Peters) [364601] -Request to demand load dm cluster logging module (Jonathan Brassow) [438834] -nfsv4: create dedicated workqueue for handling nfs4_close_state_work (Jeff Layton) [402581] -nfs: allow nfsv4 files open for write to invalidate caches (Jeff Layton) [359651] -k8_edac: add option to report gart errors (Aristeu Rozanski) [232488] -nfs: Allow RHEL4 to do READDIR on directory containing a referral (Jeff Layton) [227610] [2.6.9-68.26] -[SPEC] fix add call to weak modules script in spec file (Vivek Goyal) [438688] -[s390] qdio: FCP/SCSI write IO stagnates on LPAR (Hans-Joachim Picht) [436992] -lro: Build lro as module CONFIG_INET_LRO=m (Ed Pollard) [300201] -ehea: driver update and modifications to sync with upstream (Ed Pollard) [300201] -ehea: Fixes to make LRO compile in RHEL 4.7 (Ed Pollard) [300201] -ehea: Pull LRO support from upstream (Ed Pollard) [300201] -getrusage: fill ru_inblock and ru_oublock fields if possible (Jerome Marchand) [247285] -io accounting: set up config_task_io_accounting (Jerome Marchand) [247285] -io accounting: report in procfs (Jerome Marchand) [247285] -io accounting: account for direct io (Jerome Marchand) [247285] -io accounting: read accounting cifs fix (Jerome Marchand) [247285] -io accounting: read accounting nfs fix (Jerome Marchand) [247285] -io accounting: read accounting (Jerome Marchand) [247285] -io accounting: write cancel accounting (Jerome Marchand) [247285] -io accounting: write accounting (Jerome Marchand) [247285] -io accounting: core statistics (Jerome Marchand) [247285] -[PPC64] Add kernel support for storing slb entries, for cpu failure recovery (Brad Peters) [300081] -[Power6] Extend alignment exception handler to handle new floating point load, store instructions (Brad Peters) [300071] [2.6.9-68.25] -alsa: fix 32 to 64 bit pcm api conversion layer (Jaroslav Kysela) [429944] -[SPEC] Add call to weak modules script in spec file (Jon Masters) [438115] -bonding: 802.3ad: Fix no carrier on no partner found (Vince Worthington) [437865] -stex: update stex driver (Jeff Garzik) [251560] -s2io: Update to driver version (Andy Gospodarek) [298551] -diskdump: fix diskdump to print warning message about large block_order (Takao Indoh) [219639] -[IPV4]: Fix fragmentation with header options (Thomas Graf) [214903] -sctp: backport new sctp receive buffer management code to rhel4 (Neil Horman) [200813] -diskdump: Diskdump performance regression in mptfusion driver (Takao Indoh) [438027] -[NETFILTER]: fix module to prevent deadlock via module refcounting (Neil Horman) [212922] [2.6.9-68.24] -Fix greyhound event based profiling support patch (Bhavana Nagendra) [437982] -forcedeth: update to upstream version 0.61 (Andy Gospodarek) [253592] -sata: work around sb600 sata hw errata (Jeff Garzik) [300861] -tg3: update to upstream version 3.86 (Andy Gospodarek) [324251] -[TCP] Fix tcp assertion where packets_out exceeds fackets_out (Thomas Graf) [296561] -i2c_piix4: Enable i2c_piix4 module on x86_64 (Prarit Bhargava) [424541] -Fix 64 bit dma issue on sb700 systems (Bhavana Nagendra) [434742] -ipr: dual sas raid adds support for new pci-e ipr adapters (Brad Peters) [299101] -ipr: dual sas raid escalates error handler failures all the way to host reset (Brad Peters) [299101] -[XEN] Fix xen pv netfront oops during live migrate (Chris Lalancette) [435351] -ICH10: Add relevant PCI device IDs to support ICH10 (Geoff Gustafson) [304101] -Retry: check to see if agp is valid before reporting aperture size warnings (Brian Maly) [392771 