RedHat Security Advisory RHSA-2009:0459


The remote host is missing updates to the kernel announced in advisory RHSA-2009:0459. Security fixes: * a logic error was found in the do_setlk() function of the Linux kernel Network File System (NFS) implementation. If a signal interrupted a lock request, the local POSIX lock was incorrectly created. This could cause a denial of service on the NFS server if a file descriptor was closed before its corresponding lock request returned. (CVE-2008-4307, Important) * a deficiency was found in the Linux kernel system call auditing implementation on 64-bit systems. This could allow a local, unprivileged user to circumvent a system call audit configuration, if that configuration filtered based on the syscall number or arguments. (CVE-2009-0834, Important) * Chris Evans reported a deficiency in the Linux kernel signals implementation. The clone() system call permits the caller to indicate the signal it wants to receive when its child exits. When clone() is called with the CLONE_PARENT flag, it permits the caller to clone a new child that shares the same parent as itself, enabling the indicated signal to be sent to the caller's parent (instead of the caller), even if the caller's parent has different real and effective user IDs. This could lead to a denial of service of the parent. (CVE-2009-0028, Moderate) * the sock_getsockopt() function in the Linux kernel did not properly initialize a data structure that can be directly returned to user-space when the getsockopt() function is called with SO_BSDCOMPAT optname set. This flaw could possibly lead to memory disclosure. (CVE-2009-0676, Moderate) For details on other non-security related bug fixes, please visit the referenced advisories.