Object Scanning System: Laika BOSS

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Laika is an object scanner and intrusion detection system that strives to achieve the following goals:

  • Scalable
    • Work across multiple systems
    • High volume of input from many sources
  • Flexible
    • Modular architecture
    • Highly configurable dispatching and dispositioning logic
    • Tactical code insertion (without needing restart)
  • Verbose
    • Generate more metadata than you know what to do with

Each scan does three main actions on each object:

  • Extract child objects Some objects are archives, some are wrappers, and others are obfuscators. Whatever the case may be, find children objects that should be scanned recursively by extracting them out.
  • Mark flags Flags provide a means for dispositioning objects and for pivoting on future analysis.
  • Add metadata Discover as much information describing the object for future analysis.


Laika is composed of the following pieces:

  • Framework ( laika.py ) This is the core of Laika BOSS. It includes the object model and the dispatching logic.
  • laikad This piece contains the code for running Laika as a deamonized, networked service using the ZeroMQ broker.
  • cloudscan A command-line client for sending a local system file to a running service instance of Laika (laikad).
  • modules The scan itself is composed of the running of modules. Each module is its own program that focuses on a particular sub-component of the overall file analysis.

Object Scanning System: Laika BOSS whitepaper

Getting Started

Laika BOSS has been tested on the latest versions of CentOS and Ubuntu LTS

Installing on Ubuntu

  • Install framework dependencies:

    • apt-get install yara python-yara python-progressbar

      <# pip install interruptingcow
  • Install network client and server dependencies:

    • apt-get install libzmq3 python-zmq python-gevent python-pexpect

  • Install module dependencies:

    • apt-get install python-ipy python-m2crypto python-pefile python-pyclamd liblzma5 libimage-exiftool-perl python-msgpack libfuzzy-dev python-cffi python-dev unrar

      # pip install fluent-logger olefile ssdeep py-unrar2 pylzma
      # wget <https://github.com/smarnach/pyexiftool/archive/master.zip>
      # unzip master.zip
      # cd pyexiftool-master
      # python setup.py build
      # python setup.py install

It is also recommend installing jq to parse Laika output.

Object Scanning System: Laika BOSS download