SuSE 10 Security Update : Linux kernel (ZYPP Patch Number 6109)


This Linux kernel update for SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 Service Pack 2 fixes various bugs and several security issues. The following security issues were fixed: CVE-2009-0675: The skfp_ioctl function in drivers/net/skfp/skfddi.c in the Linux kernel permits SKFP_CLR_STATS requests only when the CAP_NET_ADMIN capability is absent, instead of when this capability is present, which allows local users to reset the driver statistics, related to an 'inverted logic' issue. - The sock_getsockopt function in net/core/sock.c in the Linux kernel does not initialize a certain structure member, which allows local users to obtain potentially sensitive information from kernel memory via an SO_BSDCOMPAT getsockopt request. (CVE-2009-0676) - The clone system call in the Linux kernel allows local users to send arbitrary signals to a parent process from an unprivileged child process by launching an additional child process with the CLONE_PARENT flag, and then letting this new process exit. (CVE-2009-0028) - The Linux kernel does not check when a user attempts to set RLIMIT_CPU to 0 until after the change is made, which allows local users to bypass intended resource limits. (CVE-2008-1294) - Buffer overflow in net/sctp/sm_statefuns.c in the Stream Control Transmission Protocol (sctp) implementation in the Linux kernel allows remote attackers to have an unknown impact via an FWD-TSN (aka FORWARD-TSN) chunk with a large stream ID. (CVE-2009-0065) - The console selection feature in the Linux kernel when the UTF-8 console is used, allows physically proximate attackers to cause a denial of service (memory corruption) by selecting a small number of 3-byte UTF-8 characters, which triggers an an off-by-two memory error. It is is not clear if this can be exploited at all. (CVE-2009-1046) Also a huge number of regular bugs were fixed, please see the RPM changelog for full details.