openSUSE Security Update : the Linux Kernel (openSUSE-2016-1438)


The openSUSE 14.2 kernel was updated to receive various security and bugfixes. The following security bugs were fixed : - CVE-2016-9576: A use-after-free vulnerability in the SCSI generic driver allows users with write access to /dev/sg* or /dev/bsg* to elevate their privileges (bsc#1013604). The following non-security bugs were fixed : - 8250_pci: Fix potential use-after-free in error path (bsc#1013001). - block_dev: do not test bdev->bd_contains when it is not stable (bsc#1008557). - drm/i915/vlv: Disable HPD in valleyview_crt_detect_hotplug() (bsc#1014120). - drm/i915/vlv: Make intel_crt_reset() per-encoder (bsc#1014120). - drm/i915/vlv: Reset the ADPA in vlv_display_power_well_init() (bsc#1014120). - drm/i915: Enable polling when we do not have hpd (bsc#1014120). - i2c: designware-baytrail: Add support for cherrytrail (bsc#1011913). - i2c: designware-baytrail: Pass dw_i2c_dev into helper functions (bsc#1011913). - i2c: designware: Prevent runtime suspend during adapter registration (bsc#1011913). - i2c: designware: Use transfer timeout from ioctl I2C_TIMEOUT (bsc#1011913). - i2c: designware: retry transfer on transient failure (bsc#1011913). - powerpc/xmon: Add xmon command to dump process/task similar to ps(1) (fate#322020). - sched/fair: Fix incorrect task group ->load_avg (bsc#981825). - serial: 8250_pci: Detach low-level driver during PCI error recovery (bsc#1013001). - target: fix tcm_rbd_gen_it_nexus for emulated XCOPY state (bsc#1003606). - x86/PCI: VMD: Synchronize with RCU freeing MSI IRQ descs (bsc#1006827).