solselkab.go.id Open Redirect vulnerability


##### Open Bug Bounty ID: OBB-708685 Description| Value ---|--- Affected Website:| solselkab.go.id Open Bug Bounty Program:| Create your bounty program now. It's open and free. Vulnerable Application:| [hidden until disclosure] Vulnerability Type:| Open Redirect / CWE-601 CVSSv3 Score:| [hidden until disclosure] Disclosure Standard:| Coordinated Disclosure based on ISO 29147 guidelines Remediation Guide:| OWASP Open Redirect Cheat Sheet ##### Coordinated Disclosure Timeline Description| Value ---|--- Vulnerability Reported:| 7 December, 2018 17:02 GMT Vulnerability Verified:| 7 December, 2018 17:15 GMT Website Operator Notified:| 7 December, 2018 17:15 GMT Public Report Published[without any technical details]:| 7 December, 2018 17:15 GMT Scheduled Public Disclosure: A security researcher can delete the report before public disclosure, afterwards the report cannot be deleted or modified anymore. The researcher can also postpone public disclosure date as long as reasonably required to remediate the vulnerability.| 7 March, 2019 17:02 GMT