Online pacemaker the presence of up to 8,000 application vulnerabilities-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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WhiteScope is an independent network of security services and training provider, they just released a study that shows from the four major manufacturers of pacemakers the presence of 8,000 application vulnerabilities, vulnerable to hacker attacks. WhiteScope for security reasons and not released the specific vulnerability exists in the pacemaker list, but the organization noted that through online shopping without authentication pacemaker most prone to security issues. ! WhiteScope said, this kind of thing is shocking, because it should not happen. As the charge of the user life of the equipment, should pay more attention to the safety of users. ! ! Which led to a pacemaker appears a large number of program vulnerability the reason for this is because most of the products are not apply for certification. So anyone can login and modify the pacemaker, a program function, the working state to be modified, the consequences think it is terrible. !