Amazon Linux AMI : kernel (ALAS-2016-694)


An integer overflow vulnerability was found in xt_alloc_table_info, which on 32-bit systems can lead to small structure allocation and a copy_from_user based heap corruption. (CVE-2016-3135) In the mark_source_chains function (net/ipv4/netfilter/ip_tables.c) it is possible for a user-supplied ipt_entry structure to have a large next_offset field. This field is not bounds checked prior to writing a counter value at the supplied offset. (CVE-2016-3134) A weakness was found in the Linux ASLR implementation. Any user able to run 32-bit applications in a x86 machine can disable the ASLR by setting the RLIMIT_STACK resource to unlimited. (CVE-2016-3672) Destroying a network interface with a large number of IPv4 addresses keeps a rtnl_lock for a very long time, which can block many network-related operations. (CVE-2016-3156) A use-after-free vulnerability was found in the kernel's socket recvmmsg subsystem. This may allow remote attackers to corrupt memory and may allow execution of arbitrary code. This corruption takes place during the error handling routines within __sys_recvmmsg() function. (CVE-2016-7117) (Updated on 2017-01-19: CVE-2016-7117 was fixed in this release but was previously not part of this errata.)