openSUSE Security Update : GraphicsMagick (openSUSE-2016-984)


This update for GraphicsMagick fixes the following issues : - CVE-2014-9805: SEGV due to a corrupted pnm file (boo#983752) - CVE-2016-5240: SVG converting issue resulting in DoS (endless loop) (boo#983309) - CVE-2016-5241: Arithmetic exception (div by 0) in SVG conversion (boo#983455) - CVE-2014-9846: Overflow in rle file (boo#983521) - CVE-2015-8894: Double free in TGA code (boo#983523) - CVE-2015-8896: Double free / integer truncation issue (boo#983533) - CVE-2014-9807: Double free in pdb coder (boo#983794) - CVE-2014-9809: SEGV due to corrupted xwd images (boo#983799) - CVE-2014-9819: Heap overflow in palm files (boo#984142) - CVE-2014-9835: Heap overflow in wpf file (boo#984145) - CVE-2014-9831: Issues handling of corrupted wpg file (boo#984375) - CVE-2014-9820: heap overflow in xpm files (boo#984150) - CVE-2014-9837: Additional PNM sanity checks (boo#984166) - CVE-2014-9815: Crash on corrupted wpg file (boo#984372) - CVE-2014-9839: Theoretical out of bound access in via color maps (boo#984379) - CVE-2014-9845: Crash due to corrupted dib file (boo#984394) - CVE-2014-9817: Heap buffer overflow in pdb file handling (boo#984400) - CVE-2014-9853: Memory leak in rle file handling (boo#984408) - CVE-2014-9834: Heap overflow in pict file (boo#984436) - CVE-2016-5688: Various invalid memory reads in ImageMagick WPG (boo#985442) - CVE-2016-2317: Multiple vulnerabilities when parsing and processing SVG files (boo#965853) - CVE-2016-2318: Multiple vulnerabilities when parsing and processing SVG files (boo#965853)