SUSE SLED12 / SLES12 Security Update : wireshark (SUSE-SU-2018:0811-1)


This update for wireshark fixes the following issues: Security issue fixed (bsc#1082692) : - CVE-2018-7335: The IEEE 802.11 dissector could crash (wnpa-sec-2018-05) - CVE-2018-7321: thrift long dissector loop (dissect_thrift_map) - CVE-2018-7322: DICOM: inifinite loop (dissect_dcm_tag) - CVE-2018-7323: WCCP: very long loop (dissect_wccp2_alternate_mask_value_set_element) - CVE-2018-7324: SCCP: infinite loop (dissect_sccp_optional_parameters) - CVE-2018-7325: RPKI-Router Protocol: infinite loop (dissect_rpkirtr_pdu) - CVE-2018-7326: LLTD: infinite loop (dissect_lltd_tlv) - CVE-2018-7327: openflow_v6: infinite loop (dissect_openflow_bundle_control_v6) - CVE-2018-7328: USB-DARWIN: long loop (dissect_darwin_usb_iso_transfer) - CVE-2018-7329: S7COMM: infinite loop (s7comm_decode_ud_cpu_alarm_main) - CVE-2018-7330: thread_meshcop: infinite loop (get_chancount) - CVE-2018-7331: GTP: infinite loop (dissect_gprscdr_GGSNPDPRecord, dissect_ber_set) - CVE-2018-7332: RELOAD: infinite loop (dissect_statans) - CVE-2018-7333: RPCoRDMA: infinite loop in get_write_list_chunk_count - CVE-2018-7421: Multiple dissectors could go into large infinite loops (wnpa-sec-2018-06) - CVE-2018-7334: The UMTS MAC dissector could crash (wnpa-sec-2018-07) - CVE-2018-7337: The DOCSIS dissector could crash (wnpa-sec-2018-08) - CVE-2018-7336: The FCP dissector could crash (wnpa-sec-2018-09) - CVE-2018-7320: The SIGCOMP dissector could crash (wnpa-sec-2018-10) - CVE-2018-7420: The pcapng file parser could crash (wnpa-sec-2018-11) - CVE-2018-7417: The IPMI dissector could crash (wnpa-sec-2018-12) - CVE-2018-7418: The SIGCOMP dissector could crash (wnpa-sec-2018-13) - CVE-2018-7419: The NBAP disssector could crash (wnpa-sec-2018-14) - CVE-2017-17997: Misuse of NULL pointer in MRDISC dissector (bsc#1077080). Note that Tenable Network Security has extracted the preceding description block directly from the SUSE security advisory. Tenable has attempted to automatically clean and format it as much as possible without introducing additional issues.