PHP 5.3 < 5.3.3 Multiple Vulnerabilities


According to its banner, the version of PHP 5.3 installed on the remote host is older than 5.3.3. Such versions may be affected by several security issues : - An error exists when processing invalid XML-RPC requests that can lead to a NULL pointer dereference. (bug #51288) (CVE-2010-0397) - An error exists in the function 'shm_put_var' that is related to resource destruction. - An error exists in the function 'fnmatch' that can lead to stack exhaustion. (CVE-2010-1917) - A memory corruption error exists related to call-time pass by reference and callbacks. - The dechunking filter is vulnerable to buffer overflow. - An error exists in the sqlite extension that could allow arbitrary memory access. - An error exists in the 'phar' extension related to string format validation. - The functions 'mysqlnd_list_fields' and 'mysqlnd_change_user' are vulnerable to buffer overflow. - The Mysqlnd extension is vulnerable to buffer overflow attack when handling error packets. - The following functions are not properly protected against function interruptions : addcslashes, chunk_split, html_entity_decode, iconv_mime_decode, iconv_substr, iconv_mime_encode, htmlentities, htmlspecialchars, str_getcsv, http_build_query, strpbrk, strtr, str_pad, str_word_count, wordwrap, strtok, setcookie, strip_tags, trim, ltrim, rtrim, substr_replace, parse_str, pack, unpack, uasort, preg_match, strrchr (CVE-2010-1860, CVE-2010-1862, CVE-2010-1864, CVE-2010-2097, CVE-2010-2100, CVE-2010-2101, CVE-2010-2190, CVE-2010-2191, CVE-2010-2484) - The following opcodes are not properly protected against function interruptions : ZEND_CONCAT, ZEND_ASSIGN_CONCAT, ZEND_FETCH_RW, XOR (CVE-2010-2191) - The default session serializer contains an error that can be exploited when assigning session variables having user defined names. Arbitrary serialized values can be injected into sessions by including the PS_UNDEF_MARKER, '!', character in variable names. - A use-after-free error exists in the function 'spl_object_storage_attach'. (CVE-2010-2225) - An information disclosure vulnerability exists in the function 'var_export' when handling certain error conditions. (CVE-2010-2531)