Mac OS X 10.8 < 10.8.4 Multiple Vulnerabilities (Security Update 2013-002)


The remote host is running a version of Mac OS X 10.8 that is older than 10.8.4. The newer version contains numerous security-related fixes : - A local security-bypass vulnerability exists that affects the Disk Management component. The issue can be exploited by an unauthorized attacker to disable FileVault using the command-line. (CVE-2013-0985) - A security-bypass vulnerability in SMB file sharing can occur whereby an authenticated attacker can write files outside the shared directory. (CVE-2013-0990) - A remote buffer-overflow vulnerability exists when handling certain PICT images. (CVE-2013-0975) - A security-bypass vulnerability exists whereby an attacker with access to a user's session may be able to log into previously accessed sites. An attacker can exploit this issue even if Private Browsing was used. (CVE-2013-0982) - A remote-code execution issue affects the text glyphs because of an unbounded stack allocation when handling maliciously crafted URLs. (CVE-2013-0983) - A remote-code execution vulnerability exists due to improper handling of text tracks. (CVE-2013-1024) - A buffer-overflow vulnerability exists in the Directory Service daemon that can be exploited via a specially crafted network message. (CVE-2013-0984)