EulerOS 2.0 SP2 : slf4j (EulerOS-SA-2018-1093)


According to the versions of the slf4j package installed, the EulerOS installation on the remote host is affected by the following vulnerabilities : - The Simple Logging Facade for Java or (SLF4J) is intended to serve as a simple facade for various logging APIs allowing to the end-user to plug in the desired implementation at deployment time. SLF4J also allows for a gradual migration path away from Jakarta Commons Logging (JCL). - Logging API implementations can either choose to implement the SLF4J interfaces directly, e.g. NLOG4J or SimpleLogger. Alternatively,it is possible (and rather easy) to write SLF4J adapters for the given API implementation, e.g. Log4jLoggerAdapter or JDK14LoggerAdapter.. - Security fix(es): - An XML deserialization vulnerability was discovered in slf4j's EventData which accepts anXML serialized string and can lead to arbitrary code execution.(CVE-2018-8088) Note that Tenable Network Security has extracted the preceding description block directly from the EulerOS security advisory. Tenable has attempted to automatically clean and format it as much as possible without introducing additional issues.