Hackers steal Instagram account information success of the current exploits have been patched-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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Today Instagram announced that there are at least a hacker be able to steal well-known user accounts personal information, such things happen mainly because the system has loopholes, and now the vulnerability has been fixed.

Instagram representatives said in a statement:“we recently discovered there is one person or many people the illegal invasion of well-known Instagram user accounts, view contact information, particularly email address and mobile phone number, they use the Instagram API a vulnerability.”

The user need not be too worrying, Instagram says there is no account password, the vulnerability has also been fixed. Instagram application program interface vulnerability exists, a malicious person can steal a piece of code, which may contain the target user account of the e-mail address, phone number.

Currently Instagram believe the hackers targeted mostly high-profile users, Instagram has the problem to inform the verified Account Holder.