openSUSE Security Update : webkit2gtk3 (openSUSE-2016-340)


This update for webkit2gtk3 fixes the following issues : - Update to version 2.10.7 : + Fix the build with GTK+ < 3.16. - Changes from version 2.10.6 : + Fix a deadlock in the Web Process when JavaScript garbage collector was running for a web worker thread that made google maps to hang. + Fix media controls displaying without controls attribute. + Fix a Web Process crash when quickly attempting many DnD operations. - Changes from version 2.10.5 : + Disable DNS prefetch when a proxy is configured. + Reduce the maximum simultaneous network connections to match other browsers. + Make WebKitWebView always propagate motion-notify-event signal. + Add a way to force accelerating compositing mode at runtime using an environment variable. + Fix input elements and scrollbars rendering with GTK+ 3.19. + Fix rendering of lines when using solid colors. + Fix UI process crashes related to not having a main resource response when the load is committed for pages restored from the history cache. + Fix a WebProcess crash when loading large contents with custom URI schemes API. + Fix a crash in the UI process when the WebView is destroyed while the screensaver DBus proxy is being created. + Fix WebProcess crashes due to BadDrawable X errors in accelerated compositing mode. + Fix crashes on PPC64 due to mprotect() on address not aligned to the page size. + Fix std::bad_function_call exception raised in dispatchDecidePolicyForNavigationAction. + Fix downloads of data URLs. + Fix runtime critical warnings when closing a page containing windowed plugins. + Fix several crashes and rendering issues. + Translation updates: French, German, Italian, Turkish. + Security fixes: CVE-2015-7096, CVE-2015-7098. - Update to version 2.10.4, notable changes : + New HTTP disk cache for the Network Process. + New Web Inspector UI. + Automatic ScreenServer inhibition when playing fullscreen videos. + Initial Editor API. + Performance improvements. - This update addresses the following security issues: CVE-2015-1122, CVE-2015-1152, CVE-2015-1155, CVE-2015-3660, CVE-2015-3730, CVE-2015-3738, CVE-2015-3740, CVE-2015-3742, CVE-2015-3744, CVE-2015-3746, CVE-2015-3750, CVE-2015-3751, CVE-2015-3754, CVE-2015-3755, CVE-2015-5804, CVE-2015-5805, CVE-2015-5807, CVE-2015-5810, CVE-2015-5813, CVE-2015-5814, CVE-2015-5815, CVE-2015-5817, CVE-2015-5818, CVE-2015-5825, CVE-2015-5827, CVE-2015-5828, CVE-2015-5929, CVE-2015-5930, CVE-2015-5931, CVE-2015-7002, CVE-2015-7013, CVE-2015-7014, CVE-2015-7048, CVE-2015-7095, CVE-2015-7097, CVE-2015-7099, CVE-2015-7100, CVE-2015-7102, CVE-2015-7103, CVE-2015-7104 - Add BuildRequires: hyphen-devel to pick up hyphenation support. Note this is broken upstream. - Build with -DENABLE_DATABASE_PROCESS=OFF and -DENABLE_INDEXED_DATABASE=OFF to avoid an issue with GCC 4.8.