RHEL 7 : Satellite 6.9 Release (Moderate) (RHSA-2021:1313)


The remote Redhat Enterprise Linux 7 host has packages installed that are affected by multiple vulnerabilities as referenced in the RHSA-2021:1313 advisory. - rubygem-rest-client: session fixation vulnerability Set-Cookie headers present in an HTTP 30x redirection responses (CVE-2015-1820) - rubygem-rest-client: unsanitized application logging (CVE-2015-3448) - foreman: Managing repositories with their id via hammer does not respect the role filters (CVE-2017-2662) - rack-protection: Timing attack in authenticity_token.rb (CVE-2018-1000119) - rubygem-rack: hijack sessions by using timing attacks targeting the session id (CVE-2019-16782) - python-psutil: double free because of refcount mishandling (CVE-2019-18874) - netty: compression/decompression codecs don't enforce limits on buffer allocation sizes (CVE-2020-11612) - foreman: world-readable OMAPI secret through the ISC DHCP server (CVE-2020-14335) - rubygem-activeview: Cross-site scripting in translation helpers (CVE-2020-15169) - resteasy-client: potential sensitive information leakage in JAX-RS RESTEasy Client's WebApplicationException handling (CVE-2020-25633) - rubygem-activestorage: circumvention of file size limits in ActiveStorage (CVE-2020-8162) - rubygem-actionpack: possible strong parameters bypass (CVE-2020-8164) - rubygem-activesupport: potentially unintended unmarshalling of user-provided objects in MemCacheStore and RedisCacheStore (CVE-2020-8165) - rubygem-actionpack: ability to forge per-form CSRF tokens given a global CSRF token (CVE-2020-8166) - rubygem-actionview: CSRF vulnerability in rails-ujs (CVE-2020-8167) - rubygem-rails: untrusted users able to run pending migrations in production (CVE-2020-8185) - django: potential SQL injection via tolerance parameter in GIS functions and aggregates on Oracle (CVE-2020-9402) Note that Nessus has not tested for this issue but has instead relied only on the application's self-reported version number.