Moderate wireshark security update

ID ELSA-2006-0602
Type oraclelinux
Reporter Oracle
Modified 2006-12-07T00:00:00


[0.99.4-EL4.1.1] - Oracle OCFS2 network patch

[0.99.4-1] - upgrade to 0.99.4, fixes multiple security issues (#211993) - use dist tag - CVE-2006-5468 - The HTTP dissector could dereference a null pointer. - CVE-2006-5469 - The WBXML dissector could crash. - CVE-2006-5470 - The LDAP dissector (and possibly others) could crash. - CVE-2006-4805 - Basic DoS, The XOT dissector could attempt to allocate a large amount of memory and crash. - CVE-2006-4574 - Single byte \0 overflow written onto the heap

[0.99.3-EL4.2] - fix pam file, revert to old ethereal file (#204066)

[0.99.3-EL4.1] - upgrade to 0.99.3 (#204045) - CVE-2006-4330 Wireshark security issues (CVE-2006-4333 CVE-2006-4332 CVE-2006-4331)

[0.99.2-EL4.1] - initial build for RHEL4