Ghost Phisher

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Ghost Phisher is a computer security application that comes inbuilt with a Fake DNS Server, Fake DHCP Server, Fake HTTP server and also has an integrated area for automatic capture and logging of HTTP form method credentials to a database. The program could be used as an honey pot,could be used to service DHCP request , DNS requests or phishing attacks

_ Ghost _ _ Phisher _


  • _ HTTP Server _
  • _ Inbuilt RFC 1035 DNS Server _
  • _ Inbuilt RFC 2131 DHCP Server _
  • _ Webpage Hosting and Credential Logger (Phishing) _
  • _ Wifi Access point Emulator _
  • _ Session Hijacking (Passive and Ethernet Modes) _
  • _ ARP Cache Poisoning (MITM and DOS Attacks) _
  • _ Penetration using Metasploit Bindings _
  • _ Automatic credential logging using SQlite Database _
  • _ Update Support _

ghost-phisher screenshot

Operating System Supported

Software runs on any _ Linux machine _ with the programs prerequisites ,


The Program requires the following to run properly:
The following dependencies can be installed using the _ Debian package installer _ command on Debian based systems using “apt-get install program” or otherwise downloaded and installed manually


Installation on Debian Package supported systems:

root@host:~# dpkg -i ghost-phisher_1.5_all.deb

The _ source code _ for the program can be fetched using the following command on terminal

root@host:~# svn checkout

Source && Download

Ghost Phisher download