431897] [2.6.9-68.23] -pci: mmconfig patches 68.22 build breakage fix (Tony Camuso) [437837] -Add config_dm_multipath_hp to generic config (David Wysochanski) [195685] -xen: expand vnif number per a guest domain over four (Don Dutile) [435448] -sata_svw: update sata_svw driver to support broadcom HT1100 chipset (John Feeney) [234159] -qla3xxx: new 4032 does not work with vlan (Marcus Barrow) [314301] -Add greyhound event based profiling support (Bhavana Nagendra) [433524] -Adding sb800 sata controller support (Bhavana Nagendra) [299901] -dm-multipath: path group initialization retry support for hp hardware handler (David Wysochanski) [195685] -dm-multipath: add path group initialization retry support to generic multipath layer (David Wysochanski) [195685] -dm-multipath: add hp handler for HP active/passive array (David Wysochanski) [195685] -[s390] qeth: ifenslave -c causes kernel panic with vlan and osa layer2 (Hans-Joachim Picht) [387041] -[s390] zfcp: scsi LUNs going offline during cablepull or MC update (Hans-Joachim Picht) [207558] -[s390] zfcp: Various driver bugfixes from upstream (Hans-Joachim Picht) [248934] -Build PowerNow-k8 as module (Brian Maly) [234145] [2.6.9-68.22.EL] -xen: save restore migration of 32 bit pv guests can fail under load (Don Dutile) [431081] -sysfs: Keep away from adding an existing dirent (Josef Bacik) [383101] -[IA64] Avoid unnecessary tlb flushes when allocating memory (Doug Chapman) [424771] -[PCI] pci config: remove mmconf blacklist (Tony Camuso) [250313] -[PCI] pci config: Use PortIO to access config offsets below 256 byte (Tony Camuso) [250313] -wacom: add support to intuos3 12x19 (Aristeu Rozanski) [278681 253088] -wacom: add support to intuos3 12x12 (Aristeu Rozanski) [278681 253088] -wacom: fix the maximum distance value (Aristeu Rozanski) [278681 253088] -wacom: change cintiq interrupt handler (Aristeu Rozanski) [278681 253088] -wacom: add support for intuos3 4x6 (Aristeu Rozanski) [278681 253088] -wacom: use enum definitions for wacom models (Aristeu Rozanski) [278681 253088] -neofb: avoid overwriting fb_info fields (Vitaly Mayatskikh) [430252] [2.6.9-68.21.EL] -skge: do not clear multicast state on link down (Andy Gospodarek) [377611] -net: drop duplicate frames on vlan accelerated bonding interfaces (Andy Gospodarek) [295161] -ipmi: initialize second bmc properly (Peter Martuccelli) [411041] -diskdump: do not disregard crc error of the diskdump module (Takao Indoh) [248766] -Make kernel build when CONFIG_HIGHMEM is not set (Jason Baron) [185202] -Add HP DL580 G5 to bfsort whitelist (Tony Camuso) [429727] -sched: Exiting process returns its first time_slice to wrong process (Vitaly Mayatskikh) [238034] -Fix e820 map hole size calculations (Larry Woodman) [206113] -[NET] bonding: add MAC based failover support to bonding driver (Brad Peters) [300031] -[SCSI] aic7xxx: fix ahc_done check SCB_ACTIVE for tagged transactions (David Milburn) [223333] [2.6.9-68.20.EL] -EDAC: Add CONFIG_EDAC_I5000 option to config files (Vivek Goyal) [235936] -Reset LEDS on dell usb keyboards (John Feeney) [225361] -Tolapai: Report correct cpu cache info (Geoff Gustafson) [426301] -Tolapai: sata and i2c support (Geoff Gustafson) [304131] -Fix memory leak in alloc_disk_node (Jerome Marchand) [435892] -jbd: Fix journal overflow issues (Josef Bacik) [183119] -knfsd: Ratelimit remotely triggered rpc error messages (Chris Snook) [428149] -pata_jmicron: match devices using vendor and device class only and update quirk for JMB361/3/5/6 (Aristeu Rozanski) [337671] -cciss: Add