YouTube encrypted video there are multiple universal password can bypass the limit(wonderful vulnerability)-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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YouTube encrypted Video, a plurality of universal password

Detailed description: As long as the Password box, enter the two English double quotation marks. For example: "" press the OK button to play all the encrypted videos.

Management added:

"" \ { } <> %% or a=a And other characters can bypass video password

Vulnerability to prove:

Repair solutions: There is a place to capture is the http://play. youku. com/play/get. the json? vid=XMTM0NTM2NTg4MA==&ct=10&ran=437

Manually fill in the pwd

You can get a value stream_fileid this value is used to calculate ep.

These values do not speak, the key place is the pwd you can use the""Universal password.

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