Mandriva Linux Security Advisory : kernel (MDVSA-2009:071)


Some vulnerabilities were discovered and corrected in the Linux 2.6 kernel : The skfp_ioctl function in drivers/net/skfp/skfddi.c in the Linux kernel before permits SKFP_CLR_STATS requests only when the CAP_NET_ADMIN capability is absent, instead of when this capability is present, which allows local users to reset the driver statistics, related to an inverted logic issue. (CVE-2009-0675) The sock_getsockopt function in net/core/sock.c in the Linux kernel before does not initialize a certain structure member, which allows local users to obtain potentially sensitive information from kernel memory via an SO_BSDCOMPAT getsockopt request. (CVE-2009-0676) Additionaly, this update provides stable 1.0.18 ALSA updates/fixes, STAC92HD71Bx/STAC92HD75Bx hda-intel support changes/fixes (affects sound chip codecs used on several HP dv laptop series), fixes/enhancements for HP Educ.ar machine HDA sound support, minor alsa hda-intel code cleanup for ALC888 6stack-dell model, to stop printing uneeded output to kernel log, and a few more things. Check the package changelog for details. To update your kernel, please follow the directions located at : http://www.mandriva.com/en/security/kernelupdate