PunBB < 1.2.8 Multiple Vulnerabilities

ID 3235.PRM
Type nessus
Reporter Tenable
Modified 2019-03-06T00:00:00


The version of PunBB installed on the remote host suffers from several flaws.

A File Inclusion Vulnerability - The application fails to validate the 'language' parameter when a user updates their profile and uses that throughout the application to require PHP code in order to display messages. An attacker with an account on the affected application may be able to exploit this issue to read arbitrary files and execute local files with arbitrary PHP code subject to the privileges of the web server user ID.

A Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability - The application also does not sanitize input passed to the 'email' parameter of the 'login.php' script when requesting a new password, which permits cross-site scripting attacks such as theft of authentication cookies.

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