Important: kernel security and bug fix update

ID ELSA-2007-1049
Type oraclelinux
Reporter Oracle
Modified 2007-12-04T00:00:00


[kernel-2.4.21-53.EL] - Fix ipv4 treason uncloaked message (Anton Arapov) [249237] - Fix ipv4 fib-sem-out-of-bounds checking (Don Howard) [250429] {CVE-2007-2172} - Reset current->pdeath_signal on SUID binary execution (Peter Zijlstra) [251117] {CVE-2007-3848} - Fix local DoS with corrupted elf on ia64 (Don Howard) [289171] {CVE-2006-4538} - prevent stack from growing into hugepages region (Don Howard) [294951] {CVE-2007-3739} - Fix missing ioctl permission checks in aacraid (Don Howard) [298331] {CVE-2007-4308}