openSUSE Security Update : Chromium (openSUSE-2015-513)


Chromium was updated to 44.0.2403.89 to fix multiple security issues. The following vulnerabilities were fixed : - CVE-2015-1271: Heap-buffer-overflow in pdfium - CVE-2015-1273: Heap-buffer-overflow in pdfium - CVE-2015-1274: Settings allowed executable files to run immediately after download - CVE-2015-1275: UXSS in Chrome for Android - CVE-2015-1276: Use-after-free in IndexedDB - CVE-2015-1279: Heap-buffer-overflow in pdfium - CVE-2015-1280: Memory corruption in skia - CVE-2015-1281: CSP bypass - CVE-2015-1282: Use-after-free in pdfium - CVE-2015-1283: Heap-buffer-overflow in expat - CVE-2015-1284: Use-after-free in blink - CVE-2015-1286: UXSS in blink - CVE-2015-1287: SOP bypass with CSS - CVE-2015-1270: Uninitialized memory read in ICU - CVE-2015-1272: Use-after-free related to unexpected GPU process termination - CVE-2015-1277: Use-after-free in accessibility - CVE-2015-1278: URL spoofing using pdf files - CVE-2015-1285: Information leak in XSS auditor - CVE-2015-1288: Spell checking dictionaries fetched over HTTP - CVE-2015-1289: Various fixes from internal audits, fuzzing and other initiatives - CVE-2015-5605: Rgular-expression implementation mishandles interrupts, DoS via JS The following non-security changes are included : - A number of new apps/extension APIs - Lots of under the hood changes for stability and performance - Pepper Flash plugin updated to