openSUSE Security Update : postgresql95 (openSUSE-2018-696)


This update for postgresql95 fixes the following issues : - Update to PostgreSQL 9.5.13 : - https://www.postgresql.org/docs/9.5/static/release-9-5-13.html A dump/restore is not required for those running 9.5.X. However, if the function marking mistakes mentioned belowpg_logfile_rotate affect you, you will want to take steps to correct your database catalogs. The functions query_to_xml, cursor_to_xml, cursor_to_xmlschema, query_to_xmlschema, and query_to_xml_and_xmlschema should be marked volatile because they execute user-supplied queries that might contain volatile operations. They were not, leading to a risk of incorrect query optimization. This has been repaired for new installations by correcting the initial catalog data, but existing installations will continue to contain the incorrect markings. Practical use of these functions seems to pose little hazard, but in case of trouble, it can be fixed by manually updating these functions' pg_proc entries, for example: ALTER FUNCTION pg_catalog.query_to_xml(text, boolean, boolean, text) VOLATILE. (Note that that will need to be done in each database of the installation.) Another option is to pg_upgrade the database to a version containing the corrected initial data. Security issue fixed : - CVE-2018-1115: Remove public execute privilege from contrib/adminpack's pg_logfile_rotate() function pg_logfile_rotate() is a deprecated wrapper for the core function pg_rotate_logfile(). When that function was changed to rely on SQL privileges for access control rather than a hard-coded superuser check, pg_logfile_rotate() should have been updated as well, but the need for this was missed. Hence, if adminpack is installed, any user could request a logfile rotation, creating a minor security issue. After installing this update, administrators should update adminpack by performing ALTER EXTENSION adminpack UPDATE in each database in which adminpack is installed. (bsc#1091610)