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HistoryMar 16, 2017 - 12:00 a.m.

The Struts S2-045 vulnerability heat analysis-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net






Author: janes(know Chong Yu 404 laboratory)

Date: 2017-03-15

Background description

Struts2 official to GMT 2017 3 December 6, 10pm published Struts2 there is a remote code execution vulnerability vulnerability number S2-045, CVE number: CVE-2017-5638, and rated as high-risk vulnerabilities. Because the vulnerability affects a wide range of(Struts 2.3.5 - Struts 2.3.31, Struts 2.5 - Struts 2.5.10, the vulnerability degree of harm is severe, you can directly access the application system of the server where the control limit, and 3 on 7 May in the morning on the Internet on the outflow of the vulnerability of the PoC and Exp,so, S2-045 vulnerability in the Internet on the impact of rapid expansion, by the Internet companies and the government attach great importance. From vulnerability announcement to now(3.6-3.15)has been more than a week, so take this opportunity to analyze S2-045 in the social media Twitter and on Sina Weibo heat distribution.

Data acquisition

If you want to analyze Twitter and on Sina Weibo, S2-045 vulnerability of the heat distribution, then you need to get Twiiter and Facebook on the data, with the data speak. So they use“selenium+phantomjs”go crawling the data via Twitter and Sina Weibo web page to the search interface, respectively, search for the keyword“s2-045”and“CVE-2017-5638”, then the search results go to the weight and finishing, taking to Twitter and Facebook, the time display of the time zone inconsistencies, using the same crawl page timestamp and then converted to the local time of the way of a unified time zone issues, the crawling data in the time to 2017 year 3 month 14 days afternoon 18 when, the results as shown below.

  • Twitter! [](/Article/UploadPic/2017-3/2017316104811455. png)

  • Sina Weibo! [](/Article/UploadPic/2017-3/2017316104812512. png)

Heat analysis

Statistics daily S2-045 vulnerability in the Twitter and on Sina Weibo, the number of occurrences, to obtain the following table, Twitter, the CCP appears 73 times, Sina Weibo, the CCP appears 45 times. On the dissemination of the amount of data, S2-045 vulnerability of the data amount is not large, this reflected from the side of the security vulnerabilities of the information and not by the majority of the people of concern, mainly in the security circle propagation.

Social media 3 December 7 3 8 March 3 April 9 3 October 10 3 11 March 3 November 12 3 13 February 3 March 14
Twitter 16 3 7 15 6 11 15 0
Sina Weibo 23 8 7 3 0 0 1 3

! [](/Article/UploadPic/2017-3/2017316104812815. png)

Using the above table of data, production of graphics, get as on the heat distribution from the figure it can be seen:

  • 3 month 6 day before the announcement of the S2-045 vulnerability, 3 on 7, on Twitter and on Sina Weibo, the occurrence of the outbreak spread, which is likely to and vulnerabilities of the PoC and Exp in 3 month 7 days you on the Internet widely spread about;
  • Sina Weibo, S2-045 vulnerability to the heat distribution of the overall downward state, in the peak in 3 month 7 days, while Twitter as a whole was undulating trend, 3 on 7th, 3 on 10th and 3 on 13 September are peak;
  • Sina Weibo and Twitter for both the overall potential is not the same, and in 3 on the 7th, Sina Weibo and Twitter are data of the highest peak, but Sina Weibo, the amount of data than Twitter.

There may be several reasons could explain this phenomenon:

  • S2-045 vulnerability is the Chinese found that, 3 on 6 September evening, the official publication of the vulnerability, 3 on 7 on the morning of the vulnerabilities of the PoC and Exp in domestic Internet flow out, by domestic security company-wide attention, this also would explain the 3 on 7 The New Wave of microblogging amount of data over the Twitter phenomenon;
  • Due to the S2-045 vulnerability to serious harm, and quickly spread out of PoC and Exp, and therefore, 3 on 7 August, the domestic security companies will quickly start the emergency response, other Internet companies also in self-examination and patch S2-045 vulnerability, with the vulnerability of repair, on Sina Weibo, the attention naturally reduces, the overall will show a downward trend;
  • Twitter user distribution of a wide range of countries or regions affected by the S2-045 the influence is different, therefore trends appear UPS and downs.

3 December 7, Sina Weibo and Twitter are data peak, then the 3 on 7, data, time period distribution mapping as follows, As can be seen, the morning 8 When before, Sina Weibo and Twitter, the amount of data is 0, 8 to 10 period rooms began to appear, it seems, and working hours more in line with the, The and the data the peak occurred mainly in the afternoon 14 to 18 between, perhaps this is because PoC and Exp on the Internet widely spread, caused the Internet began to be mass attack(reference HackerNews Struts2 vulnerability disclosure 24 hour) to.

! [](/Article/UploadPic/2017-3/2017316104812327. png)

Finally, look at Twitter and Sina Weibo on on S2-045 vulnerability in the first message what time and by whom issued, and the results are shown in the following table. Twitter and Sina microblogging issued the first message is not the same person, but the transmission time difference is not much, visible at home and abroad to exploit the perceptual capacity is relatively quite.

Ibid., the times are Beijing time, according to the unix time stamp conversion.

Social media time nickname real identity
Twitter 2017-03-07 09:29:00 @amannk
Sina Weibo 2017-03-07 09:44:29 gnaw0725 nsfocus Brand Manager Wang Yang

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