A Modular Recon Tool: RECON

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Low Hanging Fruit: a Modular Recon Tool for Penetration Testing

Reconnaissance is the absolute most important step in a penetration test. A good recon of the target could net you some vital information and low hanging fruit. Thus RECON was created. A set and forget type of recon scanner. No need to worry about intrusive scans breaking systems of your clients. This tools will ensure most if not all low hanging fruit is captured effectively and efficiently so that a tester may focus on more precise actions against their target(s).

To install dependencies:


To start:


[+]  Checking permissions
[-]  Rockyou wordlist is missing trying to decompress...
[+]  Rockyou wordlist is decompressed!
[-]  Please enter the ip to scan (example  : <target ip here>

A “results” folder will be created after inputting the target ip. This folder can be found in the Recon directory. Example:

cd /opt/Recon/results

The results output includes nmap files…arachni files..nikto files..pretty much every fucking file from every scan the tools does can be found in this folder. This tool is meant to be “modular” i.e. you can add a new tool in the Modules folder and then add it into the reconscan.py file and it will be included in the scan.

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