SG_IO ioctl and fix error reporting for SG_IOCTL (Tomas Henzl) [293651] -cciss: add init of drv->cylinders back to cciss_geometry_inquiry (Tomas Henzl) [432026] -cciss : Modify /proc/driver/cciss entries to avoid system crash (Tomas Henzl) [432480] -EDAC: add support to intel 5000 chipsets (Aristeu Rozanski) [235936] [2.6.9-68.19.EL] -edac: Add CONFIG_EDAC_I3000 option to config files (Vivek Goyal) [427799] -cdrom: kill 'open failed' message (John Feeney) [247446] -Insufficient range checks in fault handlers with mremap (Vitaly Mayatskikh) [428969] {CVE-2008-0007} -Fix CDROM mounting problem when changing isos in iseries legacy (Brad Peters) [334651] -[PPC64] xmon: Make xmon= off work on rhel 4 (Brad Peters) [426878] -cciss: Change version number to 3.6.20-RH1 (Tomas Henzl) [426109] -cciss: Support new SAS/SATA controllers (Tomas Henzl) [426111] -cciss: Copyright information updated as per HP Legal (Tomas Henzl) [426110] -cciss: Remove read_ahead and use block layer defaults instead (Tomas Henzl) [426114] -Fix unix stream socket recv race condition (Hideo AOKI) [433685] -[NET] Fix socket name string length returned by sys_getsockname (Doug Ledford) [434554] -EDAC: add support to intel 3000 3010 chipsets (Aristeu Rozanski) [427799] -Revert 's390:qdio/qeth: make sure sent skbs are freed in time' (Vivek Goyal) [381041] [2.6.9-68.18.EL] -nlm: fix a client side race on blocking locks (Jeff Layton) [432855] -nlm: cleanup for blocked locks (Jeff Layton) [432855] -[PPC] Support for cpu freq values great than 32 bit on power5/6 (Guy Streeter) [373031] -[SCSI] fix kernel panic caused by scsi medium error (Takahiro Yasui) [242046] -forcedeth: msi bugfix: Stop using stale irq number (Andy Gospodarek) [359231] -ide: __ide_end_request check for empty list before dequeuing request (David Milburn) [426279] -redhat will not ipl with more than 64 procs (Scott Moser) [248428] -[MOXA] buffer overflow in moxa driver (Vitaly Mayatskikh) [423141] {CVE-2005-0504} -s390: cio: collection of update patches (Hans-Joachim Picht) [380931] -s390:qdio/qeth: make sure sent skbs are freed in time (Hans-Joachim Picht) [381041] -s390: qeth: tcpdump does not work with osa Layer2 and VLAN enabled (Hans-Joachim Picht) [379031] -make concurrent proc net dev reads return sane stats for bonds (Chris Snook) [430576] [2.6.9-68.17.EL] -Missing sb600 sb700 40 pin ide cable support (Bhavana Nagendra) [431440] -SB700 contains two ide channels (Bhavana Nagendra) [335361] -smbus: AMD ATI SB600 700 800 use same smbus controller devid (Bhavana Nagendra) [252287] -libata: un-blacklist hitachi drives to enable NCQ (David Milburn) [430293] -libata: sata_nv may send commands with duplicate tags (David Milburn) [430293] -add mutex_destroy() definition (Jason Baron) [233234] -sunrpc: print unsigned integers in stats (Jeff Layton) [401861] -nfsd: don t try to cache reply to nfsv2 readdir (Jeff Layton) [430946] -sunrpc: make sure portmap calls are always soft RPC tasks (Jeff Layton) [248787] -[NET] link_watch: always schedule urgent events (Don Dutile) [429930] -nfs: don t expose internal readdir errors to userspace (Jeff Layton) [354371] -nfs4: Make sure nfs4 mounts are interruptable when intr is specified (Jeff Layton) [151085] [2.6.9-68.16.EL] -[XEN] Fix xen pv oops when mmaping prot_none during save restore (Chris Lalancette) [311431] -[NET] link_watch: handle jiffies wraparound (Vince Worthington) [433698] -IA64: user data corruption on misaligned access with certain fp instructions (Luming Yu) [430918] -xen: xenbus suspend_mutex