Cross Platform DNS Recon Tool: Sonar

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Sonar is a reconnaissance tool for enumerating sub domains. It was modeled after Knock and DNSRecon though explicitly not written in Python to avoid the limitations of threading and dependencies. Sonar is statically compiled meaning it has no dependencies and even dynamically builds the default wordlist in at compile time to ensure it is portable. It has native support for most modern operating systems and most modern architectures using Go’s extremely simple and fast standard cross compilation toolchain.

Cross Platform DNS Recon Tool


  • Zone Transfers
  • Wordlist based brute force
  • Multiple output formats (json, xml, nmap list)
  • Wildcard Detection and bypass
  • Threading
  • Static compilation
  • No external dependencies
  • Windows/Linux/Mac/FreeBSD on x86, x86_64, arm


Pre-built binaries will be distributed in the “Releases” tab on GitHub. If you wish you compile yourself you first need to get the Go compiler either from or through your operating system’s package manager. Once setup and installed follow these steps from within the cloned repository to compile:

go install cmd/wordlist_generator...
go generate
cd cmd/sonar
go build

This will produce an executable called sonar (sonar.exe on windows) for the platform you are currently on. If you would like to cross compile for another platform follow the instructions here for configuring the Go compiler for cross compilation.

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