SuSE 10 Security Update : the Linux Kernel (x86) (ZYPP Patch Number 5566)


This update of the SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 Service Pack 1 kernel contains lots of bugfixes and several security fixes : - Added missing capability checks in sbni_ioctl(). (CVE-2008-3525) - On AMD64 some string operations could leak kernel information into userspace. (CVE-2008-0598) - Added range checking in ASN.1 handling for the CIFS and SNMP NAT netfilter modules. (CVE-2008-1673) - Fixed range checking in the snd_seq OSS ioctl, which could be used to leak information from the kernel. (CVE-2008-3272) - Fixed a memory leak when looking up deleted directories which could be used to run the system out of memory. (CVE-2008-3275) - The do_change_type function in fs/namespace.c did not verify that the caller has the CAP_SYS_ADMIN capability, which allows local users to gain privileges or cause a denial of service by modifying the properties of a mountpoint. (CVE-2008-2931) - Various NULL ptr checks have been added to tty op functions, which might have been used by local attackers to execute code. We think that this affects only devices openable by root, so the impact is limited. (CVE-2008-2812)