remains locked after transaction failure (Don Dutile) [250381] -hotplug: acpiphp: avoid acpiphp cannot get bridge info pci hotplug failure (Konrad Rzeszutek) [287741] -[COREDUMP] add MMF_DUMP_ELF_HEADERS flag support (Hideo AOKI) [235742] -[COREDUMP]: Documentation for coredump filter (Hideo AOKI) [235742] -[COREDUMP] elf: add coredump filtering feature (Hideo AOKI) [235742] -[COREDUMP]: add an interface for coredump filter (Hideo AOKI) [235742] -kswapd: kswapd does not use lower_zone_protection value properly, resulting in oomkill (Larry Woodman) [358731] [2.6.9-68.15.EL] -nfs: Introduce nfs.enable_ino64 command line parameter to enable/disable 32bit inode numbers (Peter Staubach) [213518] -nfs: 32 bit nfs client does not handle 64 inodes correctly. Server side changes. (Peter Staubach) [213518] -nfs: 32 bit nfs client does not handle 64 inodes correctly. Client side change (Peter Staubach) [213518] -xen: rapid block device plug unplug leads to kernel crash and or soft lockup (Don Dutile) [426031] -[NET] make tcp_input_metrics get minimum rto via tcp_rto_min (Anton Arapov) [427204] -acpiphp: differentiate between slot empty and slot power off (Prarit Bhargava) [248489] -Fix IPI interrupt storm on IA64 (Prarit Bhargava) [359671] -smbfs: Fix calculation of size parameter in smb_receive (Jeff Layton) [355141] -smbfs: fix more warnings and errors with debug builds (Jeff Layton) [355141] -smbfs: Fix debug logging only compilation error (Jeff Layton) [355141] -smbfs: smbfs readdir vs signal fix (Jeff Layton) [355141] -smbfs: Fix names_cache memory leak (Jeff Layton) [355141] -smbfs: smb_file_open retval fix (Jeff Layton) [355141] -smbfs: Turn null dereference into BUG() (Jeff Layton) [355141] -smbfs: fix data corruption in smb_proc_setattr_unix (Jeff Layton) [355141] [2.6.9-68.14.EL] -epoll_wait with negative timeout value results in bogus printk (Peter Staubach) [278961] -proc: add /proc/ /limits (Neil Horman) [207340] -ACPI PCIE hotplug fails due to non receipt of acpi events (Konrad Rzeszutek) [252262] -Powernow-k8: Get rid of unnecessary error messages with synchronized p state transitions (Konrad Rzeszutek) [276771] -ide : handle ide removeable drives properly (Josef Bacik) [249061] -[AIO] account for io wait properly (Jeff Moyer) [220902] -nfs:for nfs4_create_exclusive, reset any fields set in attrmask (Jeff Layton) [196180] -nfs: set attrmask correctly on nfs4_create_exclusive reply (Jeff Layton) [196180] -Implement udp_poll to reduce likelyhood of false positive return from select() (Neil Horman) [212321] [2.6.9-68.13.EL] -sunrpc: dont retry portmap query forever if it is not responding (Jeff Layton) [204309] -nfs: Discard pagecache data for dirs on denty_iput (Jeff Layton) [364361] -Fix /proc/cpuinfo giving wrong model number information (John Feeney) [313631] -nfs: fix ATTR_KILL_S*ID handling on NFS (Jeff Layton) [225557] -[NET] kernel needs to support TCP_RTO_MIN (Anton Arapov) [251240] [2.6.9-68.12.EL] -eHEA: add poll_controller support to eHEA to support netdump and netconsole (Neil Horman) [249041] -Display count of pagecache pages in show_mem output (Larry Woodman) [428014] -Prevent long delay before OOM killer launches (Larry Woodman) [252939] -x86_64: Prevent iounmap from sleeping with a spinlock held (Larry Woodman) [361931] -i8042: remove polling timer support (David Milburn) [340561] -hfs: Do not mount the fs if hfs can t find the root inode (Josef Bacik) [223514] [2.6.9-68.11.EL] -cifs: update changes file and version string (Jeff Layton) [427544] -cifs: