Vulnerability analysis cisco analysis tools-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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cisco Auditing:

A small security audit tools, scanning Cisco router General vulnerabilities, such as default passwords, SNMP community strings and some of the old IOS bugs. CAT-h xx. xx. xx. xx.

cisco-global-exploiter:cisco vulnerability penetration testing, there are 14 different vulnerabilities. But check most of the vulnerabilities are quite old. cge-pl xx. xx. xx. xx number.

cisco-ocs: the

For the detection of the use of the default telnet/enable password of Cisco equipment. cisco-ocs ip ip.

cisco-torch: a

Cisco Torch is a set of large-scale scanning, fingerprint recognition and the use of the tool of the next generation of“black out exposed Cisco networks”tool

Cisco-torch with similar tools of different main characteristics is a large amount to start multiple background scanning process, in order to achieve the highest scan efficiency. In addition, if desired, it can simultaneously use several application layer fingerprint of the method. Can quickly find to run Telnet, SSH, Web, NTP and SNMP service of the remote Cisco host, and for discovery service started dictionary attack.

copy-router-config:Copies the configuration files from Cisco devices running SNMP. From the running SNMP in the Cisco device to copy configuration files.

the merge-router-config:Merge the config with the router (, copying from the TFTP server (, using the community string (private),from tftp to copy configuration files into the device. And the last is in a package of two command.

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