openSUSE Security Update : spectre-meltdown-checker (openSUSE-2019-2710)


This update for spectre-meltdown-checker fixes the following issues : - feat: implement TAA detection (CVE-2019-11135 bsc#1139073) - feat: implement MCEPSC / iTLB Multihit detection (CVE-2018-12207 bsc#1117665) - feat: taa: add TSX_CTRL MSR detection in hardware info - feat: fwdb: use both Intel GitHub repo and MCEdb to build our firmware version database - feat: use --live with --kernel/--config/--map to override file detection in live mode - enh: rework the vuln logic of MDS with --paranoid (fixes #307) - enh: explain that Enhanced IBRS is better for performance than classic IBRS - enh: kernel: autodetect customized arch kernels from cmdline - enh: kernel decompression: better tolerance against missing tools - enh: mock: implement reading from /proc/cmdline - fix: variant3a: Silvermont CPUs are not vulnerable to variant 3a - fix: lockdown: detect Red Hat locked down kernels (impacts MSR writes) - fix: lockdown: detect locked down mode in vanilla 5.4+ kernels - fix: sgx: on locked down kernels, fallback to CPUID bit for detection - fix: fwdb: builtin version takes precedence if the local cached version is older - fix: pteinv: don't check kernel image if not available - fix: silence useless error from grep (fixes #322) - fix: msr: fix msr module detection under Ubuntu 19.10 (fixes #316) - fix: mocking value for read_msr - chore: rename mcedb cmdline parameters to fwdb, and change db version scheme - chore: fwdb: update to v130.20191104+i20191027 - chore: add GitHub check workflow This update was imported from the SUSE:SLE-15-SP1:Update update project.