fix endian conversion problem in posix mkdir (Jeff Layton) [427544] -cifs: fix potential data corruption when writing out cached dirty pages (Jeff Layton) [427544] -cifs: when mount helper missing fix slash wrong direction in share (Jeff Layton) [427544] -cifs: fix error message about packet signing (Jeff Layton) [427544] -cifs: fix cifsd to shut down when signing fails during mount (Jeff Layton) [427544] -cifs: reduce chance of list corruption in find_writable_file (Jeff Layton) [427544] -cifs: fix memory leak in statfs to very old servers (Jeff Layton) [427544] -cifs: fix buffer overflow if server sends corrupt response to small request (Jeff Layton) [372981] {CVE-2007-5904} -cifs: log better errors on failed mounts (Jeff Layton) [427544] -cifs: fix oops on second mount to same server when null auth is used (Jeff Layton) [427544] -cifs: fix spurious reconnect on 2nd peek from read of SMB length (Jeff Layton) [427544] -cifs: fix bad handling of EAGAIN error on kernel_recvmsg in cifs_demultiplex_thread (Jeff Layton) [427544] -cifs: have older kernels clean out pages list in cifs_readpages (Jeff Layton) [427544] -cifs: add inline cifs_filemap_write_and_wait for older kernels (Jeff Layton) [427544] -cifs: add mutex_lock and mutex_unlock definitions (Jeff Layton) [427544] -cifs: account for change of kmem_cache_t to struct kmem_cache (Jeff Layton) [427544] -cifs: remove duplicate kzalloc definition (Jeff Layton) [427544] -cifs: Import cifs stock version 1.50c (Jeff Layton) [427544] -audit: break execve records into smaller parts (Eric Paris) [427532] {CVE-2008-0004} -eHEA: Fix kernel panic on DLPAR remove of eHEA (real fix) (Scott Moser) [253765] -Revert 'check to see if agp is valid before reporting aperture size warnings' (Vivek Goyal) [392771] [2.6.9-68.10.EL] -s390: qeth: discard inbound packets with unknown header id (Hans-Joachim Picht) [350871] -s390: qeth: hipersockets layer-3 interface to drop non-IP packets (Hans-Joachim Picht) [380961] -check to see if agp is valid before reporting aperture size warnings (Brian Maly) [392771] -xen: local domu to domu ssh broken when firewall enabled (Don Dutile) [414131] -nfs: multithreaded file lock/unlock issues over NFS (Sachin Prabhu) [346331] -Dont truncate /proc/PID/environ at 4096 characters (Anton Arapov) [254037] [2.6.9-68.9.EL] -udf: fix possible leakage of blocks (Eric Sandeen) [202765] -udf: fix possible udf data corruption (Eric Sandeen) [202765] -udf: support files larger than 1g (Eric Sandeen) [202765] -udf: add assertions in udf_discard_prealloc (Eric Sandeen) [202765] -udf: use get_bh instead of directly accessing b_count (Eric Sandeen) [202765] -udf: introduce struct extent_position (Eric Sandeen) [202765] -udf: use sector_t and loff_t for file offsets (Eric Sandeen) [202765] -udf: fix possible udf deadlock and memory corruption (Eric Sandeen) [202765] -udf: deadlock on unmount fix (Eric Sandeen) [202765] -udf: fix reservation discarding (Eric Sandeen) [202765] -nfs: Fix nfs read performance regression. Introduce a new tunable. (Larry Woodman) [396081] -nfs: High vm pagecache reclaim latency on systems with large highmem to lowmem ratio fix (Larry Woodman) [371191] -Do not mmap a page at address zero without MAP_FIXED (Vitaly Mayatskikh) [360281] [2.6.9-68.8.EL] -Fix unserialized task->files updation (Vitaly Mayatskikh) [250799] -nfs: fix redundant and incorrect protocol for nfs4 in /proc/mounts (Jeff Layton) [171712] -psmouse: Add support for cortps protocol (Aristeu Rozanski) [221467] -Potential deadlock in DM