php security and bug fix update

ID ELSA-2008-0545
Type oraclelinux
Reporter Oracle
Modified 2008-07-16T00:00:00


[4.3.9-3.22.12] - set higher memory_limit in /usr/bin/pear (#263501) [4.3.9-3.22.11] - update to PEAR 1.4.9, matching RHEL-5 (#263501) * bundle XML_RPC-1.5.0, Console_Getopt-1.2, Archive_Tar-1.3.1 * fix paths in default pear.conf, installed PEAR registry * replace /usr/bin/pear et al with simpler wrapper scripts [4.3.9-3.22.10] - add security fixes for CVE-2007-5898, CVE-2007-4782, CVE-2007-5899, CVE-2008-2051, CVE-2008-2107, CVE-2008-2108 (#445921)