John the Ripper GUI Frontend: Johnny

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Johnny the open source cross-platform GUI frontend for John the Ripper, the popular password cracker, written in C++ using the Qt framework. Johnny’s aim is to automate and simplify the password cracking routine on the Desktop as well as add extra functionality like session management and easy hash/password management, on top of the immense capabilities and features offered by John the Ripper. The application uses John The Ripper for the actual work, thus it needs to be installed on your system. Official core (proper) version and the community-enhanced version (jumbo) are both supported. The latter exposes more functionality like extra cracking modes and hash types support.

What’s new:

  • Fork and OpenMP attack preferences added
  • Manual password guessing via the Guess button
  • Hash type suggestion in the Passwords table
  • Session history and proper session attack preferences persistence
  • Ability to set environment variables for each session
  • The application is more efficient and uses proper threading for seamless operation
  • Proper translation support; with French translation added


There are two ways to install and use Johnny:

1. Use a prebuilt redistributable packge (Windows and OS X only for now)
2. Download source and build yourself (all platforms)

To get access to all new features and bugfixes (particularly on Windows), you should use JtR >= On Windows, JtR must be build with Cygwin and have the appropriate DLLs in its folder. As a rule of thumb, if you can’t run JtR from the Windows command line without error, some DLLs are missing. They can be found in Cygwin/bin. Assuming that John The Ripper is installed on your system, the next step is to install Johnny.

Windows and OS X

Simply visit to get the latest installer for the latest versions of the respective platforms.

If you want to use Johnny on Linux/BSD flavors or obsolete versions of OS X and Windows, you can build Johnny from source or look for it in your distribution’s official repos.

Debian based distros

These steps apply to all the Debian (included) based flavors such as Ubuntu, Mint etc.

sudo apt-get install g++ git qtbase5-dev
git clone && cd johnny
git checkout v2.0 # switch to the desired version
export QT_SELECT=qt5
qmake && make -j$(nproc)

John the Ripper GUI Frontend: Johnny


  • user could start, pause and resume attack (though only one session is allowed globally),
  • all attack related options work,
  • all input file formats are supported (pure hashes, pwdump, passwd, mixed),
  • ability to resume any previously started session via session history,
  • suggest the format of each hashes,
  • try lucky guesses with password guessing feature,
  • “smart” default options,
  • accurate output of cracked passwords,
  • config is stored in .conf file (~/.john/johnny.conf),
  • nice error messages and other user friendly things,
  • export of cracked passwords through clipboard,
  • export works with office suits (tested with LibreOffice Calc),
  • available in english and french,
  • allows you to set environment variables for each session directly in Johnny

John the Ripper GUI Frontend: Johnny Wiki

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