EulerOS Virtualization 2.5.3 : kernel (EulerOS-SA-2019-1259)


According to the versions of the kernel packages installed, the EulerOS Virtualization installation on the remote host is affected by the following vulnerabilities : - An issue was discovered in can_can_gw_rcv in net/can/gw.c in the Linux kernel through 4.19.13. The CAN frame modification rules allow bitwise logical operations that can be also applied to the can_dlc field. Because of a missing check, the CAN drivers may write arbitrary content beyond the data registers in the CAN controller's I/O memory when processing can-gw manipulated outgoing frames. This is related to cgw_csum_xor_rel. An unprivileged user can trigger a system crash (general protection fault).(CVE-2019-3701) - A flaw was found in mmap in the Linux kernel allowing the process to map a null page. This allows attackers to abuse this mechanism to turn null pointer dereferences into workable exploits.(CVE-2019-9213) - A security flaw was found in the Linux kernel in a way that the cleancache subsystem clears an inode after the final file truncation (removal). The new file created with the same inode may contain leftover pages from cleancache and the old file data instead of the new one.i1/4^CVE-2018-16862i1/4%0 - It was found that the raw midi kernel driver does not protect against concurrent access which leads to a double realloc (double free) in snd_rawmidi_input_params() and snd_rawmidi_output_status() which are part of snd_rawmidi_ioctl() handler in rawmidi.c file. A malicious local attacker could possibly use this for privilege escalation.i1/4^CVE-2018-10902i1/4%0 - In the function wmi_set_ie() in the Linux kernel the length validation code does not handle unsigned integer overflow properly. As a result, a large value of the aEUR~ie_lenaEURtm argument can cause a buffer overflow and thus a memory corruption leading to a system crash or other or unspecified impact. Due to the nature of the flaw, privilege escalation cannot be fully ruled out, although we believe it is unlikely.i1/4^CVE-2018-5848i1/4%0 - A flaw was found in the Linux kernel in the function hid_debug_events_read() in the drivers/hid/hid-debug.c file which may enter an infinite loop with certain parameters passed from a user space. A local privileged user ('root') can cause a system lock up and a denial of service.i1/4^CVE-2019-3819i1/4%0 - A flaw was found in the Linux kernel in the hid_debug_events_read() function in the drivers/hid/hid-debug.c file. A lack of the certain checks may allow a privileged user ('root') to achieve an out-of-bounds write and thus receiving user space buffer corruption.i1/4^CVE-2018-9516i1/4%0 Note that Tenable Network Security has extracted the preceding description block directly from the EulerOS security advisory. Tenable has attempted to automatically clean and format it as much as possible without introducing additional issues.