User Friendly Interactive Shell: Fish

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Fish is a smart and user-friendly command line shell for OS X, Linux, and the rest of the family. fish includes features like syntax highlighting, autosuggest-as-you-type, and fancy tab completions that just work, with no configuration required.

FISH is designed to work with any other shell like bash or ZSH. It is designed in such a way that users get powerful features that is easy to discover, remember and use. Unlike other shell which disables various features by default to save system resource, FISH keeps all of them enabled by default so that you can make most out of it.

A Smart and User-Friendly Interactive Shell for Linux

Features of FISH

User Friendly Interactive Shell: Fish User Friendly Interactive Shell: Fish

  1. Interactive and User-friendly
  2. Powerful features
  3. Simple, clean and Consistent.
  4. Exotic in the sense that syntax not independent and isn’t derived from Bourne Shell or C shell.
  5. Search as you type feature ensures automatic suggestions based upon current directory and history.
  6. Select suggestions using arrow key.
  7. Advanced Tab completion supported.
  8. Syntactic rules prefer features as commands and not syntax.
  9. Help command to view FISH documentation in HTTP Web Browser.
  10. Support for Universal Variable so user can assign permanent variable, remains unaffected at reboot/shutdown.
  11. Syntax highlighting and extensive error checking.
  12. X clipboard supported.
  13. Glorious VGA Color. 256 terminal colors supported.
  14. Web-based configuration.


  • Written in a sane subset of C++98, with a few components from C++TR1. It builds successfully with g++ 4.2 or later, and with clang. It also will build as C++11.
  • Can be built using autotools or Xcode. autoconf 2.60 or later is required.
  • Depends on a curses implementation, such as ncurses. The headers and libraries are required for building.
  • Requires gettext for translation support.
  • Building the documentation requires Doxygen 1.8.7 or newer.

User Friendly Interactive Shell: Fish documentation

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