Amazon Linux AMI : kernel (ALAS-2016-669)


When running as a Xen 64-bit PV guest, user mode processes not supposed to be able to access I/O ports may be granted such permission, potentially resulting in one or more of in-guest privilege escalation, guest crashes (Denial of Service), or in-guest information leaks. (CVE-2016-3157) In some cases, the kernel did not correctly fix backward jumps in a new eBPF program, which could allow arbitrary reads. (CVE-2016-2383) The kernel incorrectly accounted for the number of in-flight fds over a unix domain socket to the original opener of the file descriptor. Another process could arbitrarily deplete the original file opener's maximum open files resource limit. (CVE-2016-2550) A resource-exhaustion vulnerability was found in the kernel, where an unprivileged process could allocate and accumulate far more file descriptors than the process' limit. A local, unauthenticated user could exploit this flaw by sending file descriptors over a Unix socket and then closing them to keep the process' fd count low, thereby creating kernel-memory or file-descriptors exhaustion (denial of service). (CVE-2016-2847)