Mandrake Linux Security Advisory : openssh (MDKSA-2001:033-2)


There are several weaknesses in various implementations of the SSH (Secure Shell) protocols. When exploited, they let the attacker obtain sensitive information by passively monitoring encrypted SSH sessions. The information can later be used to speed up brute-force attacks on passwords, including the initial login password and other passwords appearing in interactive SSH sessions, such as those used with su. Versions of OpenSSH 2.5.2 and later have been fixed to reduce the impact of these traffic analysis problems, and as such all Linux- Mandrake users are encouraged to upgrade their version of openssh immediately. Update : A problem was introduced with a patch applied to the OpenSSH packages released in the previous update. This problem was due to the keepalive patch included, and it broke interoperability with older versions of OpenSSH and SSH. This update removes the patch, and also provides the latest version of OpenSSH which provides a number of new features and enhancements.