mirror code fix (Jonathan Brassow) [247879] -SIGKILL not respected under special circumstances fix (Michal Schmidt) [253665] -ide: Introduce command line option to disable ide drivers (Gerd Hoffmann) [270661] -networking: kernel oopses when multicasting with connection oriented socket (Anton Arapov) [250842] [2.6.9-68.7] -Fix possible NULL pointer dereference inside of strncmp() if of_get_property() failed (Vitaly Mayatskikh) [396811] -fix sys_waitid() hang (Jerome Marchand) [382191] {CVE-2007-5500} -dm mirror: fix pvmove causes kernel panic (Milan Broz) [179201] -fix possible filesystem corruption (Vitaly Mayatskikh) [428795] {CVE-2008-0001} [2.6.9-68.6] -add support for Realtek RTL8111/8168 PCI-Express NIC (Ivan Vecera) [251383] -ISDN: fix isdn_net_setcfg() vulnerability (Aristeu Rozanski) [392131] {CVE-2007-6063} -fix panic caused by set_mempolicy with MPOL_BIND (Vitaly Mayatskikh) [293211] {CVE-2007-4130} -fix core dump file permissions (Don Howard) [396981] {CVE-2007-6206} -I4L: fix isdn_ioctl memory issue (Vitaly Mayatskikh) [425161] {CVE-2007-6151} -fix dput after mntput bugs (Josef Bacik) [403361] -fix xenbus has use-after-free (Don Dutile) [249727] -acpiphp: Examine slots below P2P bridges (Prarit Bhargava) [415981] [2.6.9-68.5] -add tick divider capability (Chris Lalancette) [248488] [2.6.9-68.4] -do not call set_page_dirty_lock() on compound pages (Luming Yu) [248954 252400] -disables irqs in core sysrq code (Prarit Bhargava) [253573] -ipv6: fix inet6_dev refcnt leak (Neil Horman) [252222] -i386: ensure compressed diskdump header contains correct panic cpu (Dave Anderson) [309081] -fix up kabi for: enhance criteria for dead peer detection in ip_conntrack (Neil Horman) [2.6.9-68.3] -enhance criteria for dead peer detection in ip_conntrack (Neil Horman) [205966] -i386/x86_64 segment register access update (Peter Zijlstra) [414251] -Remove duplicated FAKE_STACK_FRAME macro (Peter Zijlstra) [414261] -add new CIFS Kconfig options (Jeff Layton) [282591] -dm: fix bd_mount_sem counter corruption (Milan Broz) [377351] -dm: fix panic on shrinking device size (Milan Broz) [360311] -dm crypt: fix oops on device removal (Milan Broz) [377371] [2.6.9-68.2] -add missing dput() in do_lookup() error case (Eric Sandeen) [363471] -fix diskdump performance regression on mpt fustion driver (Takao Indoh) [284991] -add missing pskb_may_pull in icmp_filter (Jerome Marchand) [356501] -Fix incorrect logic in AMD NMI code (Prarit Bhargava) [387451] -Get rid of Tuxs O_ATOMICLOOKUP (Michal Schmidt) [358681] -lcs: After channel failure do not drive normal shutdown sequence (Hans-Joachim Picht) [354141] [2.6.9-68.1] -add back: eliminate excessive latency when writing to a large file -add back: setting better values for dirty limits -serial: assert DTR for serial console devices (Michal Schmidt) [244248] -bonding: only do ipv6 addrconf on master bond devices (Vince Worthington) [249631] -lsm: reduce noise during security_register (Ivan Vecera) [249404] -selinux: quiet complaints when using OpenAFS (Eric Paris) [239628] -Fix for NFS attribute timeout handling (Fabio Leite) [247905] -tty: set pending_signal() when returning -ERESTARTSYS (Aristeu Rozanski) [245343] -ieee80211 off-by-two integer underflow (Anton Arapov) [346381] {CVE-2007-4997} -fix bad schedule_timeout() call causing excessive delay (Jonathan Brassow) [381081] -do not return zero in mmap (Rik van Riel) [360281] [2.6.9-68] -revert: eliminate excessive latency when writing to a large file -revert: setting better values for dirty limits