Netscape Browser < Multiple Vulnerabilities


The installed version of Netscape is affected by various security issues : - Several stability bugs leading to crashes which, in some cases, show traces of memory corruption. - Several file input focus stealing vulnerabilities that could result in uploading of arbitrary files provided their full path and file names are known. - Several issues that allow scripts from page content to escape from their sandboxed context and/or run with chrome privileges, resulting in privilege escalation, XSS, and/or remote code execution. - An issue that could allow a malicious site to inject newlines into the application's password store when a user saves a password, resulting in corruption of saved passwords for other sites. - A directory traversal vulnerability via the 'chrome:' URI. - A vulnerability involving 'designMode' frames that may result in web browsing history and forward navigation stealing. - An information disclosure issue in the BMP decoder. - A file action dialog tampering vulnerability involving timer-enabled security dialogs. - Mis-handling of locally-saved plaintext files. - Possible disclosure of sensitive URL parameters, such as session tokens, via the .href property of stylesheet DOM nodes reflecting the final URI of the stylesheet after following any 302 redirects. - A failure to display a web forgery warning dialog in cases where the entire contents of a page are enclosed in a '<div>' with absolute positioning.