RedHat Security Advisory RHSA-2009:1157


The remote host is missing updates announced in advisory RHSA-2009:1157. The kernel-rt packages contain the Linux kernel, the core of any Linux operating system. Security fixes: * a flaw was found in the Intel PRO/1000 network driver in the Linux kernel. Frames with sizes near the MTU of an interface may be split across multiple hardware receive descriptors. Receipt of such a frame could leak through a validation check, leading to a corruption of the length check. A remote attacker could use this flaw to send a specially-crafted packet that would cause a denial of service or code execution. (CVE-2009-1385, Important) * Michael Tokarev reported a flaw in the Realtek r8169 Ethernet driver in the Linux kernel. This driver allowed interfaces using this driver to receive frames larger than what could be handled. This could lead to a remote denial of service or code execution. (CVE-2009-1389, Important) * several flaws were found in the way the Linux kernel CIFS implementation handles Unicode strings. CIFS clients convert Unicode strings sent by a server to their local character sets, and then write those strings into memory. If a malicious server sent a long enough string, it could write past the end of the target memory region and corrupt other memory areas, possibly leading to a denial of service or privilege escalation on the client mounting the CIFS share. (CVE-2009-1633, Important) * Frank Filz reported the NFSv4 client was missing a file permission check for the execute bit in some situations. This could allow local, unprivileged users to run non-executable files on NFSv4 mounted file systems. (CVE-2009-1630, Moderate) * a deadlock flaw was found in the Linux kernel splice implementation. This deadlock could occur during interactions between the generic_file_splice_write() and splice_from_pipe() functions, possibly leading to a partial denial of service on the file system partition where the deadlock occurs. (CVE-2009-1961, Moderate)